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Don't you just love it when a deal is staring you right in the face? Gift card deals are so unassuming. So obvious. The savings are right there in the value you get versus the money you spend. Spend $40 and get $50 back as a Google Play code. The deal comes from Walmart and is a digital thing, so you'll have a PIN for your $50 emailed to you once you order it. If you use Google Play for apps, in-app purchases, or even your Netflix subscription then it's a no-brainer.

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Through Google Play, you can use these gift codes for subscriptions like YouTube Red, Play Music, Netflix and more. You can also use it to rent movies, purchase music, as well as in-app purchases to unlock some extra goodies in your favorite games. Codes like this can make great gifts for others, too, because they don't require a credit card to use. So anyone can use them to access the entertainment they want.

Once you've made the order, Walmart will send you a confirmation email. Within 60 minutes of that, you'll get an email with access to your PIN.

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