Woot is running a one-day sale on Anker Roav Jump Starters that could help you out in a pinch this summer. Both the 400A and 800A Pro models are on sale with $20 off their usual prices making them an easy pick up for your glove box. Shipping is free for Amazon Prime members.

Save money and your car

Anker Roav Jump Starter Pro

Keep an 800A or 400A jump starter in your trunk and a dead battery won't leave you stranded. Today you can snag either of them at $20 off.

From $60

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

The Roav 800A 8000mAh Jump Starter Pro is suitable for gas engines up to 6L or diesel engines up to 3L and powerful enough to start them up to 15 times on a single charge. There's a built-in battery monitor that can give you an instant readout of your vehicle's battery status, along with a high-intensity LED lamp, two high-speed USB ports that can help charge your phone and other devices, and even an integrated compass. There are also protections against reversed connections, back flushing, low voltage, and overheating. You'd usually pay $100 for it.

You can also get the Anker Roav 400A Jump Starter on sale at $59.99. It has a much smaller jump starter but the portable battery is a tad bigger at 9000mAh. It regularly sells for $80 at Amazon.

Anker includes a one-year warranty with your purchase, as well as a carrying case and a USB charging cable. You will need a USB wall adapter or a car charger to keep it powered up, so maybe pick one of those up with the money you saved.

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