Add a Nest Protect Carbon Monoxide Alarm to your house and score a free Google Home Mini

Nest Protect
Nest Protect (Image credit: Nest)

B&H Photo has the Nest Protect Battery-Powered Smoke and Monoxide Alarm available for $119 shipped, which is its standard price. Don't gloss over the deal, though, as this also comes with a free Google Home Mini. That's a $39 value and you can choose from four different colors. While the Google Home Mini doesn't work in conjunction with the Nest Protect, it's a fantastic little gadget that plays well with other products in the Nest ecosystem.

The Nest Protect is a smart detector for your home. It can detect smoke and carbon monoxide and let you know about any dangerous situations by speaking to you or sending alerts to your phone. It's also the sort of smoke alarm you don't have to worry about because it can check its own battery through an automatic self-check and let you know when to change it out. Instead of just a loud, obnoxious beep, the detector will speak to you with clear messages about what's happening and where. You can also easily silence false alarms with your phone or tablet. Go to sleep with peace of mind thanks to the Nest Promise, which is a visual indicator that softly glows green when you turn off the lights. It lets you know that your family's protected.

The Google Home Mini is an excellent way to add to or start up your smart home. Head here for everything you need to know.

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