ASUS ZenFone 2

The time has come to announce the winners in our ASUS ZenFone 2 contest. Fifteen lucky Android Central Forums members and volunteers have already been chosen to be among the first in North America to experience the major smartphone release. Now we're picking the next 15.

And it wasn't easy. We asked you to send in short videos telling us why you want to have the opportunity — nay, the privilege — to get a taste of what we do every day. To test and review a top-end smartphone. And you delivered.

So we're not just going to list the names and be on our way. You're going to get to experience these videos along with us.

And here they are.

Be sure to click through the entire playlist for all 15 videos.

Simply incredible.

So congratulations to alphonsocino, Jonathan Buccieri, Luke_Drago, mstrblueskys, Steve Sack, THEROCK6650, RichieHD, Android_Covert, Josh Exmoor, Slywalk, Gabes_up, kit_cat3000, kissdafloor, wgriffiths2000 and thejastrom. We'll be in touch shortly.