To those who think you don't need a screen protector on the Galaxy S8

Phone screens have gotten larger, and at the same time quickly lost all protection from the bumps and scrapes of daily life. The Galaxy S8 is probably the best example of just how vulnerable a piece of glass can be — with curved edges and no real bezels to protect.

Sure there's Gorilla Glass 5 on front, which is supposed to provide some scratch protection, but that doesn't mean this ongoing debate about whether or not to use a screen protector has been put to rest. Forum user flyingkytez posted his frustration with seeing small scratches develop on his GS8 as a warning to consider a screen protector. Not everyone agrees, though!

Mine is in and out of my pocket a lot during the day, I am pretty rough on my phones, I don't use a screen protector and have no scratches


This is obviously dependent on how you're using your phone. What's "normal" use to some may not be the same for others. If you'r eon the road, pulling your phone in and out of your pocket or tossing it on tables, it's far more likely to get these tiny scratches over time. You won't notice them as they accumulate, but once they hit a critical mass you'll see them.

I'm okay with fine scratches. I will be keeping this phone 5 more months max.


Then others are more pragmatic. They know no matter what they do they're bound to pick up some scratches on the curved screen of a phone like the Galaxy S8, but they understand that's part of the deal. If you don't plan to hold onto a phone for that long anyway, why baby it or compromise screen quality with a plastic protector.

Where do you land on this discussion? Is a screen protector worth the hassle to avoid small scratches, or do you just deal with it in order to use the phone as it came out of the box?

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Andrew Martonik

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