Moto 360 Pascual watch face

In addition to the new steel bracelets and slimmer options, the Moto 360 this week got itself some new watch faces, and they're quite the lookers. They're also available now, along with an update to the Moto Connect app, which you'll definitely want to get for a little further customization.

Let's take a look.

Moto 360 new watch faces

So those are the five new watch faces. There's Pascual, Dials II, "My Design" (more on that in a second), Roman and Blossoms.

Moto 360 NYC

Like Motorola's other watch faces, you can customize these in the Moto Connect app. (Here's how to do that.) A couple of them are a simple as just changing colors or maybe removing the date. But "My Designs" lets you use an image of your choosing (as well as customize the hands and ticks and colors) — a nice touch. Here's one I whipped up real fast using an Instagram pic I took. You do get to crop in on an image, and it's a pretty painless process.

If you've got a Moto 360, definitely take a few minutes to explore these new watch faces.