The tablet competition... Read the Apple iPad 2 Review by TiPb!

Now that the iPad 2 is out, there has been a lot of back and forth about how it stacks up against the Motorola XOOM. While we've yet to do any head to head comparisons our sibling site,, which covers all things Apple iOS related, has broken the iPad 2 down for us from their perspective. 

Quite honestly, I'm a fair gamer when it comes to tablets. Full disclosure -- while I would love to have a Motorola XOOM, no retailer in Canada currently has them so I did purchase a White 32GB WiFi iPad 2 for myself. As soon as a WiFi XOOM becomes available, I'll be grabbing one of those as well.

Considering we posted up our Motorola XOOM review today, if you were looking to compare the two now would be a good time to head on over to TiPb and get a good feeling for the iPad 2. I'm sure they would love some comments from some Android users that offer up a friendly contrast -- or just share with them why you chose a XOOM over an iPad 2. [TiPB]