T-Mobile gets busy this summer rolling out new 600MHz network

T-Mobile logo
T-Mobile logo (Image credit: Android Central)

T-Mobile ran away with 45% of the 600MHz spectrum at the FCC's spectrum auction earlier this year, and the time has come to start using it. T-Mobile is going to use its newly acquired licenses for 600MHz to beef up its high-speed LTE network this summer.

The FCC finally sorted out the last of the paperwork with the magenta-colored carrier this week, and now T-Mobile has announced its plans to beef up its network during the summer with this new bandwidth. It's planning to develop the new spectrum and prep test sites this summer, with the hope of bringing that bandwidth to the average user later this year. Phones supporting 600MHz spectrum should also be available by that time.

The hope here is that with this low-band spectrum, which travels further and can penetrate thicker walls, T-Mobile can start really competing with AT&T and Verizon where it counts. Can it come back to school in the fall a whole new wireless network? Maybe, maybe not, but at least the work has started.

Ara Wagoner

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