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What you need to know

  • Tetris Primetime is a new daily game show for Tetris.
  • It's hosted by Millen Baird and will have over $1 million in annual prizes.
  • Tetris Primetime is accompanied by Tetris Royale, a 100-player Tetris battle royale.

In a press release, N3TWORK announced that as part of its ongoing partnership with The Tetris Company, it is releasing Tetris Primetime, a new daily game show. Hosted by actor Millen Baird, Tetris Primetime features over $1 million in yearly prizes.

This release also includes Tetris Royale, a previously-announced 100-player Tetris match where the last player still going wins. If you just want to play Tetris and put up your own personal high scores, you can do so in Tetris Solo Marathon. You can see a rundown of all this news in the trailer below.


So if you're looking for new ways to enjoy Tetris, you're covered. Tetris is available on Android and iOS right now. It's compatible with Android 5.1 or higher.

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The classic keeps coming

Tetris is...well, Tetris but it's also evolved a fair bit over the years and is bolder than ever with Tetris Primetime and Tetris Royale.

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