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Here's a fun fact for a Tuesday morning, Three UK has shared their customers average monthly data usage. How much would you say -- 500MB? 750MB? Not even close. In just a year Three has seen average data usage more than double, and it now sits at 1.1GB of data per month. Further still, 95% of Three's smartphone customers use data on a daily basis.

12 months ago, the average was just 450MB. But, Three carries some of the best contract deals in the UK, offering truly unlimited data for the same as, or less than their competitors tiered data plans. The network has always been marketed as being "built for the internet," and it seems to be ringing true. 

An interesting point to think about though, is how this could translate across the rest of the UK carriers. Many current contract deals on other networks, see data capped at 1GB. Three customers with an unlimited deal will naturally be less concerned about using data -- myself, I use about 7GB a month -- but it goes to reinforce what we pretty well know already. Data usage is on the up, and voice calls and text message allowances are less important than they used to be. And, all this without LTE in the UK just yet. 

Source: Three Blog