T-Mobile G1 is a Cash Cow for T-Mobile

You might have never guessed it. But the T-Mobile G1 is the biggest money making device for T-Mobile. According to a comScore report (via electronista), the G1 brings in the largest profit for T-Mobile while only being the 8th best selling T-Mobile device.

How is this possible? Well, the 'required' monthly data plan definitely juices up the numbers and puts profit into T-Mobile's pockets and of course selling the device for $179.99 (while other phones are free) doesn't hurt either.

For the other carriers: the iPhone and Blackberry Storm are the cash cows for AT&T and Verizon, respectively. So it looks like touch screen makes customers come out in droves and smartphones (with data plan) are the easiest way for carriers to make a buck.

Anyone, anyone at all, surprised that the G1 is T-Mobile's most profitable device?

Casey Chan