Taiwanese component makers say HTC tablet coming Q1 2011

Making a complicated and intricate electronic device like a smartphone or tablet, doesn't exactly happen over night, these things take time. Well, unless you're an Augen tablet -- but that's besides the point. To at least make a decent product: parts need to be designed, tested, mass produced, and assembeled; all well in advance before the end product hit the shelves. Luckly for us Android folk, these manufacturers have a hard time keeping some things tight-lipped.

Looks like the cat might be out of the bag. The hit-and-miss DigiTimes is reporting that Taiwanese component manufacturers are on board for a future HTC tablet that may be released as early as Q1 2011. Our guess is -- that is if this rumor is true --  Google once again is working closely with HTC to manufacture an official Google tablet; much like they did with the Nexus One. After all, the Nexus One was released in Q1 of 2010. [DigiTimes]

Andrew Melnizek
  • I would be on this like white on rice!
  • If it was indeed Google teaming up with HTC I'd be very tempted too, IF, AND ONLY IF it had WIFI support and 3G was strictly optional. Sammy's tab is simply too tied to carriers. No WiFi only models = No Sale. But both HTC and Google have worked an end-run around carriers in the past and produce stunningly good hardware.
  • Great news; I'm looking forward to an HTC tablet "with Google". :)
  • Certified bought from me
  • I want an HTC laptop with Chrome OS.
  • Notion ADAM Ink is still my #1 choice mainly for the Pixel Qi display. Give me e-book reader-type-screen options on this HTC tablet + ability to run netflix instant streaming and we'll talk.
  • Let's hope: 10+"
    No proprietary connectors (should be fine with HTC)
    2.2 with upgrades
    Large battery (loooong run time)
    Non-huge bezel
    WiFi and 3/4G *OPTIONAL*
    Lots of RAM & FLASH (768MB/16+GB)
    Faster than 1Ghz processor
    Physical Android buttons
    Stereo speakers
    <= $400