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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE reportedly launching June 5

Galaxy Exhibit also tipped for May 29 arrival

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch over and done with, T-Mobile USA is looking to bolster its smartphone line-up with an LTE-capable version of the Galaxy S3. T-Mobile internal screenshots obtained by TmoNews show a Jun. 5 launch date for the device. No word on pricing yet, but TmoNews speculates that the carrier will likely replace its current HSPA-only S3 with the new 4G LTE model. T-Mobile currently sells the Galaxy S3 on its instalment plans with a $69.99 down payment.

Alongside the S3 LTE, T-Mobile looks set to debut the Galaxy Exhibit, a phone we first saw leaked back in February. With a dual-core 1GHz CPU and a WVGA screen, the Exhibit looks like T-Mo's answer take on Galaxy S3 Mini. The Exhibit is listed with a May 29 launch date.

Source: TmoNews

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Is this only to be used as a cheap LTE phone? I don't see the point.
  • Ugh. At this point, anyone looking for a Samsung device on T-Mobile should just get the S4. This is just really late to the party to be considered as a device to purchase.
  • Disagree. I would recommend this to my parents. The S3 is still a very powerful device and only a step below the current top tier phones. The problem here is pricing.This should be priced like a more budget friendly device. Those of us in the know would choose the One or S4 every time.
  • This is true. I keep thinking this is going to be priced in line with the One or S4. If it is, then it's a no brainer, get the newer (and more up to date) phone. If, however, this is priced in line with a more budget friendly device, then I suppose it'd be worth it for folks like your parents (or mine for that matter).
  • I was with you until you said "budget friendly device". Yes, it should be sold for significantly less that the GS4, but not as low as a low-end budget phone. The GS3 is still better than any mid-range phone out today. The addition of LTE just "future proofs" it for prospective customers. Keep the payments the same (or slightly less), and cut the up-front cost to $50, and T-Mobile will get PLENTY of takers for this phone.
  • If they would just offer the s4 in the 32gb variant then the problem would be solved!!!!!
  • What planet is this from? The S3 is over a year old and by 2 years it will be super old tech! Get the S4!
  • Remember the Galaxy S2? That's an old phone, and it's still made and sold, today. Not everyone cares, about bleeding edge tech. Some people will see the price difference, realize that the S3 and S4 are identical in looks and performance, and go with the S3. Either phone is a good choice, and choice is good.
  • We would be happy to get an s4. One small problem..... TMO DOESN'T OFFER ONE WITH 32GB OF INTERNAL MEMORY. THE SD card won't allow you to store downloaded apps so I'm not eating my money.
  • If they can get the S3 at $500 then I'd say this is good. The price right now is insane, you'd be better off spending $80 more and getting the S4 imo. Samsung doesn't let their phones go for cheap so idk about the Exhibit. If they could match the L9 price then I'd say it would probably be a good buy. I don't see it happening though, it'll likely be $300-$400. They likely should have gotten the S4 mini and renamed it, it would have at least justified that price.
  • Will this phone be able to access metropcs's large florida LTE network?
  • Lack of an LTE radio is one reason I didn't buy an S3 on TMo. LTE coming soon to Seattle. They are using it at the Bellevue WA TMo store right now. (Eastgate store) I'm waiting for the Note 3 or maybe a Snapdragon 800 device
  • Thing is, all an LTE radio would give you (on Tmobile) is considerably faster battery drain - and your upside would be speeds that are only marginally faster than DC-HSPA. I'm probably in the minority, but I'd rather not have an LTE radio in my phone, unless I was a Verizon or Sprint customer and was stuck in the dark ages of CDMA/EVDO.
  • I don't understand the point of releasing this so late. The S4 is out and the only way I could see this mattering is to increase their LTE roster or to create a cheaper LTE option.
  • People are acting like the GS3 is so underpowered compared to the GS4. The GS3 is still a top-notch phone. It's just not bleeding edge like the GS4 and One. If they price this right (say, $150 or so less than the GS4) then plenty of people will buy it and be very happy. That's like saying there is no point to buying an M3 when you could buy an optioned out M6. Either way it's still a great purchase.