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T-Mobile, on Twitter, apparently confirms Samsung Galaxy Note coming, offers no other details

For a while now, details about the Samsung Galaxy Note coming to T-Mobile have been floating around. Support documentation, contests showing off the device and countless other small pieces of information have been unveiled over time but T-Mobile themselves have never really come out and said they'll have the device definitively. That is, until earlier Monday morning when they were pressed a little bit for information on Twitter by @EpicRivas:

@epicrivas We are excited to confirm the Samsung Galaxy Note will be coming to T-Mobile! More info to come. ^JM

That's it. That's all the info you get for now. It's coming and T-Mobile will tell us later some more details but for now, you'll have to live with what you got. For T-Mobile's sake though, I hope they plan on rolling it out with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich onboard considering many other carriers have already released the update. Maybe that's what they're waiting on? At this point though, with rumors of the Galaxy Note 2 aplenty is anyone waiting to pick this up on T-Mobile?

Source: Twitter, via: Engadget

  • Great Phone.. Just got mine on July 6th with AT&T.. Running *Team Perfection's* Objection UF6 ICS Rom.. It's Incredible..
  • its silly that t-mobile is barely getting the note one and the note two is already going to be released in a couple months. lol
  • Sorry unrelated... That background and the Time and Date look awesome. How can I go about getting that?
  • I'm pretty sure that the name of the Time/Date app widget is WP Clock
  • It's styled incredibly similar to TypoClock, beginning to wonder if it's the same creator.
  • Wallpaper is Matterhorn Mountain, Switzerland:
  • OK so no Sprint love?
  • I"m with you. I kept reading rumors of it.. which never materialized.
  • Just in time for the Note 2.
  • Cant' believe I was going to wait another 6 months.. With all the sweet ROM's out Right Now along with the Official ICS release it's a great time to be a Galaxy Note "1" Owner.. After the way Verizon SCREWED their S3 buyer's by Locking the phone down.. There is no way I would jump on any phone without it being released tested and modded 1st.. That pushes the Note 2 into January 2013.. T-Mo is doing the right thing releasing the Galaxy Note 1 now.. There will be plenty of buyers that are more than satisfied with a 1.5 gig Dual-Core Processor and the biggest Screen on the planet @ 5.3" in SuperAmoled HD.. I can truly say ICS 4.0.4 has changed this phone's performance bigtime.. I can't believe how fast my G-Note is now running a LF6 Custom ICS Rom.. "ZERO" lag period.
  • Hey! RaiderWill is back! Whatever happened to your beloved can-do-no-wrong Droid Charge, my good sir? I see you've left it for a Note now huh.
  • Hey Jonneh! You Bet I Left The Charge For The G-Note Sir.. It was a great phone.. And I must give credit to Nitro33 for the Eclipse Rom. It made the Charge really fast with zero lag and butter smooth.. But.. 5.3" SuperAmoled HD was IMPOSSIBLE to resist. I had the luxury of being able to sit at an AT&T desk for like 10 mins playing with an S3 and a G-Note fresh out of their boxes to see which way I wanted to go ( $198.00 & $199.00 ) after having both fired up in my hands side by side it was NO CONTEST the G-Note is simply stunning.. and like pretty much all testers of the G-Note have said, once you have it for a few days, Not only do you get use to the Screeen Size but EVERYTHING else just seems too small in comparison. it is truly a New Niche class of Phone/Tablet.. and PHABLET is the perfect name for this new class of phone. The ICS Rom's out now based on the official LF6 4.0.4 ICS released by AT&T are incredibly fast.. Can't wait to see what Part 2 brings around X-Mas time.. Try one out for a week or so.. And you will see what I mean.. (Oh and the S-Pen is incredible as well..) Take Care.
  • Whatever you have to tell yourself to be happy with your 8 month old phone bro. It's a sweet device but for the vast majority of people they would rather have a newer device that will last them longer than an 8 month old device with a nice rom community. You have to remember we are in the minority. TMo is getting the left overs here, which is fine, I expect it from TMo at this point.
  • They'd be better served waiting a couple months and releasing the Galaxy Note 2, unless they are giving this away free on a 2 year contract.
  • Why would you get the Note (unless it's free) when you can OWN Galaxy Nexus! Yeah, it's got a 5.3" screen, but the GNex would be a MUCH better choice. The Note is still running Gingerbread and maybe ICS soon. The GNex is already running JB!
  • Most Notes are now running ICS, hence the question on whether or not T-Mobile will launch with ICS.
  • Who are the utterly brain dead nincompoops behind this. Firstly the Note 2 is around the the corner, secondly this thing is still running gingerbread.
    As for me, I'm sticking with my SGSIII and will not purchase another phone unless the battery is 3500mAh or somehow lasts as long as that of the Razr maxx. Not even Jely bean will lure me into purchasing another phone
  • ICS has been rolling out to the Note for months now. Int'nl versions have it as well as AT&T, Rogers, Bell, TELUS with the list continuing as we speak.
  • Just in time for JB and the GNote2 then.
  • Exactly, JB will probably be the last update this phone sees (if it even sees it) and then it'll be left in the dust. Most people don't give any craps about a mature ROM community, most just want a phone that will work and last them two years. Selling an already 8 month old phone that has just seen the ICS update is...lame.
  • The T-Mobile version of the Galaxy Note was supposed to run ics 4.0.3 out the box as seen in previous pictures but i am also guessing theyre waiting for it be released with ics 4.0.4 out the box thats why its taking a little longer to come out
  • The first jean company that makea pocket that fits the 5.5" Galaxy Note and markets it as "the jeans that let you hold something really big inside." will NOT be able to keep up with demand…