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The tablet competition... Read the Apple iPad 2 Review by TiPb!

Now that the iPad 2 is out, there has been a lot of back and forth about how it stacks up against the Motorola XOOM. While we've yet to do any head to head comparisons our sibling site,, which covers all things Apple iOS related, has broken the iPad 2 down for us from their perspective. 

Quite honestly, I'm a fair gamer when it comes to tablets. Full disclosure -- while I would love to have a Motorola XOOM, no retailer in Canada currently has them so I did purchase a White 32GB WiFi iPad 2 for myself. As soon as a WiFi XOOM becomes available, I'll be grabbing one of those as well.

Considering we posted up our Motorola XOOM review today, if you were looking to compare the two now would be a good time to head on over to TiPb and get a good feeling for the iPad 2. I'm sure they would love some comments from some Android users that offer up a friendly contrast -- or just share with them why you chose a XOOM over an iPad 2. [TiPB]

  • if you feel like hearing a bunch of android hate, then by all means go to tipb and make a comment on one of their articles. i was visiting their site for a couple of months while i had an iphone4 as i was hoping to have a similar experience to this site (while i had an android, which i do again now). not only do they constantly talk and write about android, they have no idea what they are talking about for the most part! i listened to last weeks ac padcast and i laughed my but off listening to how rene made himself sound like an android fan. if you have listened to their iphone podcasts over the last couple of months you will see that is not really the case. i really like how this site generally does not talk about ios, as i come here for android news and reviews, not overly biased opinions on the competition. thanks android central for rarely mentioning the competition, and for not talking shit about them when you do mention them
  • I think the writers of TIPB do a very good job of being fair and objective. The commenters are a bunch of other-platform-bashing trolls, but it's not like we don't see plenty of that here.
  • I read TIPB for a few weeks after buying an iPad, I frankly I found the site a complete waste of my time. The writing was poor at best and the authors anything but fair, objective, or even remotely close to informed. Frankly the commenters, as rabid as they were, often were better informed and far more literate than most of the writing staff. Honestly I found TIPB more embarrassing than anything else, I was shocked to find out it was even remotely related to this site.
  • Yeah I aggree, for all the short comings of IOS devices, which is very small, Android has hugh issue that it needs to overcome before it can truely compete with apple... When you buy one of these devices... you buying the expirance, not a piece of hardware. And faceit apple has this department hands down. Here let me list a few reasons why Android isn't better then IOS. OS
    Apples software is solid and universal to all of it current devices. Problems are promptly resolved...except that flash andriod your a slave to your carrier... so if Verizon says it doesn't want to patch your device... it won't get patched... except by open source programmers... but how many droid users like to hack their device?
    winner: apple Market Place
    android has alot of apps.... though half those apps will steal your info or introduce a virus on your device. Apple has locked their devices in a way that they are considered safer then android devices.... unless you jailbreak your device... like I plan to do... lol Appeal... Face it apple makes a better looking device... my expirance with the two.... I loved my iphone 3gs... but hated ATT and those high bills I love sprints pricing, but hate my Samsung epic.... Why you asked... well it took samsung a year to fix an issue with the GPS and update the OS to Froyo.... Yes a whole year!!!! Right now updates are reliant on the phone maker and carrier. I have an Epic and an Ipad 2.
  • I feel the exact opposite, I bought the vz iPhone 4 but come back here to read android news and download roms for my fiance... On tipb i havent seen anyone cussing ppl out in forums ans article comments or anyone saying f*** android.
  • One thing I always notice about other Phone Experts sites when I visit them is how much Lloyd kicks ass.
  • Here here, gdigenis! I agree 100%. I enjoy Android Central (as well as Android Police) because they talk about ANDROID and all things ANDROID-related. THANK YOU!
  • I'm very happy with my iPad 2 32 gb wifi also :)
  • And I am happy with my nook color funning a custom nookie froyo rom!!!!! LOL :)
  • lol
  • What's the deal? First, I read a bogus review of the XOOM here, saying to hold off purchase. Huh? Really? For what reasons? Oh yeah, because you'll get a more polished (whatever that meant), lighter, thinner and cheaper tablet. Oh... now I see. Now all other tablets are going to work better, be lighter, thinner and cost less. Now you're telling me you own an iPad2 and I should go over to an Apple site to read about how wonderful it is. WTF are you guys smoking?
  • Well you have to remember.. first WHO did the Xoom review. Phil, who I'm sure is a very nice person, is also the most unexcited Android fan you'll ever read or listen to. The guy could do a review of Jessica Alba sitting on his face and he'd bitch about how heavy she was, and how he couldn't breathe...and that she smelled bad. That's just the way he is. I have NEVER heard or read Phil sound excited about an Android device or new feature. He always sounds/reads bored and uninterested and is never impressed by ANYTHING. I'd have preferred Jerry had done the review but oh well. Second, with this iPad thing I think AC just wants to appear open minded. I can understand it. I don't agree with the need, but I understand the desire. I agree with you tho; when you take the Xoom review and place it next to this iPad seems somewhat goofy.
  • Sorry you choose to be close minded but I dont understand why people who write fro an Android site cant be objective and say go check out the competition.
  • You'd have to be an idiot to think Android enthusiasts had not already read about the iPad via sites like Engadget and Macrumors. That's how I found out about all the back-light bleed problems and why I decided not to get one. We don't need anyone to tell us to go check out another device...we are the type of users who already do that second nature. We're not Apple drones after all. ;)
  • The xoom is too fkn high and u gotta send it bk for 4g that is why u wait.
  • Who wants the icrap 2 with a side of wifi's and beegees? Not i said the cat!!!
  • Funny how the hate is two sided. Apple fanboyz trash Android and Droidboyz trash Apple. Both always claim to be impartial and open minded. In case none of you noticed this site and TIPB are linked. They are friends and business partners. They want to play well together for Pete's sake to get more readers and cross posting. I'm a PC/Windows guy. I went to buy a Xoom to get in on Android Technology and can't say I disagree with Phil. The Xoom was lagging heavily when switching orientation from portrait to landscape and the pinch to zoom was choppy. Also, the big claim to fame was Xoom has flash. Oh, but not at launch, but we will have a beta soon? Picked it up and found it thick and heavy feeling. I passed. Just the mere fact that an Android only site is telling readers the Xoom is not ready should get you ears perked up and thinking caps on.
    Why can't people here say. "Wow, Phil says don't buy a Xoom and to wait - Word." And god forbid he say that nasty "Apple" word and give some props to a competitor who seemingly got it right. Where is that damn objective reporting we are all looking for? Think about it.
  • Thank you for being the only intelligent reader of AC.
  • Just read the whole review and all the comments. My favorite was "I don't understand the issue with the quality of the cameras" haha!
  • I am an equal opportunity user of technology. Have Windows and Mac computers. Have an android phone since last August after I returned the iphone 4 because of the antenna issue. I love my android phone. I love messing with the settings and optimizing it. My kids have an ipad and they fight over it all the time. (Ages 6 and 4.5) I just bought them each an ipad 2, one of which arrived today. (32GB Wifi) They can pick up an ipad and it just works. Not complicated, it just works. Battery life is amazing! I have a macbook pro primarily for the battery life. I am waiting for the Atrix to get an update or perhaps the Galaxy S II if/when it comes to AT&T. I love Apple and Google, their stocks have made me very happy over the years! Both camps have their pluses and drawbacks. Just calling it as I see it.
  • > "I am an equal opportunity user of technology. Have Windows and Mac computers" Time to install Linux also, then...
  • What a waste of space this article is. It's not like the iPad 2 isn't already mentioned all over the web. No need to advertise it here and I'm sure it's safe to assume most readers are aware of what little improvements it has over the previous model. It's the same crippled pile of crap IMO even if it's slighly thinner or a hair faster. Also there isn't a single pro Apple site that has anything good to say about the competition. IMO no true fan of Android will be caught dead with an iPad. That's like leaving Photoshop for Windows Paint.
  • Way to serve the hate. No facts, no substance. Just feeding the tiger. Nice.
  • If you want a bash anything/everything crowd check out
    Ha ha ha
  • Hmm... Why is an Android website telling us to read an "Apple" product review. I understand what everyone is saying about having AC being open minded, but it isn't called "Mobile OS Central" it's called "ANDROID Central" and I emphasize on the "Android" part. Posting up something like this will only cause bashing post's on iOS from Android fans and iOS fan's talking down on Android fan's bashing the iOS (I don't get why Apple fan boys go on Android sites).
    If I'm going to buy a tab I'm getting an Android. Why else would I be on an Android site besides reading up on the phones. So why post anything non android related?
  • I would much prefer a comparison done by AC (and not TiPb) on ALL the current and upcoming tablets (not just the iPad 2).
  • phil was exicted when the nexus one came still in those days, sigh.
  • Well that was almost a year and a half ago :D But yeah I was excited about the Nexus One too. I just sold my AT&T Nexus One...boy was it hard boxing her up. I'll never forget her...moving on to a Thunderbolt. Nothing will ever live up to the Nexus One was like your first time having sex...there's only one first time. But there is still plenty to be excited about in AndroidLand :)
  • I hate when they do apple articles on Android Central, if we want to visit TipWhatever we'll do it on our own, it only brings up animosity and apparently iClones spill over here. If you like your iOS devices, FINE go fly a kite with Job's face on it. How come we never get sent to go look at Crackberry or NE. Anyhow lets keep this to the fan base Androiders and stop trying to sell us on iOS's, if you do a comparative article I'll read it but the other stuff is just a bit much and causes anger.
  • Seriously? How much did you guys get paid by Apple to trash the Xoom and talk up the craPad? Two cameras that are less than a megapixel, no expandable memory, doesn't run Trash, er Crash, I mean Flash, price increase of $130 to get 3g, and if you don't you also don't get GPS. I'm getting the Xoom when the wifi versions comes out in less than two weeks. And be very definite, the only thing I like about Apple is their hate for Adobe. Crash and Acroshat are the worst things that anyone ever produced. Even worse than MicroSoft Orifice. The U.S. government should have broken MS into tiny pieces for using their monopoly to kill Lotus SmartSuite. Okay, Access is the best database, but Word and Excrete are gawdawful compared to WordPro and 1-2-3 (stupid name, though).