There won't be a Galaxy S8 edge because Samsung is going all-in on curves

Samsung won't be releasing a Galaxy S8 edge like it did the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 variants. Instead, both the smaller and larger versions of the upcoming flagship will have curved displays, according to a leak from Evan Blass.

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A leak of what appears to be the retail box of the larger variant of the upcoming Galaxy S8 reveals its name: the Galaxy S8+. Samsung doesn't appear to be distinguishing between flat and edge variants this year because, as we suspected from the Galaxy Note 7, all of its flagships may forgo the standard flat piece of glass for a nice, curvy distinctiveness.

What do you think of the name Galaxy S8+? We've seen such naming conventions before from Samsung with the confusingly-named Galaxy S6 edge+, released back in 2015, so there is precedent here.

Galaxy S8: Everything you need to know

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Ugh... no thanks.
  • Bye Felicia. The Note 7 proved that Samsung didn't need to go with the typical non-edge screen. The sloped edges will now be Samsung's signature design differentiator.
  • What? The faulty product proved something? How?
  • Oh please, the faulty battery had nothing to do with the Edge display. I was not even necessarily a fan of the curved edges on my N7 but to equate the two is stupid.
  • ... reading comprehension perhaps?
  • My reading comprehension was fine, the comment was stupid.
  • >Point >Your skull
  • I don't find the edge to be a huge deal, either way. It's neither a huge plus nor a deal breaker. It works just fine.
  • As someone who sees no benefit to the edge I agree with you. I don't want any of the "side view" type notifications and I found the curve was annoying on the Note7 during the short time I had it. Caused problems trying to type/swipe on the keyboard with words frequently being "split" as though it stopped recognising input halfway through. I really hope they do put out a normal, flat screen version so there is at least an option there. Otherwise it'll be back to Sony or LG.
  • I'm all for options, and I know a few in my immediate family who hate the curved screen, So I do feel bad for them. However, i'm sure HTC, LG, Motorola, and others will still offer flat options. Also, the curves that are more like the Note 7 are substantially better than the curves that were on the S7 Edge. For myself, i'm good with it. I love the edge screens.
  • This. I thought the curve was ok on the first smaller galaxy s6 edge. Absolutely hated it on the s6 edge plus and the 7 edge. So I was thinking I was done with the edge phones, then the note 7 came out and it absolutely nailed the design. I think it was a perfect balance and I really wanted the note 7. I just hope the s8 is as close to it as it can be, it was more squared versus the rounded s7 edge and I hate that design. Plus they need to make the frame black like the note 7 and the newer color of the s7 edge (black pearl).
  • wait so not all the edges are the same? because i absolutely hate my s7 edge screen. that's why i'm weary of anymore edge screens. note 7 edge screen was different?
  • Yes, the curve was less pronounced in the Note 7. So you had more usable (flat) area on the display than the S7 edge.
  • Like it simple, call it S8 and S8+
  • Per The Bard, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
  • Got to say as the owner of the S7 EDGE, and a ZTE axon 7 that has less of a curve, I like them both.
  • I also have to toss in here that anyone who didn't see this coming, i'm sorry. That's gotta be frustrating. But I think most if not all of us knew the day would come.
  • Headphone jack? What headphone jack?
  • It's already been confirmed to be there as well but on the bottom on the right and not on the left like the V20, or at least says multople leaks about its structure. BTW, curved isn't always bad. If women can have curves and look good, so can a phone. It's all based in perception of taste.
  • I don't mind. I like the curves of my S7 edge.
  • If the curve is like that of the Note 7, then this isn't even an issue. The S6 Edge was way too curved, the S7 Edge was a little too curved, the Note 7 was perfect.
  • Yah it was that nice? My buddies have the s7 edge and I'm not a huge fan, the curves make it difficult to hold even with a case on. I have a note 5 so I'm not super motivated to get a new phone as this one is still performing well enough. Only time will tell.
  • I totally agree. The s7 edge was a bit too much, but the note7 was perfect. hopefully it's the slightly muted curve like the note7.
  • I agree my wife got the S6 Edge and it was the reason I went for the flat S7. I would agree the edge display makes the phone look better but it's frustrating to use. I think I will get the S8 though. The S7 was my first Samsung Android phone and I've been impressed particularly with the nougat update. Samsung have got great hardware and the software is finally matching it.
  • How hard is it to find screen protectors for these curved screens?
  • This one will be more like the note 7 I'm sure can't wait 6.2 in of screen glory wow
  • Yep 6.2 inches with small bezels = AWESOME!!
  • I like this. A lot.
  • Perfect for aesthetics. Not so much for real day to day use. Too much glare and videos looks little weird (based on my S6 Edge experience) now I'm very happy with my S7.
  • I know galaxy is the branding but it's dumb and 3 syllables and let's move into something new. And the note7 was a perfect balance so if this follows it people will be fine with it and if not then a case of a certain type could be used.
  • You're kidding right? "Galaxy" is etched into the consumer brain just as much as "iPhone" is. The name Galaxy is going nowhere anytime soon.
  • + 1 Why fix what isn't broken?
  • 3 syllables are too much these days? Have we gone progressively dumber with all these technological advancement lately?
  • As tech gets smarter people get progressively dumber. Also we are becoming the Borg, everyone has to have the same opinion and like the samething. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Agreed!
  • +100
  • Goodness yes! It's almost like humans are devolving.
  • Relevant username.
  • Alright Samsung you better get it right this time.
  • So annoying. I'd MUCH prefer a flat screen. Curved screens do nothing but impede functionality of the phone. Many times my press of the camera shutter will not register because of those stupid curved edges. There is also an annoying glare at the edges. This makes the screen feel smaller than it is and distracts. FLAT SCREENS ARE BETTER.
  • what idiot would press on the curved portion of the screen to register a camera shutter click. FLAT SCREENS ARE NOT BETTER. IF THEY WERE, THE S7 EDGE WOULD HAVE BEEN A FLOP. THE S7 EDGE WAS BY FAR THE MORE POPULAR OF THE SCREEN TYPES. You see, anyone can type in all caps. The difference is that my comment is actually backed up by facts.
  • When the phone senses a finger on the curve, the button for the camera shutter doesn't work. It's very frustrating and happens consistently to me. It was not a worry with a flat screened phone. Now it is. Impaired functionality. There also was not a glare on the edge with a flat screen. Impaired functionality. I reiterate that flat screens are better. Sales to me does not make something objectively better. Functionality does.
  • Use the volume buttons.
  • Greater chance of shaking the shot and blurring it. I'd rather just have a flat screen.
  • Curved screens are a gimmick that sells well. As PT Barnum once said
    "there's a sucker born every minute"
    I think some people got a half hours worth.
  • You can't argue that the curve makes for a glare from any angle. Very annoying.
  • I'm with you. Curved screens are beautiful, but lacks functionality. I have a S7E, my father a S7 - I don't know if this is because only for screen size ir for the flat screen, but S7 is way better to use.
    Maybe the reason that S7E is so popular is because this is prettier and considered the "better" version" of the regular S7.
  • S7 Edge had a larger battery
  • A large part of the S7edge's popularity was due to the larger screen and bigger battery. I myself played the false touch hand rodeo for a little more than 9 months. Personally, I did it long enough to decide it wasn't for me. Different strokes for different folks, and I don't even have to be a mouthy dickhead about it if someone likes something different than I do.
  • Time to try something new other than samsung.
  • My S7 Edge is working great I'll just keep it till the Note returns.
  • I loved the edge on my note 7 and don't mind them on my s7 edge. So I'm down with only having a edge phone as a choice.
  • I'm not all-in on a curved screen. I have the S7 Edge and find myself tapping something or typing on screens when i handle the phone edges. Same thing when I hand it off to people when showing them something. After this, I do not think I'll buy another curved screen phone.
  • Yes! Curved screens are great to look at with the phone sleeping over the table, but grab it, turn it on and start using it that you'll see how better they are compared to regular screens.
  • They've guaranteed I won't buy a Samsung. I probably wouldn't anyway though.
  • "All of its flagships may forgo the standard flat piece of glass for a nice, curvy distinctiveness."
    Yes, little Billy. You're special. Just like everyone else!
  • So here's your participation trophy....
  • I just hope this "+" means they have deaded the Note series (as seen by how the SOC in the S7/Edge was the same in the N6 I mean 7, so no need to have two big product cycle releases just do like Apple does once per year for phones (you are trying to copy them anyways) )and this keeps the marketing simple - one has smaller screen no pen - and the larger one has the pen - there simple to drama no "leaks" no unnecessary waits
  • Completely agree with you!
    But I doubt they will do that. Releasing two top versions (at different times) per year brings more money than releasing only one.
  • I agree with you. I also think they lose sales by having two major releases a year. I know this is why I held onto the s3 for so long because while impressed with every phone release from the s4 on. I would say to myself" eh that's nice but I'll just wait six months to see what the note looks like and so on until I finally purchased the s6 edge and then the s7 edge. Due to Samsung pay and gear vr which are absolutely amazing features to have and I can't wait to see we what they give us next.
  • We don't know that the S+ is coming with the S pen do we?
  • The Note series isn't going anywhere.
  • The note series is different in its own and has many advantages over regular galaxy phone. They've already said their not discontinuing it. Don't like it, don't buy it. Many others like it.
  • You obviously missed the point....
  • The other potential disaster is the Bixby assistant. Hopefully this will be optional and able to be turned off. I have my doubts...
  • And now, word is that bixby will be powered by S voice, and not VIV AI. As we all know, no matter how big a Samsung fan someone is, S voice flat out SUCKS. Not to mention, battery size vs screen size & FPS location.
  • You can turn off S-Voice. I'm sure you will be able to with this as well.
  • The edges on the Note 7 I can live with. But the S7 Edge is to pronounced. Bought a S7 Edge, couldn't stand it, swapped it for a Note 7. That is history now, so sporting a Note 5 ATM.
  • Agreed. I have an s7 edge standing in for my Note 7. I detest the edges. It's a design fail in my opinion.
  • I hope the curves on the S8 will be just like the curves on the note7. Or maybe they will be better.
  • ew...
  • Samsung should get an award for selling the most LG phones. This will sell the most LG phones because so many people will not want the edge.
  • Amongst nerds perhaps... The public will be the real test
  • I sell phones to the public and so many of them hate the edge. They pick the S7 because it doesn't have the edge. I'm sure this will drive sales to LG.
  • Not enough to make any real dent. If these edge devices didn't make Samsung a ton of money, they wouldn't make them, bottom line.
  • Not the best idea IMO. Personally I find that the edge gets in the way more than anything. Sure it looks great but that's about it. I told myself my next phone would definitely be flat. Considering I'm loyal to Samsung this is a downer. Maybe the next Pixel will actually be good ;)
  • Word on the street is the iPhone will also have a curved screen wonder where they got that dumb idea curved screens don't sell right only 3 to 1 flat screen just saying . Oh and by the way any cheap case will fix unintended touches
  • Obviously the curve edges have resonated with people or Samsung wouldn't be going this route. That or they know people will buy regardless, because you know, Samsung.
  • The ones who hate the curves will always be the loudest. There are obviously millions who bought the Note 7 despite its only curve option.
  • A low number of millions.
  • Because recall???
  • Nah. Even before the recall they weren't flying off the shelves. Something like 4 million in a two months. Not bad for everyone else, pretty bland for Sammy.
  • Yeah...? How was that S7 Edge doing?
  • How do you even hold the Edge? Major design flaw lol
    Got to be able to hold it to use it!
  • You hold it like you would most phones. From underneath.
  • As in, pick it up? With your finger nails .. ? I don't understand.
  • Don't understand? How do you hold every other smartphone ever created? The edge is no different
  • But the edge of the Edge is so thin. How does one grip it? By the husk?!
  • Slap a case on it and keep it moving
  • Exactly ^^
  • I hold mine with my hands.
  • Love the edge screen on my Priv. Will probably move to a Samsung S8 but have to see how it feels in my hands first.
  • All in on the curved edges. Have a S7 edge and I love it! Much better looking than the flat screens.
  • With the 7 Edge, the bad part wasn't the curved screen; it was the palm rejection software.
  • Huh ...Guess you missed the part where you but a case on your $800 phone. And bam no more unintended touches. Pay attention now
  • I always use a case for $800+ phones, especially on my S7e. one should have to use a case to make the phone function as intended.
  • Eh, I liked flat phones but different strokes for different folks. At this point I'm looking away from Samsung flagships, my note 4 is fine and there are so many other options thanks to the variety of android. 😊
  • See this guy gets it instead of complaining...just get a flat phone of brand X and keep it moving. No need to make excuses to not buy the s8 . It's certainly not required. I'm typing this on my s7 edge with a case and no unintended amazing what a $10 investment can do
  • I complained alot and still will about Samsung's silly choices since 2015. I'm just satisfied with the battery size which is what I find to be very crucial in phones these days.
  • Agreed. Battery life to me is much more important to me than curved screens. But in Samsung's defense, they are just trying to differentiate themselves from the rest. Poor implementation? I guess that's in the eyes of the beholder.
  • Who would ruin the beauty of an S7 with a **** case just to get rid of the edge? You don't need to hold your phone like a gun. Just hold the bottom and back and keep your palms away from the edge.
  • ... kinda like using a public toilet, lift your ass in the air?
  • Carry toilet seat covers with you.....
  • Just an idea but maybe:
    S8 (smaller flat screen variant)
    S8 Plus (bigger flat screen variant)
    S8 Edge (same size as plus)
  • This is exactly what I was thinking. All this image says is S8+. While unlikely, it's "possible" this is for the "flat" S8+ but there will also be an S8+ Edge. And possibly the same for the smaller, non + version?
  • I think its very possible. The S7 series was only missing a bigger flat screen variant to match the larger edge variant, Thus the S8 + possibly giving us just that. It would give me fits trying to decide between the two!
  • I really liked the screen on the Note 7 but don't care for it on the S7 Edge. No matter what they offer on the S8 I'll probably wait for the Note 8, but good to have options!
  • The name is irrelevant. It won't help me make a decision on whether to get it or not (which I probably wouldn't ). Will wait to see what happens with the Note8. Until then. ... Note 4 FTW
  • Man you note 4 guys are a loyal bunch heck I was to 3 years ago had two different flat 4s and a note 4 edge ,but as much as I love me some Samsung those 4s got buggy as hell . May I recommend a nice used n5 there super fast and they won't get buggy ..Oh and the battery is better to just a suggestion of course
  • Note fans in general are extremely loyal. Sure they have their share of turnover too. But to core Note fans, the only reel replacement for a Note is another Note.
  • It's true. I have an S7 Edge now.. but I installed a port of the s7e software an my note 4 and I'm keeping it forever.
  • Note 4 till a better comes along!
  • My N4 works just fine, granted the battery usage doesn't hold up as it once did but I have access to power ... everywhere!
  • The problem with curved displays is that you can't get a decent glass screen protectors. Even my flat S7 is too curved for that; I've tried several, they were all terrible. 3D and 2.5D glass just isn't a good fit with screen protectors. The phone I had before, Sony Z5 Compact was perfect. The flatness of the display meant that the glass screen protector looked and felt exactly like the display itself, it was perfection. Shame I have been forced to go naked with my GS7.
  • Cakefish, if you are near a Staples try their liquid armour on curved screen. It is a liquid that is applied to the screen. No bubbles or difficulty in applying. A little pricey ($30.00) but does do a good job. I can take a key to my screen now and not leave a mark. There might be other similar options too.
  • Anyone else try that liquid? I was also concerned about the curved screen because I like a tempered glass cover and heard none fit well. I'm curious about the liquid cover. I'm clumsy, is it messy? Does it run over the edges? How well does it handle a hot (I'm in AZ) day?
  • What function do these curved edges really do?? I don't own one and have been searching for the edge function. All i got is the edge app where you swipe from the edge to get various info like weather and ruler. But honestly, you can do that on a flat edge too right?? So what can curved edge do that flat edge cant? I tried playing around the store displays, and all i noticed is that the apps look weird at the edges, warped or something. Still no real life function so again, i classify them as gimmick from the most gimmicky brand, samsung. All brands have their own gimmicks, but to name their phones after their gimmicks (s7 edge) is ridiculous.
  • Yet sales wise, it worked. The edge screen doesnt need a function, it just needs to stand out from the rest.
  • it doesn't make humans more intelligent, but rather the opposite. sacrificing comfort and function for looks and gimmicks.
  • Which smartphone doesn't have gimmicks? V20? Second screen. Pixel? AI that nobody uses. Apple? Melding into Samsung one gimmick at a time. So I guess your theory applies to pretty much everyone. Or are you saying it's only a gimmick if you don't value it?
  • But they doesn't have gimmicks that comes in the way of quality
  • I already told, all brand have gimmicks. But to name the product based on the gimmick is absolutely ridiculous. Look at all the comments here. Many hated the curved glass. No real life function and it's not comfortable. And samsung even removed the flat screen option. It's like it wants note fans and half of the s series fans to go to other brands. I'm a structural designer and i focus on strength, beauty and function. Going all for beauty alone is never a good design.
  • Because you don't use the edge feature does not make it a gimmick , others do use it and make good use of it , by all means , find a model you like because more companies are following suit with edge models.
  • If sales dictated a need for the regular non-edge display they would keep it. I'm willing to bet that they have found that the curved edge phones outsell the non-edge phones by a very large margin.
  • The curved screen is a horrible design. Everyone I know who got one came to dislike it as a useless gimmick that wore off quickly and then became annoying. It makes putting your phone in a case an issue too because you either leave the edge exposed (so then what's the point of a case?) or cover it (so what's the point of the edge?). I want a flat phone that can take a proper case and be safe from drops and such.
  • Cases don't take away the look of the edge design... At all.
  • Sooo just get a different brand it's all good , even though I'm sure most you're friends are not all that unhappy as you make it out to be guess all the millions sold those folks didn't get your memo
  • Well they can't be all that bad, sammy has probably sold 50 million s7's, and I'd guess more than half of them would be edge models , and many other company's are copying the edge design , and with no shortage of buyers.
  • This sucks, I have been a loyal Samsung fan since the S4, owning the S4, Note 4, and my current Note 5. Curved screens are a gimmick and guaranteed to break easier as you can't protect the curved part of the screen. Also, Samsung batteries and chargers are terrible. The batteries start degrading after a year, and the chargers, cables die sporadically. Bye bye Samsung and Android, going to wait for the Iphone 8.
  • IPhone is going glass and curved too ...hum guess you'll have to now chose a different phone then the Samsung are the Apple phones.
  • Samsung has jumped the shark, trying to keep interest with this edge screen gimmick... :(
  • Well if it works for most and they sell then somebody at Samsung had a idea that's paying off ...haven't you noticed all the copy cats (apple LG and a whole bunch of Chinese brands )
  • A gimmick that other OEMs are copying
  • Paying off in spades,. Good thing Samsung doesn't pay all that much attention to the opinions of some here on AC they'd have never made the first note are S pen, the edge phone would be still on the drawing board,2k screen (gear vr) water proof wireless charger Samsung pay ,the list is endless from all the doubters . Here's the thing if you don't innovate and take risk ..well you end up like blackberry and HTC, Nokia just saying. Somebody got to be the leader. Question do we need curved screens in a but they look Hella good and for that reason alone they sell and that's the draw now we have full screen and edge wow . Here's the thing I use my edge screen all the time swiping in and out of apps and functions even more then I use the S pen on my note 5
  • As much as I prefer a flat screen the design of the Note 7 made ergonomic sense. Also this coming from the guy that not too long ago called his LG Flex 2 the Ferrari of phones.
  • I am really looking forward to the V30. This galaxy shenanigans are not for me.
  • I was really looking forward to moving from the S5 to the flat S8. Was 100% going to make the move. Now without the flat screen I am down to maybe 40/60 to make the change. Guess I will need to get another season out of the S5.
  • Where did you read that the Iphone 8 will have curved screen? Bezel-less most likely but still flat.
  • Just bring back the s pen, im dying over here with out mt s pen!!!!!😠
  • I mean, they will, in the Note 8.
  • Too bad :( Going all in in form in detriment of function! Such a waste of screen...
  • If the render in the pics are accurate, it's a beautiful phone. Might be next....we'll see.
  • Love to have a flat screen s8.. Sold my s7 edge for axon 7 and totally love the flat screen... Don't miss the edge screen at all.. Hope they release.. Flat version of S8
  • Read my lips there won't be a flat s8 haha ,oh and the note 8 will be curved as well . But then you've already moved on ...right
  • I seems like Samsung has depreciated Gear VR by sabotaging that option with curved screens. I guess I'll get my new phone when I have a good Daydream/Tango option with a flat screen.
  • I hope that Samsung builds the edge of the S8 or S8+ the same way they made the N7 glass on the front. After holding a demo N7 in China last year before the mass recall I was very excite, I have held the previous gen edge phones and wasn't impressed. If not the same as the N7 edge maybe something slightly improved. :)
  • I prefer flat screens. I tried the Edge and didn't like it. I have the Galaxy S7 "normal". I'm not due to upgrade for at least another year so hopefully by then there will still be some good flat screen options (Samsung or otherwise).
  • All you guys wanting all those fancy new phones that cost all that money. I still have my Samsung Galaxy S III phone and happy with it. Does everything I need it to do. Call me dark ages or what ever but I don't worry about keeping up with the Joneses :-)
  • Donald Trump is that you ^^^^ Haha..but seriously dude you should at least get the j3 it's about the same size and cost under 100 and it's way way smoother then that old gs3 has a removable battery and a better camera
  • What about the trade up program Samsung did with the Note 7 in Korea? Will this come to us in other countries? The US?? I talked to Samsung in chat and they explained the upgrade program from Note 7 in Korea is just there "For now"... But he was cagey on when or if it would come here to the States. But he kept saying "wait for the official announcement of the S8". So hopefully those of us who bought the Note 7 and got this sub-par S7 edge will be able to upgrade to the S8 just like Korea can "they'll be able to upgrade to the Galaxy S8 or Note 8 for free"...