T-Mobile is raising monthly prioritization limit to 50GB per month [Update: Official]

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Update, September 19: This news is now official, as per T-Mobile's blog.

"I'm happy to announce that starting tomorrow we're increasing T-Mobile's prioritization point from an already-industry-leading 32GB to a whopping 50GB! Meanwhile, Verizon and AT&T sit at a meager 22GB, meaning Un-carrier customers can use more than 2x the data before prioritization kicks in. Now, 50GB of data usage means a T-Mobile customer is basically the top 1% of data users, and to put it in context, you could stream a full 2 hours of Netflix every single day – that's 30 SD movies – and never even reach that point! You'd still have roughly 8GB to go."

After introducing free Netflix to all customers on its T-Mobile ONE unlimited family plan, the carrier is set to take another action that is sure to impress its user base while enticing customers from other carriers.

Starting September 20, T-Mobile is set to raise its "fair usage threshold," also known as its data prioritization limit, to 50GB from 32GB. The company had already raised its threshold from 23GB to 30GB, and then again to 32GB, earlier this year, so T-Mobile's network can clearly handle to extra load.

While we don't have all the details just yet, it's clear that T-Mobile is trying to move as many of its legacy customers over to T-Mobile ONE as quickly as possible. CEO John Legere said in a conference call after the recent Netflix announcement that "T-Mobile is in the business of selling T-Mobile ONE plans," as opposed to trying to bundle other types of vertically integrated content like AT&T's DirecTV and Verizon's Go90.

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