It's the not-quite-4G, but still fast as hell HPSA+ network that T-Mobile has been working on recently, coupled with an HTC Android powered smartphone, and it's coming in September -- according to a spokesman at Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile USA's parent company), that is.  Rumored to be the HTC Vision (pictured), the device will be able to hit the full 21 Mbs speed that so far has only been possible on aircards.  While HSPA+ isn't technically 4G, it 's pretty darn fast and can be put in place without any new hardware (except for that one tower T-Mo needs to build in the WV panhandle!), and seeing it debut on a qwerty slider running Android should make more than a few of us happy. 

We've seen the roadmap, and now we see this, so hang in there T-Mo subscribers, your time looks to be coming in a couple months! [Light Reading via Engadget]

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