T-Mobile G2 will cost $150 at Radio Shack

Let the T-Mobile G2 price wars begin!

Best Buy came out of the gate first, offering the G2 at presale for $199 after contract. And now Radio Shack has gone and dropped that price to $150 after contract (and with the same instant rebate). And both those prices are right in the ballpark of what we hear Costco will be selling the G2 for.

We've still had no word from T-Mobile as to its pricing, or when the G2 will actually be available (though Best Buy says it'll have it in stores on Oct. 6).

Regardless, the $199 is the sweet spot these days, and anything less is really just icing on the Android cake, is it not? [via @radioshack]

  • I was at Best Buy Mobile store in the mall talking to my main phone guy, who told me Best Buy has the G2 going for $99 after $100 INSTANT rebate. That beats Radio Shack's deal. Spread the work for those who want to pre-order with Best Buy Mobile!!!
  • Wonder how much this'll cost off contract? . . .
  • With these prices? Its really safe to assume it will be the regular 500 bucks
  • ...No front Facing Camera?......DEAD
  • Most devices don't have this and sell better than others, Droid 2 and Droid X both sold incredibly well and have 8mp and 5mp rear cameras, they are still both VERY good phones, this device is definitely going to sell well, it is the successor to a device that has spiked what we know as "the Android hacking scene". To this very day there are still people with G1s that are running Froyo and are actually still making hacks for it. So regardless if it doesn't have a front camera, what's the difference? Please tell me how many people have a front facing camera and have the time to use it? It's not like my friends all have an Evo or iPhone 4... And even if I can cross chat with Skype PC, why not just use a PC?