Amazon has the Eufy Energy Monitoring Smart Plug available for $13.99, the lowest price in this item's history. Typically it'd run you about $23. The few reviews it has so far are positive.

These work like a normal smart plug with some bonus features. No hub is required. Simply plug them in and plug in your appliances. Use the free EufyHome app, or Alexa or Google Assistant, to control said appliances with your voice or phone. Schedule your coffee machine to start at a certain time, turn off your box fan by asking Echo, or turn on your TV when the remote is too far away. This also has smart tracking features that'll monitor energy uses. Set schedules to avoid phantom power consumption or get alerted when your kids forget to turn off the game console for the millionth time. The compact size supports up to 15 amps of power and your second wall outlet will stay open while this is plugged in. Eufy backs your purchase with an 18-month warranty.

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