T-Mobile Making an Android-powered Tablet PC and Home Phone for 2010

The NYT is reporting that T-Mobile has plans to make a Tablet-styled Device AND a home phone for next year (2010) and that both of those devices will run Android. Wow. We're not getting more Android phones, we're getting more Android devices.

The Home Phone is supposed to come with a docking station to handle syncing and re-charging purposes with a release earlier than the tablet device. The tablet device is shrouded in mystery but you can expect a 7-inch, laptop looking device that'll handle the basic computing tasks.

We're not really sure if these two Android-powered fill a niche or create a niche or whatever, we're just intrigued by the possibility of Android in the home. The Home Phone is of particular interest to us because it's a relatively new market that may just be unnecessary. Why pay a monthly subscription for a device that's similarly powered to our smartphone but infinitely less mobile?

Is anyone interested in these two future Android powered T-Mobile devices?

[via gizmodo]

Casey Chan