T-Mobile now guarantees you'll love its network coverage, or your money back

T-Mobile announced its latest move to shake up the industry. The new Lifetime Coverage Guarantee is a new incentive for consumers to grab an eligible smartphone with the company's JUMP! On Demand. What this guarantee does is ensures you have options should you be dissatisfied with T-Mobile's network coverage.

Should you not be happy with the service you've paid for within 30 days, T-Mobile will refund you everything you've paid out and you can return the smartphone. After 30 days, however, the company will unlock said phone for free as well as reimbursing you a full month of service. You'll then be able to continue making interest-free device payments from there-on-out.

What smartphones are covered by this new guarantee? The company specifically states that all phones included in JUMP! On Demand with Extended Range 4G LTE are covered. As always, we'd strongly recommend you check with T-Mobile before purchasing a new smartphone if you're interested.

For more information and some answers to frequently asked questions about the new guarantee, be sure to hit the link below.

Source: T-Mobile

Rich Edmonds