T-Mobile to offer truly unlimited data on Monthly 4G prepaid plans

Just a few months after debuting its truly unlimited data plan for contract customers, T-Mobile will begin offering the same service option to Monthly 4G prepaid customers as well. Prior to this, the highest tier of the Monthly 4G service was $70 for unlimited talk, text and data -- with a throttle after 5GB of usage. It seems that this level will be replaced by a plan of the same price with truly unlimited, unthrottled data. This is a great move for T-Mobile, especially as it moves more of its spectrum to the 1900MHz frequency for HSPA+, which opens up possibilities to a whole host of new unlocked devices. Monthly 4G plans are prepaid, require no credit check or contract and can be used with any unlocked GSM device that supports its frequencies.

TmoNews claims the service will go live just a few short days from now on January 9th, and we'll be sure to check back in and see if that is the case. We've got a picture of the marketing materials for the plans for you to check out after the break. There's another image and more information at the source link below as well.

Source: TmoNews

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Looks like i ditched VZW and switched to TMo at just the right time. This is fantastic news.
  • Now if only they had the coverage I need in my area...just can't do it on EDGE, was so painful to test out...
  • agreed. i'm stuck in my contract with the big V until mid summer. i'm pretty much set on whatever phone is in the play store at that point and getting off the contracts. I know in my town tmobile has the worst level of coverage they have (besides none), but working for the local communications company i know that we have been wiring up their towers to the backbone and also heard that they've been upgrading the gear at the tower too so its just a matter of time before they flip that switch from (cough gag) 2G (hooarf) and go to 4G.. by then my contract hopefully be over and i can get off this no escape, any change = fee, any question = fee, any problems = fee, and worst of all horrible customer service. Every time i deal with someone at V its crap, different answers every time i call in (free pro tip, always when dealing with customer service of any type call in several times and see how many different answers you will get. i would bet nothing will be consistent and if you can get a real answer online to compare, the better) hell they once double billed me for the data on my account, and then made a big fuss on over charging me. whats worse though is that every friend of mine, and i mean EVERYONE on the contracts has NEVER EVER EVER EVER! had a phone that made it through the contract. most of them get it replaced multiple times and at least a 3rd end up getting an older crappier phone because the one they originally bought is no longer in production. its things like this that just fry me. our elected officials do nothing about it, and its not a secret. price gouging, complicated contracts with unrealistic restricts, data caps that only work if you have ample WiFi available and your kids don't do anything remotely interesting when not connected to a free connection. throw on top of that the epic level of lobbying against any attempt to get more competition involved to shake up the landscape and force the slumbering giants into all those things business do when they have to actually fight for customers.
  • ! ! Comment Diarrhea ! ! BTW i read it, good points... but thats why there is early upgrade and you seriously can't blame them for not knowing about the future and selling the best they got. Hell!, 2-3 year contracts existed before that but with very simple phone's that lasted years and years. Unless Someone discovers a Massive Global Conspiracy to hold back technology or go out of there way to make electronics degrade faster!... but company's do what they can and don't do what they don't have to. Most smart phones that are treated very well have the Flash storage go bad and where going to have to live with it, unless! someone discovers a conspiracy! BTW, my SGS (original, bought it first week out) worked %100 fine until i lost it some 6 months ago. My friends went bad, but he uses very cheap chargers.
  • "truly unlimited" but its throttled after 5gb, how is this truly unlimited, curious as i am considering switching from sprint but dont know
  • this new plan is NOT throttled after 5GB, you're thinking of the old tiered plan.
  • It's 'truly unlimited' because there is no limit where they throttle your data.
  • Except they won't.. the joke doesn't work if it's entirely false.
  • Even when tmobile was throttling after 5gb it was faster than Sprint in general. Tmobile has unlimited and YES it works extremely well and very consistent better than Verizon and At@t based on where i reside her in New York City. 2013 will be all about tmobile very often so get use to it folks. My Galaxy Note 2 is pumping 18 to 22gb of unlimited data monthly netflix, huluplus, pocketcast, droid-life podcasts, android central podcasts, all about android podcast, it goes on and on. Now people can have great devices and unlimited data on prepaid boy Tmobile rules bet that
  • Ah, Richardyarrell with his standard anti-whatever-he-is-not-using rhetoric.
  • 1. "My Galaxy Note 2 is pumping 18 to 22gb of unlimited data monthly" This only shows that you are completely reliant on your phone to connect to the Internet. Otherwise, if you had a real TV or computer and internet connection, why spend all that time and data watching a tiny 5 inch screen?
    2. Go 20 miles outside of NYC's city limits and then tell me how "pimp slapping" it is when you don't get even 1 bar. Ignorance at it's best.
  • i live in suffolk county... would love to see this "pimp slapping" speeds hes talking about. my friend recently picked up a nexus 4 and is the $30 prepaid tmobile plan, he was getting like 10-15mbp/s and thats in a strong coverage area
  • I believe he is talking about the amount of data he is using per month, not data speed in his area.
  • 10 - 15 mbps is nothing to complain about, that's very good and no different in real world usage from LTE.
  • I live 28 miles outside of NYC, in NJ. T-mobile rocks around here as well.
    I get 6 - 16 mbps, in day to day usage it's no slower than my old Verizon LTE plan.
  • Sprint was really bad for us here in maryland. It'd literally drop the signal if we walked under a big tree haha. We couldn't cancel the first phone because it's only 7 months into the contract, so we had to deal with the bad reception. Honestly, it has been improved fairly well since last Sep 2013 but the monthly bill is pretty steep after all the surcharges. One the second phone we went with solavei, tmo's mvno, with the mlm thing. We thought it was shady, turned out not bad. We're really getting $9/mo for the unlimited plan peopleconnectpeople. com/service/mobile-plan/ (4G on first 4GB), that is due to the affiliate program rewards us for referring 6 other family members who were also on sprint. It's originally 49, still a solid deal if tmo's $79 tag is high for you. Does anyone know if as of Oct 2013, tmo's $79 is truly unlimited with no speed throttling ?
  • >>>>>>>>>Prior to this, the highest tier of the Monthly 4G service was $70 for unlimited talk, text and data -- with a throttle after 5GB of usage. It seems that this level will be replaced by a plan of the same price with truly unlimited, unthrottled data.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  • Seriously thinking about dropping sprint now
  • a friend of mine tried that not to long ago. attempted to go to straight talk. didn't go so well. she said the port wouldn't go through, the customer service was very bad and so far from the tree that the squirrels were sending out search parties. not the first time i've heard that straight talk's customer service has to be not only in another country, but 10 years back in time. personally as much as i'm attached to my number, losing it wouldn't be the end of the world. it would suck but hell, to drop (in my case) 120 down to 70 or less a month, its worth it. I've already been giving out my google voice number for awhile now anyway. I'd be interested to hear peoples experiences with either straight talk or tmobiles customer service experiences. I've dealt with the big V for some time now and even though i can understand them, and they are very polite, the policy's just suck egg's. Currently the prepaid sector is really gaining momentum and its been reflected with quarters of lost subscribers. hopefully it continues and forces better service and better prices. the gap currently out there is crazy, and for the same level of service. p.s. i so would like to see Google get something out there. like all those rumors of a data-only network. most everyone I've heard talk out the scenario agree that Google would charge not much over cost because the value for them is getting people into their services. sign up today and get a free chrome book with your phone. 40 bucks a month unlimited 4G, that's right no caps. if only.. sigh..
  • Funny; In regards to your comment/question: I actually in the last two days have been heavily considering swapping over to Straight Talk from T-Mobile. My experience: In the past 24 hours I've tried *calling* Straight Talk to sign up for service (Mainly because I refuse to pay them for a SIM, I figured I'd see if I could get the SIM for free)
    When I (First) Called I got a recording saying that Customer service had an over-whelming amount of calls and to try my call again later - It disconnected me - i retried intermittently for several hours and I gave up, went to sleep and called today - took eternity on hold (10 minutes) and I got some lady who spoke English as a 2nd language - I explained to her what I wanted (Several times) each time she placed me on hold for 120 secs to 'update her supervisor'. Eventually my patience abandoned me and I told her "Look, just put your supervisor on the phone please"; She put me in a queue for another department where I put the phone on speakerphone (50 minutes later) someone finally answered the phone. This person said that they didn't sell SIM Only packages - you must buy a phone (Apparently they are clueless). I explained that this wasn't my first rodeo (I've bought a SIM from them before and had service with them before etc etc. Needless to say I ended up just hanging up. The moral of the story is; Currently I am just staying with T-Mobile; Yeah I am paying (Slightly) more - but I shouldn't have to go through *That* kind of hassle just to sign up with them (Straight Talk). . . .
  • Straight Talk support isn't great, I'll give you that, I left them because of their unclear data terms and switched to Solavei, which has understandable data terms and technical support you can understamd :) But, the fact that you pay for a sim is basically their activation fee, most cell phone carriers and mvno's have an activation fee, though I think t-mobile doesn't.
    but they are the exception. Considering that you pay quite a bit less a month for a t-mobile mvno, the activation fee is worth it. It's not quite fair to say you had to go through all of that hassle just to get service, you didn't. It takes a couple minutes to buy the sim on the website, you wanted to argue and try to get a sim card free. I'm pretty sure the sim only plan is sold exclusively online, you don't see Sim's in the straight talk vending machines I've seen in the mall either.
  • Why didn't you just walk into the Tmo stores? They would have given it to you for free. That's what they did to my sister when she needs a SIM.
  • Good luck with that. The T-Mobile coverage is much, much smaller than Sprint. And typical prepaid plans have NO ROAMING. Please also note this price of theirs includes NO subsidy for phone purchase.
  • Subsidy means contract. Some people don't want a contract. Prepaid has it's pros and cons, as does postpaid. People have different needs.
  • +9000
  • Yes it does. And I agree people have different needs. But when comparing prices to Sprint (which is what he was doing), it is unfair to say the plans are equivalent when Sprint is giving several hundred dollars of subsidy in their rate and T-Mobile is giving $0. That does not make a valid comparison.
  • +9000 Postpaid plans can be compared to prepaid plans only as far as price. Sprint's postpaid plans may be similar to T-Mobile's prepaid in price, but you get the device subsidies and actual customer service when choosing postpaid. And many of us know how great customer service can be for prepaid customers lmao
  • Unlimited everything on Sprint is $110/month, so you'd be paying $40/month extra for that subsidy. That's $960 over 2 years, or 3 Nexus phones.
  • Almost nobody cares about unlimited voice, however, especially when you factor in the non-counting minutes. On Sprint it is $79 (without discounts) for unlimited text, unlimited nav, unlimited data, and 450 minutes BUT WITH: unlimited nights from 7p to 7a, unlimited weekends, unlimited Sprint to Sprint, unlimited Sprint to any cell number, and unlimited roaming. However, it doesn't include taxes or fees, so it will be another several dollars on top. In my case, I can also get a 20% discount on Sprint but not on T-Mobile. The subsidy is still a gain in either case. How MUCH of a gain depends on what you compare it to. The Nexus 4 is, indeed, a great price at $350 (which is not 3 phone for $960, though) but with only a measly 16GB of storage and no SD slot. For some, like me, that makes it a non option. On Sprint I can obtain a highest-end phone with real storage options (16GB + up to 64GB SD expansion) for $99. Even compared to the Nexus 4's great price, that would mean there is a real $250 on the table there. That said, this T-Mobile deal SOUNDS like one of the best things going. Comparing this stuff can be insanely complex, especially when you consider individual needs, location, requirements, etc. Simply declaring the this new plan would be better than X, Y, or Z, is not necessarily true. Competition is a wonderful thing.
  • Die hard sprint fan I'd rather go for Verizon or at@t than go on sprint with a contract.
  • I am *NOT* a die hard Sprint fan. I will be quick to point out what they are doing wrong as well as right. My objective is to try and provide accurate information- and if you have ever read through my posts that relate to Sprint, you will see correction of people that post incorrect negative info AND incorrect positive info.
  • considering I clicked on a topic talking about pre-paid tmo getting unlimited data, and seeing you "Well sprint this and that" The more educated thing to point out that plans are junk,better off with going to straight talk or if you dont talk much the 30 dollar monthly 4g plan. but i suppose since sprint is good by you, then it must be true for everyone that enjoys .4 mpbs data speed lol
  • Um, perhaps you don't understand the concept of a "reply". I was replying to someone slamming Sprint with inaccurate information. Seems you like to also spread misinformation too. Oh well.
  • Have you compared prepaid t-mobile unlimited everything $70 to Sprint.
    It's most definitely not the same price, Unlimited on a Sprint individual plan is $109 a month, not even in T-mobile prepaid or value plans ballpark.
  • 1) T-Mobile Monthly 4G plans do include roaming. I researched this extensively before trying the $30 per month plan. 2) You're right, prepaid plans don't offer phone subsidies. However, I'll take the monthly savings over subsidizing a handset and signing a contract ever again. In the long run, it's cheaper to buy the handset full price then to get it subsidized; although I will admit that the majority of people are turned off to buying a phone full price. EDIT: I apologize, you're actually partially right about the roaming. It seems that roaming depends on the area. For example, T-Mobile and Verizon may have a roaming agreement in Chicago but not Milwaukee.
  • Yes, may be you'll some money, but if add the full price for the handset, plus the monthly fee for two years, without signing up contract. And, add the monthly fee and the handset with contract, you'll see the different.
  • Exactly. My point is that consumers need to RESEARCH CAREFULLY and ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. They have to compare apples to apples and know what they are getting themselves into. One has to have SOME type of handset for any plan. How that will be paid for is part of the total cost ownership. In this case, if T-Mobile has the same priced monthly plan as Sprint contract plan (both with unlimited data and tons or unlimited voice/text), but on T-Mobile gets NOTHING toward buying a phone, and has limited or no roaming capabilities, and a much, much smaller coverage area, this could be disaster for the customer. Of course, if one already HAD a phone, and hardly ever traveled out of his city, and were in [one of the many] areas with slow Sprint speed, he might come out a winner.
  • +9000
  • My old plan with Verizon: $85/month with 400 minutes, 1000 texts, and Unlimited Data. My new plan with T-Mobile: $30/month (assuming I stay within 100 minutes) 100 minutes, Unlimited Text, and 5GB of 4G data. I'll be using the Note 2 as an example since it's the handset I'm contemplating paying full price on. Verizon: $300 + ($85x24) = $300 +(2040)=$2340: Total cost over 24 months
    T- Mobile: $700 + ($30x24)= $700 + (720)=$$1420: Total cost over 24 months I clearly see the difference lol. However, that math assumes that I am able to stay within the 100 minutes allotted me by T-Mobile. I can't redo this equation with a higher amount from T-Mobile until I'm able to gauge how many minutes I'm actually using. However, I will say that choosing the T-Mobile Monthly 4G route and paying full price for my handsets works great for me and quite a few other people. One may be cheaper than the other; however, I won't definitively say that one is better than the other. Prepaid doesn't work for everyone.
  • Just don't talk on the phone more than an average of 3 minutes a day! Lol!
  • Lol! I've been rushing people off the phone, all for the sake of saving money lmao
  • That's the problem with T-mobile's $30 plan, 100 mins is just way to low for the average cellphone user, even with the decline in voice minute usage. I use 500 - 700 mins a month myself, Solavei unlimited talk/text and 4GB and then throttled was a much better deal for me.
    I don't think the crap I'd get from my mother and friends for constantly rushing people off the phone is work $19 lol. Even at $49 on a mvno, I'm saving tons over any contract plan. At $70 the difference isn't as big, but your still saving something. And it's the only fast unlimited data around really, unless you live in one of the few Sprint LTE areas (but their LTE coverage in cities is still very spotty) Sprint unlimited 3G is useless because the speeds are too slow most of the time.
  • Ever notice when we talk about unlimited data, we almost never bring up Verizon or AT&T? Lmao, I just find that very funny. OK, carry on.
  • I just got my Nexus 4 delivered and am about to sign up for the same $30 T-mo plan. After some research though found that you can get wifi calling through Groove IP and also there is a vonage app in the market that will let you have up to 3000 minutes of free calls. Only draw back is that I believe it is only for outgoing calls not incoming. If that's the case then you would just have to call someone back all the time. Between the two options it could make voice minutes a non issue. If it turns out to be legit I will be a happy Panda.
  • T-mobile is GSM, Verizon is CDMA they don't roam.
    T-mobile roams on AT&T and smaller local gsm operators.
  • It was an example lol. I admittedly should have used At&t vice Verizon.
  • I imagine most people on this site considering this plan probably have the unlocked Nexus 4 in mind, off contract.
  • Wow if they only had coveragei would save 50 a month from at&t
  • Keep in mind this plan includes no subsidy for phone purchase, and might also not include roaming...
  • No, service directly from T-Mobile (like this) does include roaming. A plan from Straight Talk (or some other MVNO) will likely not include roaming. The whole point of these type of plans to avoid the scam of phone subsidies (and getting royally screwed every month for the next 24 months in a row). And with google stepping up and providing the Nexus 4 at rock bottom prices... who would still fall for that subsidy scam anymore? I'll be doing the $30 dollar T-Mobile plan with a Nexus 4 (like my wife is already) the minute I can get another one. WHoo! I'll be waving goodbye to verizon, with a better phone in my hand, the software of my choosing, saving big money, and no contract (in case some other plan comes along that offers a better deal).
  • >"No, service directly from T-Mobile (like this) does include roaming." So you know this... and about a plan that has not been released yet? BTW- even if it has roaming, my understanding is that T-Mobile has far fewer roaming agreements than the other big three. Plus they have the smallest native coverage area (by far) of the big four. I agree that the whole phone subsidy thing is a scam. BUT IT IS STILL REAL MONEY. If two plans cost the same, but one INCLUDES several hundred dollars of phone subsidy, you can't just ignore that.
  • +9000 $300 (or $379 T-Mobile) max for a phone on contract versus $600 and up off contract and it's easy (sort of) to choose between two comparable plans of the same price if one is postpaid and one is prepaid, assuming one does not care about being in a contract.
  • --edit Rule 14.
  • You can't ignore the subsidy price, but if you do the math, and I've done the math for all of the carriers the additional price of post-paid service is greater than the subsidy that you receive, and it gets absurd if you don't upgrade every 2 years on the dot, which many don't (though I'm sure not on this site :)
  • This is really twisting the words pre-paid. When you prepay, you are meant to have "credit", and your calls, data etc comes out of that credit.
  • wow dude who really cares..In our world nowa days "Pre-paid" means without a contract.
  • No, pre-paid means pre-paid. As in, you pay before you get the service. Which is exactly what Monthly 4G is.
  • It's pre paid because you're paying for the coming month as opposed to paying for the previous month. And an advantage to doing it this way is that if you need extra minutes for the coming month you can pay for it in advance and then go back to the normal rate you pay the next month. I'm on the 30 dollar 5GB unlimited text 100 minute plan and it's great. I'm thinking of making it 40 so i have more minutes if needed.
  • I have this plan and I also keep it at $40 mo so I have extra minutes *IF* needed.
  • "Prepaid" just means you pay before you get the service, as opposed to "postpaid" where you pay after you use the service. This is definitely prepaid, as your phone won't work until you put money on the account for the monthly cost of service.
  • ? for the group. hows your customer service experience with your carriers. I've had polite and courteous with Verizon, its just the polices that suck. oh and the fact that i could never get the same answer to the same question from different people ever.
  • AH! I was extremely happy with my GSM Nexus with the 70.00 plan with 5gigs but now unlimited??!?!?! This is awesome news! I paid Sprint to get out of my contract and haven't regretted my decision ever since. If you're on the fence guys, it's well worth it. If you happen to live in New York City like me, I never had a problem with service in any of the boroughs with Tmo prepaid.
  • +9000 I have had great service with T-Mobile since switching to them in November. Hell, my data speeds were decent when I was using EDGE after being throttled. I'll really put T-Mobile to the test when I have to hit the road again.
  • When you get out to the rural areas, don't get excited. The coverage isn't that great.
  • why dont they make a $40 400 minutes 1gb 100 sms/mms plan?
  • I wish they'd do more tiers too, but from an upsell and clarity perspective, it's just easier for them to offer these few plans and get everyone onboard with the "unlimited" ones. Their contract Value Plans offer many different tiers, even ones without SMS at all, so I'd hope that those types of options come to prepaid eventually. We'll see.
  • +9000 for more tiers. However, I am very satisfied with the number of options that prepay customers have nowadays. I remember when prepaid used to be limited to just burner phones and paygo "plans."
  • If you can do with 300 minutes, then Virgin has their $35 plan, with unlimited text and 2.5 Gb unthrottled data.
  • Cake, num num num ! I wonder if it automatically enrolls current subscribers to the new plan? This is awesome because I have the $70 plan with the 5gb cap and was just thinking of signing my life over for two years just for that very plan! Wow, sweet....now all I need is a Nexus 4 and I'm all set huh Google??!! Tighten up that stock..
  • I just hope that they do not cease the $30 100 min/5GB plan before I can get a Nexus 4. My wife just got on that plan today with a Galaxy Nexus. Murphy's Law being what it is, I have been expecting T-Mobile to do away with that plan before I am able to get it. :/
  • I actually just signed up for the $30 plan. It is a great plan, but I honestly believe that it won't be around forever. And if they do away with it, no one would be grandfathered into it anyway because there's no contract lol. I would just sign up for the $70/month plan if they do away with the $30 plan. Unlimited everything for $70/month with no contract is a pretty sweet deal.
  • I doubt they'd get rid of it for those who already have it. People are grandfathered into contract plans when they're done away with even after their contracts expire so I don't see why this would be any different. Sure T-Mobile wouldn't have any obligation to let people keep them, but I doubt they'll risk pissing people off.
  • I wish they would come out with a better data only plan for broadband. You can get 100 min and 5gb data for $30 (plus edge after 5gb) but if you just want data only it $35/3.5Gb data or $50/50Gb. Makes no sense.
  • On paper it doesn't but it's a calculated decision.
    Smartphone only users are much less likely to use the entire 5GB than Tablet or Laptop users, for whom the data only plans are designed.
    That's why data only plans are more expensive, on average a tablet/laptop user will always use more data than a smartphone.
  • Been with T-Mo since 2009 and I have as many pros as I have cons yet too much to list. I will say for the most part service has been about 70% good on all areas - Customer Support, Tech Support and Coverage Area. I love the phones I get and the "rent to own" option without extras. Just the taxes and 1 monthly installment the minute you pick the phone you want to walk out the door with. My main problem comes with being with them so long, new plans come and go. I've been through too many to mention and I never know if I'm truly getting my monies worth or not. I do know it was quite funny to read UPGRADE on the task bar of my GS2 when I was nearing the 5GB limit. My Account allows you to have task bar notifications of usage IF you choose to opt-in on that. Haven't seen it since as I have another option. But, now with this truly unlimited data plan, which is NOT new as I've had it and moved to HotSpot feature for $$, I will lose HotSpot again IF I make this change. I'll do the math and see how I fare out. I wanted to be able to connect my laptop to HotSpot when I could not get service say in the house because of whatever or on-the-road. Thanks for this info Phil as I will certainly have to break out the calculator and see if this benefits or hurts me or not. PS - below is what I have now and I think the $5 more a month is well worth it for the HotSpot Service. That feature is normally $14.99 per month in addition to whatever plan you choose. Voice Unlimited Value—Talk + Text $49.99 per month
    Data Unlimited - Premium with Smartphone Mobile HotSpot Service (required) $25.00 per month PS #2 - here's the definition & cost of their HotSpot addition via T-Mo's website: Smartphone Mobile HotSpot $14.99 Per month Share your phone's high-speed internet connection with your laptop, tablet, e-reader and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. All you need to share your phone's internet connection over Wi-Fi is a compatible phone with an unlimited data plan with at least 2GB of high-speed data and the Smartphone Mobile HotSpot service. After signing up for the service, learn to enable your Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (formerly Wi-Fi Sharing)...
  • The only thing keeping me from switching it occasional tethering. I've used WiFi tethering from my old MyTouch 4G to a Nook Tablet with the $70 / month 5GB (and then throttled) plan. I haven't used more than a gig to tether in a month but like the ability to use it when I need it. I wonder if they will crack down on tethering if I switch to the 'unlimited' plan. If they won't care as much on the 5GB plan I might just stick with that.
  • On Android phones it's much harder for them to determine if your tethering. I've had plans that don't include tethering on a number of carriers and my usage is like yours. I'm not an abusive user on an unlimited plan, and I only tether occasionally when I don't have any other option, keeping data usage on tethering quite low and I've never been bothered about it.
  • Sprint has so sealed their doom with me (and many others I imagine) with the continued network drama and then getting rid of annual upgrade incentives. I have been with Sprint for 4 years mainly for their great pricing, phone selection (been very happy with the EVO series)and service. Pricing
    1. With the options T-Mo is putting out for unlimited with no contract Sprint's price advantage is gone for me. Phone Selection
    2. I have been an HTC faithful since the PPC6800. I had Alltel back then but fled them after Verizon bought them. I ran to Sprint and was very happy with the EVO, EVO 3D and now EVO LTE. HTC/Sprint has ruined that with lax support, bugs and slow update releases so Samsung (Note 3 perhaps?) or Nexus 5 here I come when the contract is up. Now that I'm probably bailing on HTC, Sprint has even less draw because I prefer the HTC models Sprint has produced. So basically T-Mo no contract, Google selling unlocked phones direct and Samsung releasing some kick a@@ devices on all carriers have made me ready to leave Sprint and CDMA and cross the GSM line to T-Mo. I'd never in a million years go AT&T or Verizon. I like to get a new high end device every year. That is no longer viable on anything but a no contract plan. This should be a huge success for T-Mobile.
  • I left Vzw and sold my Maxx HD to use the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile. I will totally admit that data sucks in places but the places I mostly use data I am near WiFi anyway so it doesn't matter much. I travel a little bit and it hasn't become much of an issue yet. As far as I am concerned, the better coverage/service I got with Verizon didn't make up for the extra $100 month I was paying. Personally I wish T-Mobile had a 300 minute, 3GB Data, and Unlimited Texting plan. That would be absolutely perfect for me.
  • I remember back in October getting tipped about this and sending Phil and Kellex (droid-life) an email but I guess they didn't believe me..... Never made it anywhere.
  • I had the TMO $30.00 (web only offer) plan. The 100 minutes was an issue for me so I called TMO and if I understood them correctly if I ran out of talk minutes I could just purchase more talk minutes. Due to TMO having sucky coverage ,Maybe they out to spend less on that TMO Babe's motorcycle and helicopter and buy some antennas, I had to go to Straight Talk ATT side. Having a " No contract" advanced smartphone is a real money stretch for most people but the feeling of contract freedom is so worth it. EOR (end of rant)
  • wish they had a cheaper plan with pure unlimited data. im on a family plan with verizon now and between 3 phones we barely use 50 minutes out of our 700 minutes. if they offered a sweet like 300 minute plan with unlimited texts and data i'd be all over and drop this verizon. right now, splitting the phone bill im paying less than $70/month so its not really worth it.
  • Anyone who has anything negative to say about T-Mobile's plans or service just hasn't tried them in a long time. If you have descent T-Mobile coverage in your area you are absolutely crazy not to give them a try. I get over 20 mb down and 6 mb up, those are day time speeds, at night they get much faster. I never thought I would see HSPA+ speeds over 20mb, these are my every day speeds, crazy fast. My Ping is around 80, I watch Netflix movies without any buffering, YouTube videos on HD without any buffering. The plans offer all the data without throttling for 30 bucks a month. Try that on any other Carrier. Sprint offers unlimited data but the speeds and coverage are just terrible. If you are lucky enough to be in the 5 maybe 6 cities that has their LTE then you are lucky. I just gave up my Verizon LTE and opened a 2nd line on T-Mobile, that is how good their service is in the Boston area. Thank You T-Mobile.
  • You are posting about your experience in your local area, which is fine: >"Sprint offers unlimited data but the speeds and coverage are just terrible." Sprint has a MUCH larger total coverage area in the USA. In your area, Sprint coverage is the same as T-Mobile (I looked it up by third-party sites). There are reports of Sprint LTE at 30Mb/s which is not terrible. Again, it depends on the area. Where I live, Sprint coverage is great and much better than T-Mobile. Feel free to verify coverage with http://opensignal.com/network-coverage-maps... I did, and looks like 4G is similar (if you include WiMax) and Sprint 3G is maybe double the total coverage for the country. However, Sprint's speed here is poor. But that is THIS AREA. There are areas where Sprint has far faster speeds than T-Mobile. T-Mobile is especially strong in the northeast. AT&T has the best coverage, hands-down... but they are also the most expensive. Verizon has the next best coverage (a little more than Sprint) but is the second most expensive. Sprint has the next best coverage and seems to float around the same price as T-Mobile. T-Mobile has the worst coverage but also has some good roll-out and probably better overall speeds compared to Sprint (but not compared to Verizon nor AT&T). >"The plans offer all the data without throttling for 30 bucks a month. Try that on any other Carrier" OK, Sprint offers all the data without throttling for 10 bucks a month, and has for years. Again, you have to be more specific and qualifying about your comparisons.
  • To be fair he did quantify his statement with this line
    "If you have descent T-Mobile coverage in your area" I talk up t-mobile myself because for those lucky enough to be in areas that are well covered, like myself they are a great value. But I always preface it with a comment just like this. Also AT&T for individual and share everything plans often turns out to be a little cheaper than Verizon.
  • I was about to comment on the Sprint article about unlimited 4G on their new prepaid plans, that T-mobile will be next, Very glad to hear this, it was kind of stupid that you could only get unlimited on post-paid classic and value plans. Other than the option for phone financing, and the need to sign a contract. Their's really no difference between monthly4G and the value plans. They don't provide a subsidy on either.
  • I wish AT&T would do something like this, T-Mo is no good in my area and I love my Nexus 4.
  • DON'T BE FOOLED! Unless you purchase a phone from TMOBILE they will not be supporting 4g for any prepaid plan! Horrible policy and horrible customer service! The devil always in the details!!
  • That Sounds Like A Great Plan !! Well I Guess I Can Say Bye Bye AT&T & Hello T-Mobile!! If Anyone Knows Of Any Other Phone Plans That Are Really Cheap And Worth The Money Then Please Let Me Know !! Thanks So Much !! (:
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