T-Mobile HTC One update loses HDR camera settings in error, fix coming as soon as possible

The recent software update for the HTC One on T-Mobile has been pretty well received, except for one nagging little issue -- HDR mode in the camera setting for still pictures has disappeared. The setting remains for video, but there's just no entry for taking HDR pictures. A few people have noticed, and we reached out to HTC to see what was up. 

Turns out it's just a bug, and HDR mode hasn't been removed from the HTC One camera. HTC's official statement:

A recent software update for the HTC One on T-Mobile USA provides a number of software fixes but it also inadvertently removes HDR mode from the camera settings. HTC is aware of this issue and will be pushing out a fix for impacted customers as soon as possible.

As soon as possible can mean different things to different people, but we're going to think it means just that -- soon. Keep an eye out for an update and we'll do the same.

Via: T-Mobile HTC One forums

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • T-mo is without the be.... Oh wait they are fallible? Imagine that.
  • At least their updates don't ruin phones... Posted via Android Central App
  • Oh My God! Oh My God! I don't have............... HDR. Really? Let's see.. My admittedly Quick glance shows me: The Sinless ROM, The Evolution ROM, The Scorpius ROM, and.. let's see.. Team Vemom's ViperOne ROM, The Revolution HD 2.0 ROM.. I'm sure there are a few more.. but 5 or 6 should eh.. Hold You Over!!! And They ALL have HDR!!! Why aren't you Rooted if you own an HTC One??? How about just....... Side Loading a Camera App???.. Hmm.. Imagine That..... Root.
    You'll stress less.
    ___________________________________________________________________________________ T-Mobile.. Forever.
  • First, I root and rom everything but you shouldnt have to. Those of us that do make up a small percentage. But this is not a discussion about that. I actually wrote the post I did just to troll you, I mean specifically you. Thanks for taking the bait, appreciate it. The missing HDR camera is not a big deal. I imagine that it is a simple fix that will come out with a bunch of small fixes within a week or so.
  • Yeah.. Yeah.. Sure you Root.. Yeah Right.
    Please.. Too Funny.. What a bunch of Rookies!
    T-Mobile... Forever.
  • Wow! That's a rather big bug to slip past testing! Granted it is not a HUGE feature but still Posted via Android Central App
  • Just release 4.2 You can't tell me it's that far off.
  • This. I fear yesterday's OTA means we won't see another large OTA (i.e. 4.2.2) for many months. They will OTA a 2mb update or something probably next week, then silence will hit until like November. Awesome.
  • What happened to galaxy s4 update? We are still waiting t-mobile? Posted via Android Central App
  • Tmo is doing everything but releasing 4.2......bastards. HTC ONE ~ Android Central App
  • As pathetic as it is, I'm impressed. Back in the galaxy S one days, samsung would drop features left and right in updates, and never would make a public announcement or indicate if a fix was in the works. At least HTC owned up to a mistake and has committed to a fix. With all that said, Samsung is still better at keeping tier 1 phones on the latest version of android than HTC, but if you care about timely updates you need to consider Nexus or Play Store phones as your only real options. Posted via Android Central App
  • I gladly gave up HDR to get this update. It fixed a lot of connectivity issues I was having. Connection will have to come before photos. Posted via Android Central App
  • Hdr smache dee rrrr people will live through this. Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App
  • Who's HTC hiring for engineers.. Not the brightest!
  • I would hate for T-Mobile or HTC to do this simple thing called REGRESSION testing. It's a fairly simple and quite common thing in Quality Assurance Testing. In essence -- if you make a change to one area, make sure you didn't F up another area. Clearly something was changed in the camera area, so they should have done regression testing to ensure things were still working. But that interferes with profits, as it costs more money.
  • Fix is out, 24 hrs after the mistake happened. I don't think any manufacturer has ever fixed something like this so fast. I'm impressed.
  • I updated then checked again and the camera fix was there. Good job Tmobile and HTC Posted via Android Central App
  • Update to put HDR back on photos already in air Posted from my HTC One via Android Central App
  • Thats awesome the fix is already out!