Honor 6 Plus

The Honor 6 Plus has been getting some attention this week during the Mobile World Congress event, thanks in part to its two 8MP rear camera lenses that allow for some cool image effects. It also has 3GB of RAM, an 1.8GHz octo-core processor and 32GB of internal storage. Three said:

Honor has previously worked on a purely e-commerce model and its partnership with Three is aiming to broaden its brand recognition and reach, bringing the Honor name to a whole new consumer audience both on and offline. The Honor 6+ is the first device that Three will range and it will create bespoke tariffs for the smartphone, enabling consumers to purchase it on a 24 month contract for the first time in the UK.

The partnership will also mean that Honor's existing fan base will be able to visit select Three stores across the country to experience the phone prior to purchasing which has never previously been possible. It will also extend Honor's ability to drive demand offline by demonstrating its superior look, feel and feature capabilities in-store alongside its renowned affordable price.

A specific release date and price for the Honor 6 Plus from Three was not revealed.