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T-Mobile is raising monthly prioritization limit to 50GB per month [Update: Official]

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Update, September 19: This news is now official, as per T-Mobile's blog (opens in new tab).

"I'm happy to announce that starting tomorrow we're increasing T-Mobile's prioritization point from an already-industry-leading 32GB to a whopping 50GB! Meanwhile, Verizon and AT&T sit at a meager 22GB, meaning Un-carrier customers can use more than 2x the data before prioritization kicks in. Now, 50GB of data usage means a T-Mobile customer is basically the top 1% of data users, and to put it in context, you could stream a full 2 hours of Netflix every single day – that's 30 SD movies – and never even reach that point! You'd still have roughly 8GB to go."

After introducing free Netflix to all customers on its T-Mobile ONE unlimited family plan, the carrier is set to take another action that is sure to impress its user base while enticing customers from other carriers.

Starting September 20, T-Mobile is set to raise its "fair usage threshold," also known as its data prioritization limit, to 50GB from 32GB. The company had already raised its threshold from 23GB to 30GB, and then again to 32GB, earlier this year, so T-Mobile's network can clearly handle to extra load.

While we don't have all the details just yet, it's clear that T-Mobile is trying to move as many of its legacy customers over to T-Mobile ONE as quickly as possible. CEO John Legere said in a conference call after the recent Netflix announcement that "T-Mobile is in the business of selling T-Mobile ONE plans," as opposed to trying to bundle other types of vertically integrated content like AT&T's DirecTV and Verizon's Go90.

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Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Nice!
  • SimpleChoice will NEVER DIE... in my household...NOPE!
  • Can you explain why you prefer this over One? I'm just wondering as I'm on TMobile One.
  • Simple Choice plans cost a few bucks less and there is no throttle, at all. I have 2 lines for $100 unlimited everything. I use about 35 gig a month or more. The One plan would cost me about $110 for 2 lines. And i have the classic JUMP plan, I can jump to a new phone twice a year anytime.
  • you do know Simple Choice has the same prioritization right? And with T-mobile One if you or the other person are on your account you can get 2 lines for $60 taxes and fees included and pay $10 more per line that wants the 10 GB of high speed tethering, classic JUMP won't be removed from your plan.
  • Well, I was just waiting for the right deal to move over to a ONE plan...until the total price for two lines jumped $20 to cover a $10 Netflix subscription. John's trying to be tricky, but I read the fine print and can do basic arithmetic.
  • 2 lines/$100 was a promotional price. It comes in and out, but is not the "regular" price.
  • More reason to like TMobile.
  • Awesome, hard to dislike tmo
  • "Awesome, hard to dislike tmo" Well, there's one thing that's on my nerves about T-Mobile. They're so proud of themselves that they call themselves the "un-carrier". Their big claim to fame is getting rid of contracts. Yet, every single special deal they have on a new phone requires an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). You are required to finance the phone through T-Mobile. You can't just buy the phone out-right. They're trying to lock you to T-Mobile through the EIP lifetime to try to prevent you from leaving T-Mobile. This is a contract by any other name.
  • You can buy the phone out-right. You can even start on an EIP and pay it off whenever you like. You are not required to do anything. You can cancel your service at anytime and pay the rest of your phone off and own it
  • T-Mo' Rawks!!
  • T-mobile is alright but I learned to purchase my phones from manufacturer or bestbuy, and just buy the carrier version to have all the features. Their jump and other plans are way worse then any of the older two (2) year plans ever were.
  • I don't know if you know, but there's an awesome, frequently updated list of unlocked phones that have "all of the features" that the carrier phones do since T-Mobile tends to make their process of certification not as much of a pain. I think this comment is more deserved for other carriers and not T-Mo.
  • I find the complete opposite to be true. With Jump on Demand I get to switch to a new phone 3 times a year. With the others it's only once a year. Am I missing something?
  • JOD let's you switch every month now
  • How much is it per month to have JUMP on your device/plan?? Is it still available?
  • I don't know if you heard, but the policy changed a little while ago. It's not 3 times a year anymore. It's once a month. Every 30 days :-P
  • Different JUMP!
  • HA take that verizon. Let's see vzw up their limit and watch the network implode!!
  • After throttling video to 480p, I think Verizon probably isn't concerned. I hate that data isn't just data. Video shouldn't be throttled unless I'm out of data.
  • When did Verizon throttle your video streaming to 480p, I steam at 1080p with no issues.
  • no you don't as of August 23rd it is 720p max if they know what you are streaming is video.
  • Yeah, I saw the announcement... I guess I'm just lucky 🤞
  • It isn't that you aren't able to select 1080p, it's that Verizon is capping it on their end so you only truly get 720p. Once you hit Verizon's equipment that video stream is no longer going to be 720p
  • Are you using a VPN? That's a way to hide your data type from VZW.
  • The only reason the VZW & ATT network is imploding, is because They have all of the hundreds of million of subs packing it in! T-Mobile would suffer the same fate at some point, if they have 120-130 mil subs, too.
    Not to take anything away from T-Mobile, as they have a long road of success ahead of them - for many years to come. Let's enjoy the fun times and live it up!
  • Now if they can get a phone out side LG VG to work on there New lite network
  • That's up to the phone manufacturers, hopefully everything after the LG V30 has it though.
  • Great news and TMobile rocks!
  • Doesn't the Note 8 have access to that as well?
  • Nope
  • Nope, just the V30 so far. Even the new iPhones don't support is, which is surprising since iPhones historically have been really good about including all the LTE bands you could want. That said, it's just a licensing thing, right? Since there's no difference between the SoC on the Note 8 and the V30, the Note 8 (and every other SD835 device) should be physically capable of using the new bands. Couldn't they have it enabled via software update somewhere down the line?
  • It just started rolling out. Most people won't benefit till later next year.
  • 50 GB is over double what anyone else has great job T-mobile 👍
  • Make it 300-350gb and I'll dump my Comcast
  • That's exactly what they don't want people doing.
  • People will abuse the data and we will be back to caps
  • Damn just when I switched to Xfinity mobile 😣
  • What provoked you to switch to them?
  • If you live in an area with a lot of XFINITY hotspots, you can get away with paying very very little for XFINITY Mobile service. I live in Philly, and I'll bet I could go a whole month without ever being out of range of one.
  • Sweet! I'm SOOOOO glad I switched to T-Mo from Verizon. They just keep getting better. Loving this 2 lines of unlimited for $100.
  • Good luck getting service everywhere, especially inside buildings.
  • Love having service everywhere including inside buildings even when my company provided at&t phone loses service. Man I feel bad for people who live in non-Magenta areas.
  • Those areas are few and far between. T-MOBILE is installing new towers faster than any US Carrier. Their coverage is just as good as the rest. Their building penetration I'd weak in areas without band 12 but even those areas are getting band 12 help. If you have bad signal penetration T-MOBILE offers free signal boosters to their customers that work great.
  • I've had AT&T for a decade. I work in a metal clad hanger and the service was horrible (my co-workers on Verison have the same issue. Don't get me started on Sprint.). I switched to T-Moble and I have no further problems getting service in the hanger.
  • I love how everybody thinks that they're bad experience is everyone else's experience. These comments are getting old. I have T-Mobile, and I don't have issues getting business in lots of places, including areas. Like Indiana, Pennsylvania, which is VERY Rural and practically nobody knows about.
  • Exactly! Often the people who comment this have never even had the service or product they are bashing either.
  • Right, I'm mad that some of my statement was written wrong, but you get the point. lol
  • Hey, I went to IUP!
  • Seriously?! That's like the 1st I've heard of anybody say that outside of the university. I went there too! For two years that is.
  • No issues here. Speak for yourself.
  • T-Mo's building penetration issues have been mostly (not entirely) solved. When I first switched the them, signal in large buildings was atrocious, but once they rolled out that 700MHz spectrum that they got a hold of a few years ago, it got MUCH better. My personal T-Mobile Pixel and work AT&T iPhone 6S have similar service in the hospitals that I work in at this point. I think the iPhone has slightly better signal in most large buildings, but I'm not sure if that's due to AT&T having better signal or the iPhone having a better radio.
  • UnCarrier
  • I still prefer Verizon. I need good coverage throughout California. TMo just doesn't cut it for me right now. After I move on from my current job I will certainly take another look at TMo.
  • I looked them over again in my region and they have gotten tremendously better, but they still aren't covering quite enough. I hope they keep expanding. I would love to dump Verizon.
  • Nice, just waiting for a nice promo to bring my 2 lines over from vzw.
  • They might have that again. My in-laws recently (in the past month) switched from Verizon and T-Mobile gave them gift cards to pay off their phones on Verizon
  • Well, Big Red and ATT have had to respond to competitive TMo initiatives before and hopefully they will again. While everyone is complaining about throttling of Video Streams to 480p/720p by various carriers (all of the above). I would maintain that very few people will see an appreciable difference in upscaled 480p/720p vs. 1080p upscaled content of video streams like Netflix or Amazon Prime. If I am watching more than a few minutes of video on my phone I am more concerned about a consistent (not stuttering) video stream than I am about video quality. For 99.99% of users a 50 GB cap means essentially unlimited/unthrottled everything for everyone. If the Big 2 come even close to that it would be a huge win for consumers. I have a grandfathered unlimited plan on Big Red and even when I'm working hard on my plan I can't hit more than 15 GB on a monthly basis. I haven't switched from it because I don't need extra minutes or unlimited texts that a change to the new "unlimited plan" would get me and it would also be $10-$15/month increase in monthly costs. Keeping an eye on this one moving forward.
  • Wow this makes me miss T-Mo. :( This is pretty awesome to have though!
  • 8 years now on a T-mo family plan they just keep getting better. Both in reception and service.
  • Wow, great move by T-Mobile!
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but what does this have to do with Legacy users? I don't see where it says that legacy users by myself will not receive the same limits. Though it is quite obvious T-Mobile is only here to sell T-Mobile ONE plans.
  • Their network can handle it because they have 60 million less customers on their network than Verizon, and Verizon is still better
  • This^👍
  • Yup, and in the mean time I benefit from it 😁 thanks T-mobile. I love saving so much money with my family plan. Great coverage, customer service and always looking for new ways to satisfy their customers and attract new ones.
  • True that. I much rather be with a smaller carrier that provides me better service than be with the largest and pay more for the same if not less coverage and speed.
  • Less coverage and speed? That's a good one.
  • It's the truth in my area but it may be opposite in yours. I'm just glad I have it. The only major carrier I haven't tried recently is Sprint so after my tests T-Mobile has won my business even though I still carry a company provided at&t phone. Obviously it's not the same for you. Sorrry about that.
  • Awww someone has a superiority complex and feels the need to bash something they don't have.
  • Not really. Congestion on Verizon is legendary right now.
  • It's great that they offer 50gb but I dislike when they say oh our network cam handle it. I have tmobile and I have vz and vz double the number of customers so of course they can offer that. Less people, it's common sense people
  • So then how is it wrong to say they can handle it?
  • Because they imply they have more network capacity which they don't.
  • The only implication I read is that they can handle it *now*. Besides, it wasn't even T-Mobile that said "we can handle it," it was the author of the article.
  • I hate the T-Mobile one plan. Streaming at 480p is straight garbage. I grandfathered in to the 2 for $100 unlimited everything plan. And I steam video in my Note8 at 1440p. It's insulting to be offered 480p in 2017.
  • You do know you can pay a extra 10 month and get the 1080p plus plan that's what I do . I also setup kickback on wife's line since she always uses less than 2gb a month so I'm still paying 100 dollars a month for better video streaming
  • But one of the reasons I bought my Note8 is because it has 1440p resolution. It doesn't make since to spend $930 on a top tier phone and have my phone company tell me I have to watch my video in lower quality (480p or1080p). I just think that's just insane.
  • I think that's awesome that you can still see a difference between 1080P and 1440p resolution but you do know that those limits only apply to streaming right? You can still have your own media and downloadable media that can be watched at full resolution as your phone intends it.
  • I would love to be a Tmobile customer. Now if they will just put up a couple of towers in my area im in. I've been hoping for years for them to expand their service here. Wonder if it would help if I sent a pleading letter or email to them.
  • And if everyone thinks T-MO is good now just wait until they roll out their 600 MHz band 71 frequency.
  • now if only T-Mobile didn't throttle video down to 480P...
  • They don't if you don't want them to. They give you the option to disable it.
  • I can disable it because I'm on an older plan, but can One customers disable it? I thought there was an extra monthly fee to stop it.
  • Can anyone tell me what it costs per month for the unlimited plan at T mobile? Thanks
  • How many lines?
  • The honkey, sll plans on T-Mobile are unlimited. Be more specific
  • Great! I do a lot of binge watching on Amazon Prime and Netflix and I rent movies on Amazon. When the cap was 23GB, I ran up against it a couple of times. It was just nasty to get "prioritized" until the start of a new month.
  • If you got deprioritized , it doesn't last the remainder of the month. It only applies if the tower is crowded
  • Enjoy all that "optimized" 480p with your 50gb's They can call it what they want but it's not unlimited. They even have their employees lie to get you on these new plans so they can throttle your streaming.
  • Thanks I do! I even switched my lines over from my legacy plans to T-Mobile One when I realized I couldn't tell the difference. Sometimes aging eyes turn out to be a blessing lol!
  • I was told by a T-Mobile employee that there is no 480p limit for the first 10GB of the month. No idea if that's true.
  • Download speed and amount of days you can consume are different. Educate yourself.
  • How is it not unlimited? Do they at one point just cut you off?
  • I just switched plans to TMobile one just last week ☺️
  • Do you see this AT&T with your terrible slow ass 3mbps for prepaid.
  • Prepaid is never going to be treated the same as post-paid customers for any network. You'll also be throttled on conjested towers before post-paid users.
  • Just moved my Dad to Straight Talk from our T-Mobile Family Plan because he didn't have coverage at work (at all). First speed test I did blew my mind...75mbps at his house. But he only gets 10 Gigs in his first month, so he could burn through that quickly at that pace.
  • My wife has cricket and hits 11mbps regularly. I'm on t-mobile so when she needs more data I turn on my hotspot.
  • I thought they capped out at 8 megs when I was switch them I could never get past 7 megs
  • They do, but many times the it goes above the cap
  • I have Cricket and do speed tests. It goes above 8 for just a brief moment so......
  • SimpleChoice will NEVER DIE... in my household!
  • It's awesome that they bumped the cap to 50 but for us it's not much good when anytime we walk into a school, shopping center, Target/WM, heck even our house, we can barely get signal to call someone, let alone have LTE data. Sad thing is the coverage map shows out city is supposedly completely covered by "Good to Excellent" LTE/call coverage. Only way to fully use data is to stand outside all these buildings.
  • Time to leave big V! Especially after they screwed us in the video department!
  • This is great. Now, if their coverage is ever worth a F’ck in my area, I would be delighted to switch away from Verizon.
  • How can I check the throttle limit if I'm on an older plan? I signed up a few years ago when T-Mobile first started changing. I have the $70 unlimited plan from that time.
  • Johnsal,. U have no throttle limit
  • Oh, I never realized that! I guess I've been reading so much about the One plans that I assumed it applied to me too. Thanks!
  • Simple choice here !!. 5 lines one eighty two a month. Binge on turned OFF!! No 480p here and 14gb tethering at LTE Speeds per month. Now 50gb before throttle, never giving up SC. LOL
  • Simple Choice Family for me too! With my 15% employer discount and grandfathered data, and Netflix account still cheaper than the One!
  • Didn't they do away with employee discounts
  • Meanwhile, here in Canada, this all reads like foreign language... Sad. Good for US customers and the many options you have.
  • How much time will pass before they quietly remove this feature?
  • Not likely, they keep raising the threshold
  • This is exactly why I moved to T-Mo and ditched Verizon and Sprint. They treat their customers great and give us incentives to stay! What more could you want?
  • Equal coverage
  • I basically use my Tmo account as a cable substitute. I stream Hulu and YouTube videos exceeding 32GB on a regular basis and I've never experienced depriotizing of my data speeds.
  • But aren't you limited to 480p for video? I wouldn't watch anything in 480p. They could give it to me for free and I wouldn't want it.
  • Can't see switching from Fi. The wife and I use less than 2GB together with all of the WiFi available.~$50 for the both of us.
  • That's awesome. Fi's not a great choice for me since I use a lot of data in places where good wifi isn't available, but my partner's on Fi and I think her bill averages in the low $30s despite heavy use (just mostly on wifi, obviously).
  • Does this mean anything for mintsim? Would be great to get 15Gb instead of 10
  • Please more focus on expanding your network TMobile - 50GBs does me no good in Deltaville VA if I do not get a signal. Give me a reason to leave Verizon for good!!!
  • Video streaming is something of a novelty item. It definitely appeals to bored teenagers whom T-Mobile can task to coercing parents into changing cellular companies for features which most people in the house won't use past the first month. So in creating a promotion like this, (with the requirement of a multiple-phone rate-plan for the included Netflix) is most likely created to grow T-Mobile's multiple-line rate plan take-rate. Multiple-line plans likely have lower churn, increased ARPU because parents are tasked with paying the monthly bill. As a T-Mobile customer who signed up when T-Mobile was offering free DirecTV NOW service during the holidays, I just can't see why this is getting attention. Who exceeds 32GB today anyway..? 2% of T-Mobile's customers. Yawn.
  • Great move, T-Mobile.......