Grab Aukey's car charger with two Quick Charge 3.0 ports for just $9

Right now you can pick up Aukey's car charger with two Quick Charge 3.0 ports for just $8.99 (opens in new tab) at Amazon with coupon code XKK2C97Y. This $11 savings will help you prepare for the future and ensure that you get the fastest charge possible, whether you have five minutes in the car or five hours. You'll be able to charge compatible devices up to four times faster with Quick Charge 3.0, and you can use both ports at the same time.

Remember to use coupon code XKK2C97Y for the full savings. This deal likely won't stick around long, so be sure to grab one for each of your vehicles now!

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  • This is a great little charger, I've had one for about 6 months or so.
  • I 2nd that. This is a nice sturdy little charger that gets the job done. (Albeit a very small task of charging a device, but it is reliable).
  • Just ordered mine...
  • Are there any car chargers with 4 QC3.0 (or even QC2.0) ports? Note: there are many with one QC port and three non-QC ports, I don't want that.
  • of course i bought this about a week or two ago on a lightning sale for 12 bucks.....
  • So, there seems to be some confusion about what Quickcharge protocol the galaxy s8 currently supports. Some places say 2.0, some say 3.0, and some say it will eventually support 4.0. Is this thing good for the galaxy s8? Anyone have first hand experience?
  • Does not work well with Samsung!
  • Mine works great with my Note 5. It knows it's a quick charger, the screen reads, "Quick charging" and I'm able to get 75% battery in 40 mins. So as far I'm concerned, it works great with Samsung. That other guy sounds like a Sammy Hater. Before I get haters replying to me, there are 2 Galaxy S7 edge owners in my family and a galaxy S8+, so I have some experience with this charger on top of my Note 5 Just bought 2 more for the parental figures. Great charger. Great price.
  • Older Samsungs (Note 10.1 2014 I know for certain) used special chips in the USB cables and chargers. Before we had QC standards, Samsung wanted to be sure that the 5v2A chargers were legit. My wife still uses her 10.1 2014 and anything but the official charger and cable only charges it @ 500ma. So if you use it while charging it'll still discharge.
  • can a quick charge 3.0 chrger charge my s6? like qc2.0 speed?
  • Thanks for posting this deal. I've been wanting to buy this charger for a while but haven't been able to catch it at a reasonable price.
  • A great charger for the 9 bucks price. This will be my second one and they do work with Samsung (per the post above that said they don't work with Samsung) just fine.
  • Great little charger. I have had 3 of these and the usb ports are a little loose. The USB cables come out very easy. Just a little warning. I do know that AUKEY is great about warranty replacements though.
  • I just tried to purchase, it says the code in not valid?? Anyone else experience this?
  • Same. After entering the code and checking out the discount was not applied. Still charged $19
  • I'm guessing it's because the original post is 2 months old. Oh well that sucks, I should have taken advantage of it then...
  • I got a pair of these on the first round. Neat charger and works well, but does not supply full power to both ports at the same time. Plug in an iPad on one port, and your phone in the other port, and your phone will slow charge.
  • Good to know. Will just stick with my two individual quick chargers. Was hoping to free up one of my lighter plugs...
  • I used the code today without issue so I don't think it has anything to do with that.
  • 3YBPE635 this code?