TCL is reviving the Palm brand with an Android phone that's launching on Verizon

Back in 2015, Chinese manufacturer TCL acquired the rights to Palm from HP, vowing the revive the brand with a slate of new phones. Late last year, a TCL executive revealed to a Dutch publication that Palm devices manufacturered by the Chinese company will be making their debut in 2018.

According to a new report from Android Police, the first such Palm-branded device will be released in the latter half of 2018. The phone will be powered by Android and is slated for a launch on Verizon, a long-time Palm partner that sold most of the its devices.

TCL seems to be making a habit of reviving old brands, and based on what the manufacturer has achieved with BlackBerry, it'll be interesting to see what the upcoming Palm-branded phone has to offer. Siding with Verizon should give it a sales impetus, and the Palm brand still carries a lot of weight, particularly with an older audience.

What would you like to see from a Palm-branded Android phone?

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • WebOS. That is all.
  • Came to say the same thing. Damn do I miss WebOS!
  • Loved WebOS. Got it on my LG TV
  • Me too
  • No WebOS not interested.
  • +1 on the Web OS, even if it was just an Android skin. Would be interested in seeing something small and smooth like the Palm Pre and include the slide out physical keyboard like the Pre too. That Palm Pre was so easy to pocket and carry around and I could type out a long email reply quickly, easily xx and accurately on it.
  • Yep. All of this.
  • Loved my palm pre plus. Web os was amazing! The card style multi tasking was excellent.
  • I wonder if this will boost sales of BlackBerry devices. I loved my last Palm (Tungsten) and have a Pre as a "hobby phone" but BlackBerry was a better tool and organizer. Still, I would rather see both "platforms" (can't really call them that anymore as they are both Android) in use as they will make each other better via competition.
  • Man, the Palm Tungsten PDAs were the BEST. I still have a soft spot for the Tungsten | T3, it was so damn good.
  • Says the man who has long been a resident expert on the subject around here. :-) Howdy Derek, is the long invisible webos sister site still being maintained. Miss my WebOS devices. Still have my Pre in my travel kit as an emergency back up phone. Gestures, cards, multitasking, cloud sync - they were way ahead of their times.
  • I still have my original T3 in front of me now, sitting next to an M505! The T3 has a new battery (2nd one), but it's in a dungen now because there is no functioning Hotsync software for windows 10, and I can't get it to connect to the internet through Bluetooth. It still has 131 apps, and I still have three folding keyboards and a Presenter that lets you connect the Palm directly to a projector and run Powerpoint slides with a remote control. It was pretty slick in it's day. I remember modifying a clip-on Magellan GPS so the Palm T3 could use it with the screen extended.
  • Agreed!
  • I have a Sprint Pre. I can't get it past the startup screen since I the registration servers are down and anyway, I'm on AT&T now. Is there any way to start that thing up?
  • LG owns the WebOS patents. TCL has the Palm name
  • webOS is open source. Twice over! Actually, I think Qualcomm got the patents...
  • Correct. HP bought Palm, shut it down, open-sourced webOS, sold their internal webOS development and engineers to LG, and sold the Palm patents to Qualcomm.
  • I'm with everyone else here. Loved my Palm Pre, but without WebOS, this is just another Android phone.
  • What fool would bite at a first generation Chinese made phone? I guess TCL quickly realized their purchase of BlackBerry branding rights & all was worth next to nothing.... Up next... Palm, lol.
  • Actually, I doubt that is the case at all. The partnership(?) is working out for both parties, I'm sure. Blackberry has reported their highest earnings in a while recently.
  • First-generation? Please, TCL's been making phones for ages. Not always the best, but sometimes they can make some really nice stuff. Here's hoping Palm is such a thing.
  • I am willing to give TLC the benefit of the doubt here. The KEYone is definitely a BlackBerry and so is the Motion (the DTEK 50 & 60 not so much) so they do have the hardware chops to do a decent job. If they can pull off distinctive hardware then this maybe good. The problem is the software. BB10 was able to run Android apps and the messaging hub and other BlackBerry apps are easily implemented on Android. And the real BlackBerry do the software for those devices. But Palm WAS WebOS and WebOS was what we loved. You can't recreate that with a skin and if you try it will be such a major modification that updates will be slowwww.
  • It won't be the same without WebOS. R.I.P. WebOS.
  • Will the US government treat this Chinese company the same way that they are treating Huawei?
  • "What would you like to see from a Palm-branded Android phone?" An Epitaph. It's just going to be another middle-of-the-road to entry level android taking up space on the shelves at Verizon until it finally gets led back to pasture. Either blow me away with specs, battery life, revive an interesting OS besides Android or Apple or let it die with dignity.
  • Exactly.
  • It will be great to see Palm comeback but what will have to offer that TCL is not already offering with the Alcatel and BlackBerry phones to me it just seems like one more brand in the market that will be behind apple and Samsung
  • Will be interesting to see what kind of form factor they go with. When you think palm you either think old school pda with a stylus and keyboard or you think webos. Maybe its a standard slab with a webos like launcher, or maybe its a keyboard device. I won't buy it, but I am all for new devices and ideas.
  • GSM compatibility for the majority of us
  • I loved my Pre plus and Pre 2. Still have the Pre 2. Heck, I loved my Pixi! Would love to see that form factor again and man do I miss WebOS. Ain't gonna happen, I know, but we can dream...
  • Still have my Palm Treo 650; exciting times when PDAs and phones were being integrated. I was pretty good at inputting text with the Treo's stylus. Nostalgia wins the day, every time, with me.
  • I turn on my pre from time to time just to check it out again.
  • Me, too. Had the Pre, the Plus, the 2 (only one I still have) and I still have and occasionally use the TouchPad.
  • This needs to have an unlocked version. Being locked to a carrier is doomed for failure. There is just no way this will recoup all of the R&D money with just a handful of sales. Verizon reps are going to push other phones *cough*Galaxy S9/S9+*cough*, and this will be pushed into the back corner of the store collecting dust. Granted, this phone is probably a rebadged version of another phone, but releasing any phone isn't going to be cheap. Retail packaging, distribution, verizon agreements, etc.
  • I want the gestures bar w/fingerprint reader. webOS Android apps (email, clock, etc.) Then webOS UI themed (keyboard, app switcher, etc.)
  • And Make It So for the search bar...
  • I remembered the first time I saw Palm pda.. Than one that could make phone calls too! I was blown away. It all culminated with the palm pre which was and still is my all time favorite phone! So beautiful and handy.. I could type for hours with no issues... Swipe away multitasking!.. . I know it's never coming back but just had to add to the nostalgia here.
  • A slider qwerty phone is wellcome,even its run oreo go.
  • I still have my Treo 750 on my desk. It's pretty much a paperweight, but I really loved that phone.