T-Mobile G1 Hits Wal-Mart for $180 ?

It looks like all that suspense and rumor building of Wal-Mart selling the G1 for $148.88 was all bunk. It's being reported that the price will be $179.99 nationwide, which is the exact price point it was on launch day in T-Mobile stores and the exact price it still is.

Oddly, on Wal-Mart's website for the G1 it states, "Prices varies by store." Not all stores will have the G1 yet and we're still unsure of what criteria the store will have to fill out in order to carry the G1. In the meantime, don't expect a discount at Wal-Mart but be on the lookout for them on the shelves!

[Wal-Mart via Phandroid]

Casey Chan