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T-Mobile USA confirms Sidekick 4G, Galaxy S 4G

T-Mobile USA CEO Phillipp Humm has confirmed the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and Sidekick 4G at a press breakfast this morning, according to reports from PC Magazine.

The Sidekick 4G will revive T-Mobile's Sidekick brand in the form of a Android-powered HSPA+ device. The Galaxy S 4G has previously been called the Vibrant 4G, and has been rumored to launch Feb. 23. Leaked specs suggest that HSPA+ aside, the Galaxy S 4G will be very similar to the original Vibrant, the only other notable differences being the addition of a front-facing camera and an upgrade to Android 2.2. The Galaxy S 4G is expected to be shown at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona next month, alongside other next-generation Galaxy S phones.

According to Humm, both devices will be arriving on T-Mobile in the first half of 2011. [PC Magazine]

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Here we go again... Where the **** is 2.2 for the Vibrant, Fascinate, Epic and Captivate? DON'T BUY THIS piece of garbage Galaxy S 4G.
  • a sidekick 4g with android?!
    man i wish they did this back in 2009! i would've stayed with t-mobile
    but i love Sprint, their coverage is awesome & traveling isnt a drag. i hated traveling & being on the road with t-mobile service, that's the main reason i left.
    i hope i get my hands on the EVO Shift SOOOOON! my upgrade can't come soon enough...
    i feel sorry for Galaxy S users, but i do hope you all also go to the SAMSUNG forums & express your anger there to.
  • Wow, if the Vibrant 4G is coming with 2.2 and is extremely similar to the regular Vibrant, I don't see why the can't release the 2.2 OTA. Sucks for Samsung buyers.
  • wow a sidekick 4g huh? im down! i prolly wont get it (own a MT4G) but its rockin 4g and android so it will most likely be nice. i loved the sidekick (i owned an LX) and it was great with all its bells, whistles and lights lol (minus all the software issues...and we know there were a ton). i glad tmo will continue with the sidekick and i think they should keep reinventing it :-)
  • i never knew they had software issues,,, but then again i was still a teen & i didnt care, as long as i had service whne i left my state.
    the LX(LX-09 was ugly) was the best one & the chrome lining with the blue lights was genius, back then of course.
  • I totally forgot about the sidekick!!! wow I did like that phone:)
  • I got tired of waiting for froyo from the u.s carriers. I just rooted. Not planning on buying samsung anytime soon though. Samsung should have pressured the carriers to release 2.2 beause its hurting Sammy's image.
  • Is it just me or does the Galaxy S 4G pictured look more like the leaked photos of the Samsung Elite/Galaxy S2/whatever other names for the device we've been seeing for a while now? It could just be the angle o the photo but the sides of the phone look more like that than the original Vibrant. Despite all the junk with Samsung if/when a Galaxy S2 comes to TMOB without a physical keyboard and with a dual core processor and minimum 4inch screen i'll be replacing my Nexus One for sure. I've had a lot of fun with the Nexus One but its time to move on. Hopefully it will also have gingerbread. It would be mildly upsetting to go backwards to Froyo now. But not a deal breaker, guess that's what custom ROMs are for.......
  • i dont own a Samsung phone(never have), but from the comments i've read through many forums i will stay clear of them. However what i noticed is that they have sold 10 million of the Galaxy S phones & sadly thats all they care about. Also i have read that "Carriers" should be held responsible for holding out on 2.2, but i would put all blame on Samsung because they are the Manufacturers of the phone. this goes back to my issue with Android, as FREE as it is, i wish the companies that would use their OS would stay committed to support the devices they provide to the public. Android is the hottest thing out there & these companies look like Android wh*res,,, smh
    just exploiting ANDROID to make a quick buck. i love HTC, they are not perfect, but i would go to them 1st before any other phone manufacturer that uses Android, THEY HAVE A BETTER HISTORY in my opinion.
    just like this article, . even though it's just a study it does say something, you can't ignore the message.
    rant over.
  • the screen doesn't SWIVEL?!?!
    REALLY HTC!?!?!?!?!
    no thanks.
    i remember the SK-slide & how sucky it was, this one will in that lane also.
  • I will not be fool into buying a Samsung no matter what it is untill they upgrade there vibrant
  • I hope HTC makes the new sidekick great for teens
  • Really wish the whiners would quit about the upgrades. you are NOT entitled to upgrades. Buy a phone for what it does NOW. Not "IF" you get some mysterious update in the future.
    Nothing wrong with the Vibrant. If you are unhappy, root it, and run the latest KA6 Froyo leak if you cant wait.
    At this same event, Humm confirmed that the Froyo release will happen "very soon"
    I seriously doubt that Samsung and TMO would still be saying that today if it wasnt coming, considering the constant leaks of builds of froyo, and Humm himself even saying that TODAY.
    You people are acting like its not coming at all...
  • I call BS. Google is coding the new software, not Samsung. No one is asking Samsung to code around the clock to add new features...because Google is already doing that! People are reasonably expecting Samsung to push out Google updates in a timely manner to all hardware that can run them, especially their "high end" devices. Samsung sold a lot of phones and made a lot of money using the code that Google wrote. Expecting them to just retrofit the code where necessary and stay current for at least a year is not unreasonable, IMO. edit: rooting it myself takes Samsung off the hook and places the onus on the Rom developers, who are operating outside of the terms of service.
  • True BS. Android was supposed to change that. We should be getting updates. 2.2, even 2.3. Think about it. 2.3 was actually the ONLY Android update that was announced WHILE the Galaxy S went on sale. So we should be getting 2.3 as well.
  • it's not about it not coming, ITS ABOUT SAMSUNG CLAIMING IT WILL COME & IT HASN'T. These people have every right to complain!
    Samsung releases these phone & they claim it will be upgraded & it hasn't. NOW THEY ARE ADVERTISING FOR NEWER PHONES that's running the upgrade that was promised!
    Not every one can root a phone. SH*T I want to root to my Sprint Hero but i dont want to mess it up and be stuck with it. If hacker community ever decides to provide a phone service to root your phone i'll jump to it & pay if i have to...
  • People are forgetting that the cellular business is first and foremost A BUSINESS. Yes, it would be nice if every Android device always got the newest builds and could take advantage of all the features. But that's probably never going to happen. Even with iphone which is the closest thing to competition out there. They put out new phones every year without fail and a lot of the time you need the newest hardware to get the new features. I guess at least its easier to get the new software with them. Custom ROMs really aren't as scary as people think. Just dedicate a few hours in case of complications and have fun with it. Definitely make a backup though. Actually thanks to ROM Manager once you're rooted upgrading your ROMs and trying new ones is no harder than installing any app from the market. It takes like 5-10 minutes depending to backup my phone and have the newest cyanogenmod nighty on my Nexus One every day. I get that some people are afraid of voiding warranties and whatnot but it seems like they aren't that serious about Android anyway. I guess my point is that people need to shut up about the upgrade issues. Get a new phone, switch to a different mobile platform, hell, with the effort people put to whining all over the internet they could probably build a custom gingerbread rom for they're galaxy s phones. For that matter they could bring me they're phone and a 6pack of PBR tallboys and i'll root/flash the thing for them. damn. If you want the upgrade bad enough you'll find a way to get it just like I have gingerbread on my Nexus One. Stop crying and get to hacking people.
  • that's the problem. these "businesses" get you to sign a 1-2 year contract & then expect you to shell out more money to buy a newer phone to get the new software? not every one can afford to do that. also family plans are very common & the upgrade period differentiates from the person who has the main line. at least the company should dedicate ONE UPGRADE, my goodness.. we give them all this money & THEY CHARGE FOR ALMOST EVERY THING & we can't get something back in return? SHEEESH.
  • Wait a minute, wasn't the Sidekick made by Danger, Inc. which was bought my Microsoft??
  • The Sidekick WAS designed by Danger. But I think TMOB has the rights to the name. They were almost all designed by Danger and built by Sharp with the exception of the sidekick slide which was built by moto. And I think the first one was built by someone called flextronics....