T-Mobile Joins The Fun, Offers Buy One Get One Free Too

It must be the holiday spirit (or end of the year desperation), because T-Mobile is joining Verizon in offering BOGO specials. Yep, that's buy-one-get-one-free. T-Mobile is expected to give BOGO to all smartphones, meaning you can mix and match if you so please. Buy a Motorola CLIQ, get a myTouch 3G. Buy a myTouch 3G, get a T-Mobile G1. Or buy a Blackberry, get an Android phone free. Basically buy 1 smartphone, get 1 smartphone free, however you want. Awesome, right?

If you prefer shopping on Amazon, they've got the Motorola Cliq for $99, myTouch 3G for $98, and T-Mobile G1 for $49. Take your pick.

[via bgr]

Casey Chan