Taiwanese component makers say HTC tablet coming Q1 2011

Making a complicated and intricate electronic device like a smartphone or tablet, doesn't exactly happen over night, these things take time. Well, unless you're an Augen tablet -- but that's besides the point. To at least make a decent product: parts need to be designed, tested, mass produced, and assembeled; all well in advance before the end product hit the shelves. Luckly for us Android folk, these manufacturers have a hard time keeping some things tight-lipped.

Looks like the cat might be out of the bag. The hit-and-miss DigiTimes is reporting that Taiwanese component manufacturers are on board for a future HTC tablet that may be released as early as Q1 2011. Our guess is -- that is if this rumor is true --  Google once again is working closely with HTC to manufacture an official Google tablet; much like they did with the Nexus One. After all, the Nexus One was released in Q1 of 2010. [DigiTimes]

Andrew Melnizek