T-Mobile G1 Works With No Activation

We already showed you guys how to unlock the T-Mobile G1. Now we're catching word that it's possible to use the G1 with no activation with no hackery or tomfoolery necessary. Simply, when you get the G1, insert an already activated T-Mobile SIM card (preferably from a very nice friend), go through the sign in process, and switch on Wi-Fi. According to the enterprising user who did this, you can do everything the G1 can do except phone-related tasks.

Be wary, we're not actually endorsing this option until we actually try it because we've already run into an issue with the T-Mobile G1 not working without a data plan. Let us know in the comments if you were able to rig this setup and have a halfway functional T-Mobile G1 with no activation!

[loveforbiz via Engadget]

Casey Chan
  • Yep I did it with my G1. There is more about what I though about the whole process on my blog http://www.marketing-story.com/action-reaction/when-google-became-evil-initial-thoughts-on-android/
  • I bought a G1 two days ago, and realized shortly after I got it that I needed the data plan to activate. I hopped online then and looked for a solution and found the one where you pop in a sim card that was being used on a completely legit G1 and activated the phone. Then popped my sim in and it started up just fine connecting to phone and sms service. Now I don't have any data plan what so ever, and I have turned off all the data roaming and selected use only 2g networks. Now because all I have on my plan is the voice/sms plan, does this mean i am being charged for data usage the whole time the phone is on? it wont let me use any of the internet related apps (browser, email, syncing anything in general). Does anyone know? the website only shows last month's billing statement so I cannot check current data usage
  • I bought a G1 two months ago, since then i have not been able to use it, since i am in africa, i have no any friend having an activated sim card which was being used on G1, so what can i do so that this lovely G1 black can be activated for my use ?