T-Mobile G1, myTouch 3G & HTC Hero Pictured Side-By-Side

We don't know how they did it but the guys at Gizmodo managed to get the T-Mobile G1, myTouch 3G and HTC Hero all together in one place, at the same time and get pictures of it. Don't they just look like one big happy family?

The T-Mobile G1, as much as we love it, sticks out like a sore thumb to us. It just doesn't have as clean of lines as the Hero or as svelte a shape as the myTouch 3G. But then again, it's the only one in the HTC Android family to pack a physical keyboard. Aside from taking the snapshots, Gizmodo also found that the HTC Hero has other HTC software on it: a mail client with Exchange support and a beautiful twitter app. Score.

Which one is your favorite?

Hit the jump to see more pictures of HTC's Android Family!

  • Y'know, after using the Hero soft keyboard, I can safely say I would jettison the G1's physical keyboard in a second for the Hero. Alas, Mr. Two-Year-Contract says otherwise.
  • So i have been trying to find a reliable person with a UK address becasue amazon UK will not send me a hero, WHAT CRAP!!!! so I just wanted to bitch, SAD IN THE US CAuse US hates Hero's!
  • I have used a my touch and i own a g1.
    i can honestly i dont see the reason to upgrade..
    they are technically the exact same, except one has no keyboard.
    the my touch has some nice virtual keyboards that look similar to that of the iphone keyboard.
    my g1 has the same new keyboards since i used a custom rom over at xda developers.
    i would rather save my money for a hero than purchase a my touch in street terms the g2
  • I like the g1 keyboard, jus wish they had a light sensor to save power.
  • Hi dude i am new to this. Just thought that i would say hello to everyone! dont really know
    what else to say.I love texting, nothing else to say so bye
  • i am wondering will HTC release the HERO Firmware for the MyTouch
    If someone can tell me if this will be released..Thank You