Oh San Francisco. Home to great clam chowder, unpredictable weather, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the woeful Giants and 49ers has scored a biggie in regards to the T-Mobile G1. According to BGR, the T-Mobile San Francisco Store on 3rd & Market St will be selling the T-Mobile G1 TODAY at 6:00 PM (PST obviously).

Even if 6:00 PM is the launch time, you'll need to get there waaay early considering the Bay Area is a hot bed for all things tech and lined with gadget hounding geeks (we say that with love). But if you don't want to line up tomorrow in the middle of the day, don't worry, Wednesday October 22nd is still the launch day and T-Mobile stores in 3G areas will open up at 8:00 AM to accommodate the potential crowds.

[Boy Genius Report]