Amazon's Fire Tablets are on sale with prices starting at just $40 right now

Amazon is offering each iteration of its Fire tablets at a reduced price right now. While we've seen these go on sale in the past, it's pretty infrequent to have each size being offered at a discount simultaneously. The prices are still hot when compared to the best deals we've ever seen, too. Today's deals are a match of a sale we saw back in February.

For instance, the Fire 7 Tablet is available for $39.99 today. We've never seen it drop below $30, and those ultra-low price drops are reserved for days like Prime Day and Black Friday. The same goes for the Fire HD 8, which is just $10 more than its best price ever. The Fire HD 10 is available for $119.99. We've seen it drop to $99 for major shopping holidays, but today's sale is still its next-best price.

Note that most of these deals include a tablet with Special Offers, which are tastefully designed and unobtrusive. If you'd prefer the tablet without the Special Offers, you'll have to pay a bit more money. Each version of Fire tablet has excellent customer reviews as well.

Fire tablets run on Fire OS, which is based on Android. The stock storage options are pretty bleak if you'll be installing a lot of fun stuff, but thankfully each tablet has a microSD card slot you can use to expand the available space. There are millions of movies, shows, songs, Kindle books, games, and apps available. Your Prime Membership even includes a bunch of stuff for free. The tablets give you access to Alexa hands-free mode, and you can enter Show Mode to turn your tablet into a mini Echo.

These devices aren't just for grown-ups. My mom got my little sisters Fire tablets for Christmas last year because of the optional FreeTime mode. FreeTime Unlimited, which you may have heard of in reference to the Kids Edition Fire Tablets, is a $3-per-month service that essentially locks the tablet down when your child is using it. They'll be able to access tons of age-appropriate content, plus anything you deem worthy. However, if you're trying to prevent your child from accessing YouTube Kids or other apps, FreeTime Unlimited is a great option — and you can use it with any Fire tablet.

Louryn Strampe

Louryn saves money on everything she buys (which is a lot.) In between waiting for Amazon deliveries, she pines for the next Elder Scrolls installment and checks Reddit for gaming rumors. She also loves Hearthstone, makeup, and beer. Find her on Twitter: @lourynstrampe