T-Mobile's new SyncUp Tracker uses LTE to find your things from miles away

T Mobile SyncUp Item Tracker Lifestyle
T Mobile SyncUp Item Tracker Lifestyle (Image credit: T-Mobile)

What you need to know

  • T-Mobile has launched its own item tracker that uses LTE to track items.
  • The SyncUp Tracker gets real-time tracking from miles away and can set a geofenced boundary.
  • T-Mobile customers can add the device to their accounts for just $5 per month.

Now that Samsung and Apple have entered the item tracker market, more companies are set to follow suit. T-Mobile is the latest to launch its own device as part of its SyncUp line of connectivity devices. The SyncUp Tracker may not look as svelte as the best Bluetooth trackers, nor is it quite as affordable, but it offers some handy features that could make it a must-have for anyone prone to losing their items.

Source: T-Mobile (Image credit: Source: T-Mobile)

The key difference between T-Mobile's SyncUp Tracker and many other devices like the Apple AirTag is that the SyncUp Tracker relies on a GPS and an LTE connection instead of Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband (UWB). Because of this, it doesn't require the device to be near the smartphone to work. It also doesn't need to rely on crowdsourced location data from other nearby smartphones like the newer Galaxy SmartTag+ does and can track items from miles away.

The SyncUp Tracker can provide real-time location data to any of the best Android phones with the SyncUp Tracker app, and users can set up geofenced boundaries that will send alerts when the tracker leaves the area. It can also ring when nearby and features IP67 water and dust resistance. One interesting feature is the light sensor that can detect a change in light and help determine if the tracker or item is in a dark space.

This isn't the first item tracker to use LTE, as Samsung launched a similar device a few years back. Still, during a time when item trackers are becoming all the rage, T-Mobile CMO Matt Staneff touts the benefit carrier's impressive LTE network, which it claims covers 99% of Americans:

SyncUP TRACKER brings peace of mind to customer's most prized possessions and valuables, which is why we're putting the power of our network behind it. From families to cars to now things, T-Mobile's network is connecting just about anything – because it has the power and reliability customers can depend on.

The SyncUp Tracker has a rechargeable 900mAh battery that will last up to a week, depending on usage. The device is available for T-Mobile postpaid customers and retails for $60 or $2.50 per month on an installment. Adding an active line will cost $5 per month. T-Mobile is also working on making the device available for Sprint, Metro by T-Mobile, and T-Mobile's prepaid customers.

Customers can pick up the device from a T-Mobile store starting May 7.

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