T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide gets caught on blurrycam and clears the FCC

We've been hearing about the HTC Doubleshot, aka the Mytouch 4G Slide, aka the PG59100 for a while now and as of yesterday it was caught hanging out at the FCC. Today though, the upcoming QWERTY horizontal slider was caught in all its blurrycam glory showing off the fact it's coming loaded up with Android 2.3.4 out the gates which means it should have Google Talk video chat baked in as well -- HTC has loaded up the beautiful Sense 3.0 UI. Other specs include a dual-core Qualcomm chip of some variant, a front facing camera, and as seen above a 3.7-inch display. Jump on past the break for another shot of the device as well as the FCC filing image.

Source: FCC, BGR

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide

  • Tmobile is bussing heads
  • Too bad their network isn't as badass! Love their phone line up though!!!!
  • Man I wish Verizon had T-Mobile's lineup of phones.
  • I totally agree; I'm hoping they get some kind of variant of this. I'm so tired of all these slab phones on Verizon while only offering 1 phone with a slider keyboard.
  • the software specs on this phone are badass! latest everything! Sounds like a phone to get.
  • T-Mobile keeps tearin' it up on the dance floor. Keep it up, T-Mobile!
  • Is it HSPA+ 21mbps? I didnt see any mention of it.
  • My next phone i hope its available in full white