Right now you can pick up the Samsung SmartThings Tracker with real-time LTE and GPS for just $72, which is over $25 less than it normally sells for. TThis device was only announced back in September, and had sold at the $100 price point since then until Black Friday hit with a price of $75. This is still a better deal for it though.

There are other Bluetooth trackers available, but this option from Samsung is one of the first with real-time LTE built-in, which allows you to see its location from anywhere, even if you aren't right next to it. The first year of service is included with the purchase, and after that it's $5 a month or $50 a year to continue with the LTE subscription.

You can set up alerts for when the tracker arrives at or departs from a specific location, or when an SOS signal is sent. It's IP68 certified, which means it's water resistant, and rain won't destroy it. The internal battery is rechargeable and lasts 10 days per charge.

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