If you are a T-Mobile customer and have been looking at other carriers in hopes of being able to reduce monthly costs and get more out of your plan, look no further. Just in time for the holidays T-Mobile will be rolling out two new plans that are aimed towards heavy users, and are very competitive to other carriers.These new options are called The Even More Promotional Plans, and will include the following two options:

  • Even More Individual 1,500 Talk + Text + Web plan for $79.99/mo.
  • Even More Family Plan 3,000 Talk + Text + Web Plan for $149.99/mo.

These plans will include unlimited 4G data, unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling as well as unlimited text messages. Compared to the competition at these price points, T-Mobile offers nearly double the amount of minutes monthly for the same pricing. These plans will require a new two-year contract, but for those who rely on their devices heavily, these plans are well worth signing a contract for.