Grab a wall charger with USB-C and -A ports for as low as $10

Aukey has a few different discounts on desktop wall chargers, it really just depends on how many ports you need.

The $22 Aukey AMP charger (opens in new tab) has 3 ports where 1 is for USB-C. With code R5HJPDNH you can knock that price down to $10.12. That's the lowest price it's ever been to.

The $25 Aukey AMP (opens in new tab) has 5 ports with 1 dedicated to USB-C. Use code N79URQMX to bring it down to its lowest price ever, $12.99.

The $30 Aukey AMP (opens in new tab) has 6 ports with 2 ports for USB-C devices. Code HJGKTTO7 brings it down to $16.19

These are great devices if you have a lot of tech that charges via USB, especially phones and tablets. You can set one of these up in a central location and let everyone in your home get in on that sweet, sweet, charging action.

The 3-port and 6-port chargers have Quick Charge 3.0 technology on the USB-C ports, which means they charge 45% faster than ports without it. All the ports are compatible with any USB powered device, even older ones. Each charger comes with built-in safeguards to prevent overheating and overcharging.

Aukey includes a two-year warranty for each device.

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