With the best SmartThings doorbells and SmartThings smart locks added to your smart home, your home security will become that much stronger. With them installed, you can automatically lock doors at night, get an instant live view of your porch when motion is detected, and receive an alert if someone unlocks your door, among other useful features. We've rounded up the best doorbells and locks with SmartThings integration.

Render of Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Top Pick: Ring Video Doorbell Pro

This wired doorbell has a 160º FOV, pre-roll video footage, adjustable motion, and privacy zones, and both Alexa and SmartThings support. Whenever it senses motion or someone presses the button, you can trigger notifications, turn on lights automatically, or whatever other customizations you want. Even outside of SmartThings, it's one of the best doorbells available.

Ring Video Doorbell 3

Battery-powered protection: Ring Video Doorbell 3

With no more wiring required, the Video Doorbell 3 has a simple installation but requires occasional battery recharges. You get the same SmartThings automations as the Video Doorbell Pro at a lower price point, though you'll need to upgrade to the Video Doorbell 3 Plus to enable 4 seconds of pre-roll. It's easily one of the best SmartThings doorbells available today.

Render of August Smart Lock Pro

Easy installation, tough security: August Smart Lock Pro

Many smart locks make you remove the old lock to install, but the August Smart Lock Pro attaches to your deadbolt and lets you use your keys, making it a good choice for renters (or anyone, really). Using SmartThings, you can auto-lock it when geofencing senses you're away from home, send alerts whenever it's unlocked, remotely lock or unlock, and more.

August Wi Fi Smart Lock

Upgrade on a favorite: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The 4th-generation August Smart Lock is one of the best SmartThings locks available, improving on its predecessor with a smaller build (that also attaches to your deadbolt), has Wi-Fi built-in (the Pro requires an external bridge), and ridges along the edge that makes it much easier to turn. The only downside: the smaller size means a shorter battery life.

Yale Assure SL

Keyless entry: Yale Assure Lock SL

Simplify your security and get rid of the need for keys altogether. The Yale Assure Lock SL with Zigbee has proximity or remote lock / unlock, DoorSense to let you know if a door is or isn't closed, and compatibility with Alexa and, of course, SmartThings automations. Plus, it comes in multiple pretty color options. Make sure you buy the Zigbee edition, as the HomeKit edition doesn't work with SmartThings.

Kwikset SmartLock 888

Affordable Pinpad: Kwikset Smart Code 888

One of our favorite cheap smart locks, the Kwikset 888 has plenty of SmartThings functionality to make it useful. You can automate it to lock when you leave, or at certain times of day with Good Morning, Goodbye, and Good Night SmartThings Routines. Plus, you can use the SmartThings app to turn on other smart devices once you unlock it. It's an excellent choice for SmartThings tech at a much better price than usual.

$111 at Amazon

Protect your home with SmartThings

When choosing the best SmartThings doorbell, what you really mean is the best Ring doorbell, since only Ring gives you that front porch feed and pairs it with Samsung's tech. And on that front, when we compared the Ring Video Doorbell 3 vs. Ring Video Doorbell Pro, the Video Doorbell Plus won the matchup despite being an older model. While you may not want to bother with wiring, it does mean you'll never have to change the battery; the smaller size looks more attractive, and the four seconds of pre-roll footage before every doorbell ring gives you useful context. However, renters may prefer the Video Doorbell 3 to avoid losing their security deposit.

As for picking the best SmartThings lock, you have far more options, but once again, we had to pit our top picks against one another: the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro. Both are easy to install and have the same SmartThings functionality, but the August Smart Lock Pro's Z-Wave tech means you can still access it if your Wi-Fi goes down, and its longer battery justifies its larger size. If, however, you want to ditch the traditional key lock entirely, try the Yale Assure Lock SL and try keyless entry.

With your new SmartThings in hand, your smart home is that much more secure. But if you want to add even more protection and smarts, check out the best motion sensors for Samsung SmartThings, or SmartThings-enabled Smart Bulbs to turn on in response to video doorbell alerts.

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