To those who think you don't need a screen protector on the Galaxy S8

Phone screens have gotten larger, and at the same time quickly lost all protection from the bumps and scrapes of daily life. The Galaxy S8 is probably the best example of just how vulnerable a piece of glass can be — with curved edges and no real bezels to protect.

Sure there's Gorilla Glass 5 on front, which is supposed to provide some scratch protection, but that doesn't mean this ongoing debate about whether or not to use a screen protector has been put to rest. Forum user flyingkytez posted his frustration with seeing small scratches develop on his GS8 as a warning to consider a screen protector. Not everyone agrees, though!

Mine is in and out of my pocket a lot during the day, I am pretty rough on my phones, I don't use a screen protector and have no scratches


This is obviously dependent on how you're using your phone. What's "normal" use to some may not be the same for others. If you'r eon the road, pulling your phone in and out of your pocket or tossing it on tables, it's far more likely to get these tiny scratches over time. You won't notice them as they accumulate, but once they hit a critical mass you'll see them.

I'm okay with fine scratches. I will be keeping this phone 5 more months max.


Then others are more pragmatic. They know no matter what they do they're bound to pick up some scratches on the curved screen of a phone like the Galaxy S8, but they understand that's part of the deal. If you don't plan to hold onto a phone for that long anyway, why baby it or compromise screen quality with a plastic protector.

Where do you land on this discussion? Is a screen protector worth the hassle to avoid small scratches, or do you just deal with it in order to use the phone as it came out of the box?

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  • I've never used a screen protector on a phone and so far never had an issue. In my opinion you can always feel a difference, no matter how expensive the protectors are. They have an impact on the responsiveness and feeling of the screen which is a big downside.
  • Totally agree with anything other then Tempered Glass protectors. The problem is there are no good options for tempered glass on a curved screen. My S7E didn't have a protector and my s8+ currently doesn't and won't. If i could get a good curved screen protector made from Tempered glass i might reconsider. I just don't see it happening with the way those have gone over the last few years.
  • *than
  • Always some grammar police out there ...too bad no one forgives typos even though these screens are going produce them constantly.. especially with word suggestions that are too easy to pick.. and often wrong.
  • Agreed, even on my Oneplus 3 whose edges are cured to a much lesser degree finding a good screen protector seems impossible... And you can forget about using one with a case :/
  • I recommend this I currently use this on my S8 plus and it's great providing full screen coverage (only cutout is the ear piece), covers the edges of the screen prefect and even works with a case (I use it with the Spigen Liquid Air Armor case). Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector,Flipcase Galaxy S8 Plus Tempered Glass,Galaxy S8+ [Full Screen Coverage][Anti-Bubble][Anti-Scratch]Screen Protector fo
  • Horrible reviews....move along...
  • Try the Whitestone tempered glass screen protector. It's the first one that has adhesive on the entire screen, not just the sides, top and bottom.
  • If you use a case on your phone you can get a two piece case and the tempered glass screen protector to protect the S8+. The two piece case has to be the type that the phone is sandwich in between the two pieces. The top of the case has to go on top of the display and the rear of course behind the back of the phone.
  • All cases like that are cheap, not glass, and don't protect well.
  • The case that I have on my s8+ in combination with a tempered glass screen protector has done a fine job so far. I mean I don't drop my phone intentionally just because I have it in a case. Don't get me wrong, it has fallen but the phone is still in top shape with no visible damage.
  • My mighty note4 still looks brand spanking new bc of my ballistic case Long live the mighty note 4
  • If it was needed it would come with it. If you like to keep your screen in good condition for the person you sell the phone to then it is a good thing to have. I like using the real screen for myself though so I don't use one. I don't care about whether the screen has minor scratches for the next person who gets it.
  • There are companies who ship their phones with a protector preinstalled.
  • I hate screen protectors. I have never scratched a phone screen, but I'm a little worried about the conflicting reports on how easily Gorilla Glass 5 scratches.
  • +1
  • See my comment below for my experience. I am crazy careful with my phone and had to get a screen protector.
  • Can you really hate screen protectors if you're worried about whether the S8s screen is easily scratched? Like hating seatbelts but worrying about going through a windshield?
  • Honestly because of the curve screen it's so hard to find a good tempered glass that would fit that along with a case you can only have one or the other. So i invested in sturdy case UAG along with liquid nano that protects it from scratches not so sure about the drop damage so i'm hoping the case will protect that part.
  • This is why curved screens are stupid. Tempered glass screen protectors are great, but phones like this or the Pixel are terrible for them.
  • If that is the reason that curved glass is stupid, it's an easy choice for me to ditch the protector. I hope phone manufacturers never compromise new innovations so that accessory companies can catch up. This isn't why curved screens are stupid, it's why tempered glass manufacturers are dropping the ball.
  • Cured edge screens are stupid because they are pointless... there is no real value in a curved screen and they only introduce more problems than they solve.
  • It's all opinion, but a curved screen is hardly a useful innovation. The curve serves no function and just introduces more potential for damage.
  • Curved screens are win-win for the phone manufacture and insurance companies only.
  • Let'em know.....flat screens ftw
  • The curve actually does offer the edge feature on the S7 edge and S8. It not JUST aesthetics. If you swipe from the edge on the right side it brings up shortcuts no matter which app you are in. Its a really hand feature. Plus if the phone is face down it shows notifications on the edge.
  • The problem with your assertion here is that Samsung is still dominating the market with their curved screen. So there must be something to them that people like.
  • Doesn't mean it's because of the curved screen. The S8 and S8+ are also the only ones loaded with Bixby and I'm sure we can all agree that the millions being sold aren't because Bixby is so good.
  • Our society is very esthetic focused. Everything comes down to how something or someone looks. You can bet some people are buying the S7 Edge and S8 precisely because of it's looks.
  • I'm sure some have but there is really no way of knowing how many did (other than a scientifically run survey) just as there really is no way to know how many of us don't like them but bought the phone anyway.
  • Lol the Pixel doesn't have a curved screen. I had a tempered glass screen protector on mine with no problems.
  • The edges are slightly curved on the pixel, that's why the tempered glass protectors are smaller than the display, width-wise.
  • The pixel definitely does have curved glass, as does the regular S7. It just doesn't curve the way the S7 edge or S8 do.
  • I had one on for about a month. I just ended up taking it off because there is a halo of lint and dust around the edges of it. The tempered glass was also not great for this curved screen, I had trouble getting my notification bar down on some parts of the screen. Just not worth it....
  • Ive been on 3 screen protectors so far with my S8. The quality of the protectors have been terrible. I took one off and ordered a new one and while waiting, ive gotten several scratches on my screen. Dont know where they came from since i keep change and keys in another pocket allowing my phone to be the only thing in my other pocket. Kinda upsetting.
  • If you wear jeans all the time then this might happen. My S8+ too has minor scratches only visible in extreme light. The pockets of the jeans create static friction with the glass of the phone when you pull it in or out or move around it rubs against your jeans pocket. So the tiny scratches.
    But these wont leave a bubble when you apply a screen protector unless its a deep scratch.
    Ive just ordered a case friendly tempered glass from ebay around 15$ waiting to see how well it works with the Spigen case on my S8+
  • We tried all the different brands glass at my store and none seem to work good for the S8 like no lie about 6 different.
    We finally got a cheap china no name tempered glass from a new vendor that fits perfect no dust and its case friendly.
    Wish it had a name/brand so I can recommend to everyone, but all it said its made in china and has a picture of a gold S7 lol.
  • "To those who think you don't need a screen protector on the Galaxy S8".. what? Go read the forums? With a title like that... I'm expecting you to make a case for why I need one. Terrible clickbait.
  • Yeah. I fell for it too. And I'm not about to go read the forums. :P
  • Why not? the forums are a great source of information and discussion about the things you read on AC every week.
  • I stopped using protectors with the V20 and S8. All of the protectors I've purchased for the S8 are complete crap.
  • I use a spigen neoflex front and rear wet application screen protector and it actually improves the handset for me as it adds a slight tackyness to the phone which makes it less slippery. Doesn't offer any impact protection but seems to resist scratches better than the actual glass underneath. My brother is pretty careful on his s8 but the screen is a mess of micro scratches from taking it in and out his pocket.
  • People need to understand that Gorila Glass 5 is more about preventing cracks / shattering than it is about preventing scratches. Because of the coating on GG5, it will actually pick up scratches easier than prior GG versions.
  • Anyone looking for a tempered screen protector look up whitestone dome. Best one for the galaxy s8 and s8+ . A little more expensive but worth it. The adhesive is applied throughout the tempered glass. So no halo effect or dust getting underneath.
  • I use an invisible shield tempered glass protector on my S8 and all the things that people are whining about either don't occur or bother me. I can swipe down my notification with no problem, my tech 21 Evo check case does not interfere with the protector, I do have slight dust around the edges but I can wipe that off whenever. I'm not walking around with a $750 phone butt naked that's covered in glass. I'm too active for that. No dust or lint under my screen either. That's easily avoidable by not putting your phone in your pocket for 12-24 hours after applying your protector
  • You're just not OCD or into these fine details. I've seen people who have phones that look like trash and they think they look just fine. I on the other hand, can spot a piece of lint or a speck of dust from a mile away and it'll bug me horribly. Can't stand I'm that way but we're just all wired a bit differently. I tried the IS Glass protector and it was plain unusable to me because of the poor screen clarity and the touch screen not being as responsive as it was without it. I wish I didn't notice the little details.....seems like a curse sometimes.
  • These curved screen/ glass-backed eggs are the results of all the years of whining about "low-quality plastic" phones in certain quarters.
    Well enjoy paying for glass repairs or insurance deductibles.....suckers.
  • Exactly. Or those people that complain about phone A being 1 mm thicker than phone B, which leads to phone A's manufacturer sealing batteries in, removing the headphone jack, etc.
  • I use a Spidgen case with a GPEL tempered glass screen protector and have no problems. The case doesn't rub the screen protector, the screen protector seems to stay on there pretty tightly, and the screen responsiveness is just fine.
  • The curved screen are the problem. Even the iPhone's curved screen leaves screen protectors sitting on it like another layer of cake. The GS8 is no exceptions. However, the difference between the two phones is that the curves on the iPhone are "off-screen" while the GS8's curves are part of the display you view and manipulate. This makes the gaps unsightly as they collect dust and debris, and it makes for awful usability if you use the Edge panels (the edge panels are often partially if not fully uncovered, which affects how well you can activate them - never mind anything on your fingers rubbing off and accumulating on the edge of the screen protector). This is why I didn't get a GN7 (but we know how that turned out), and why I'm not getting an S8+ and likely not the next Note as well (as I expect a curved screen on it). OEMs need to stop designing for the tech press. They need to design ergonomic, practical solutions for the consumers they're selling to. These phones are not glass houses. These "great designs" pretty much mandate protection, which completely covers it up. These is no point to it. Samsung should offer a flat screen device, and focus less on these impractical designs and more on their software, which seems to be regressing back into awfulness these days.
  • Wow, perfect comment IMO. Agree one million percent.
  • My Galaxy S8 Plus works fine without it. There is nothing like the touch of a real screen that just feel and performs so much better. Also you can wipe away the dust and fingerprints so easily with just a soft tissue. The glass on this phone is high quality. I suggest putting the phone in and empty pocket with no keys or lose coins to rub against the screen. May i also suggest these cool pants that come with front pocket just right for the Galaxy S8 Plus
  • And hope you don't like in an area where the soil leans towards sandy. Tiny dust particles are what scratch these screens when they just go in our pockets. People in areas that have soil that means more towards clay won't have the issue as frequently.
  • I haven't used a screen protector since the GS5. I used to swear by them. I've had the S8+ since day 1 and it still looks great with no screen protector. Plus I'll be pre ordering the Note8 asap. Screen protectors are a waste of money unless you're a "construction worker" or you're just plain clumsy. Why put a condom on your phone if you don't have to?
  • Agree 100%
  • Waste of money. The glass is plenty durable on it's own. I keep my phone on my desk or in my FRONT left pocket...and I don't put keys or other metallic objects in the same pocket as my phone. ZERO issues with scratches over 2 1/2 years on my old Note 4...and the glass on the S8+ is considerably more durable.
  • I like to use a matte screen protector on all my devices just cause I don't like the reflection or glare without it.
  • I hate screen protectors (and cases for that matter - I prefer to go naked) other than tempered glass ones. Since there is no good tempered glass protectors for the S8, I was just gonna go without. However, even with how insanely gentle I am with my phone (believe me, I baby it), I found 2 scratches on my screen last week. I caved and bought the Spigen (only brand I trust) screen protectors. They were the wet application ones, and came in a 2 pack. I just put it on yesterday, and it is seriously gonna take some getting used to - the feel across the screen is just not the same :-( But, at least my phone won't be all beat up.
  • This is why I can't do a phone with a fragile screen. I can't stand screen protectors. I'll use a case or more so a slick wrap but not a screen protector. They just feel awkward to me.
  • My buddy had his S8 for a month, it fell from his dresser and bam, broken screen. From 4' high.
  • I have never used a screen protector on any phone, and with the exception of when I dropped my Nexus 5X before it had a case, I've never accumulated noticeable scratches.
  • I cracked the screen once on a phone but it wasn't gorilla glass (sony being cheap) and it had a protector on it. But I always had protectors on my phones so not sure how I'll do without.
  • Better safe than sorry. Curved screens are like breast implants. People like them because they look good. It's all about aesthetics. Tempered glass screen protectors along with a TPU case offers the best protection without much bulk. Cheap insurance.
  • Any one still using Ghost Armor installed by a technician at the Mall? If they were still in business in New England they would be my go to option curved screen or not.
  • I once had Samsung Epic, S2 cdma AND gsm, Note 4, S7edge. Also LG G2, G3, G4. And different brand like Huawei, Xiaomi, etc (the non protected screen phone). Even BlackBerry with their plastic screen. Before I manage to buy the screen protector for my phone, it already got minor scratches...believe me. I know it is not visible. But it is so annoying to wield a phone that not in pristine condition, because I sold every phone after 6 months, if the new one is tempting, and my second hand phone price would plummeted. But my S7edge survive without tempered protector for a year, amazing (because I try many tempered protector, and none is good). Now I'm using LG V20 with tempered protector (for the sake of second hand pricing) and I dislike the looks
  • Also never forget that dust and lint will be collected on all sides of the protector....yikes !
  • I always use a screen protector and a case on my smartphones. I like to keep my devices in pristine condition and those two items help a great deal. Once I decide what phone to get, I order the case and screen protector before buying the device. I have continue to use tempered glass screen protector after I first used it on my Note 3. I'm currently using a tempered glass screen protector on my GS8 Plus and so far I haven't had an issue. I did have to buy a two piece case, the type that sandwich the device in the middle to make sure that the screen protector stays in place.
  • While the naked S8 (plus in my case) is so beautiful, I gotta case and protect. I'm liking the Caseology Parallex design and grip quality and I tried this Armorsuit wet app Military Shield screen protector and it's pretty cool. It actually reduces the glare and is almost fingerprint-proof as well as offering scratch protection.
  • As well as feeling like you amhave a piece of rubber on the front of your phone. If those are still like what I remember (like the zagg). I just cannot stand the way those feel.
  • I've always been very worried about having scratches on my smartphones screens, but i always find myself spending tens of dollars to buy screen protectors that are either difficult to apply, or scratch very easily, compromise screen brightness or touch sensitivity and i always end up taking them off after a few days or weeks. i've got scratched screens and i know i hate to have scratches! Long story short, the perfect screen protector doesn't exist so it's either you can live with a screen protector or with scratches...
  • Haha I wrote the title
  • Late to the party here. Might be looking at a S8 if Black Friday deals are good enough. I might go with a Sedio case and holster combo. I've had that with my V10 and pop the whole thing in my pocket. The holster covers and protects the whole screen in, out, and while in my pocket. Then again if a good flat screen is on sale....... GSP.