T-Mobile confirms previously leaked Galaxy S III pricing

T-Mobile has reached out to us to confirm the previously leaked pricing for the Galaxy S III, and now it's officially official -- this puppy's expensive.

Starting tomorrow, T-Mobile will offer the Samsung Galaxy S III in 16GB or 32GB memory options paired with T-Mobile’s Value or Classic service plans.Available with a qualifying Value voice and data plan with a two year service agreement, the Galaxy S III will cost an out-of-pocket down payment of $229.99 (16GB) or $279.99 (32GB) with 20 equal monthly payments of $20 per month via T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan (EIP).Also offered with a qualifying Classic voice and data plan, the Galaxy S III will cost $279.99 (16GB) after a $50 mail-in-rebate card or $329.99 (32GB) after a $50 mail-in-rebate card with a two-year service agreement.

Folks on the Value plan will be shelling out $230 (16 GB) or $280 (32 GB) plus $20 a month for 20 months, and folks on the classic plan will be facing a $280 (16 GB) or $330 (32 GB) price tag after the $50 mail-in rebate card.


Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Whoa! I was considering switching to T-Mobile from Sprint when my current contract is satisfied in a couple more months. That won't be happening with this pricing!
  • Buy unlocked, use prepaid.
  • Same here!
  • I'm buying the 32GB Pebble/Metallic blue outright first thing tomorrow, so I don't really care about the subsidized pricing. can't wait! - D
  • Magenta is looking a little red these days
  • Brain dead monkey fuckers....
  • How are the One X prices going in the USA?
    In Australia, they are available for a good $10 a month less, because of the hype around the SG III. If you are looking at the Galaxy and thinking it costs too much, have a look at what HTCs are going for.
  • I'd wait 2-3 months. The price will drop as long as you can shield your eyes from the next best thing.
  • Theirs always Wirefly & Amazon.
  • Amazon doesn't support T-Mobile upgrades, only outright at the moment.
  • Jeez tmobile. Come on, you're suppose to one up all the others.
  • Their plans are still way cheaper, so it's worth it to me.
  • I was going to get the 16gb SIII at launch, but at $400 otd before rebates, I can wait till the hype and prices drop.
  • And everyone says Verizon's phone prices are bad...this is ridiculous. I'll be buying a secondhand GS3 in a few months...
  • How is this "value"? Hmm...
  • Really? Its not a HUGE chunk of money more than the other carriers. I'm buyin 2 next week. I think its TOTALLY worth the price.
  • Why would you want to pay more? Seriously?
    This is a price gouging incident. And you're gonna walk happily into it. You're part of the problem.
  • I'm embarrassed at how lousy people's math skills are when they complain about T-Mobile's prices. Let's compare the cost over two years: ATT: S3 subsidized ($199.99) + unlimited minutes ($69.99/month), text ($20/month) and 5GB data ($50/month) = $3,559.75 after two years and thereafter $139.99/month. T-Mobile (Value Plan): S3 down ($229.99) + unlimited minutes, text and 5GB data ($74.99/month) + Equipment Installment Plan (20*$20/month) = $2,429.75 after two years and thereafter $74.99/month. So compared with ATT you save $1,130 during the first two years and thereafter $65/month... How can THAT be considered expensive??? Whatever - it's not my problem that people can't do math - I have saved enough dough with T-Mobile to buy whatever phone I want out right - and I'm not forced to buy every 24 months.
  • Good info, thanks. That makes T-Mobile only $9 more per month than my 2/yr Sprint plan with unlimited data. And Sprint is also unlimited data, and that is with Sprint subsidizing my $600 phone down to $150.
  • If you live in one of the few areas where Sprint's data speeds are any good, that's awesome and I'm happy for you. But in my experience, Sprint's 3G network feels not much quicker than T-Mobile's EDGE network.
  • Sprint is definitely cheaper than ATT, but let's compare for an equal plan: Sprint: S3 subsidized ($199.99) + unlimited talk, text and data ($109.99/month) = $2,839.75 during the first two years and thereafter $109.99/month. That's still $410 more than T-Mobile during the first two years and $35 more per month after that... Of course there are cheaper plans than unlimited everything, but it is the most transparent plan to compare between carriers.
  • You are leaving out a lot of details. What Tmo plan? SIII 16GB is 630$, 280 contract price Unlimited data on the T-Mobile network for enjoying HD entertainment, games, and music (up to 10 GB of high-speed data included), is 125/mo plus 270 for the phone = 3280 for the contract period. 104 * 24 + 630 = 3150 [no subsidized phone & contract for 24 mo]
  • It's a symptom of the kind of on-contract subsidized price thinking people are used to in the US that Jerry himself has lamented on the podcast; it's a little disconcerting to see him reinforcing that very mindset with a post like this. Not that anything could make me love Jerry less, but come on, man! You're preaching the Dark Side here! :P
  • Exactly!!!
  • Not preaching...just posting factual information.
  • Posting factual information would be reporting what is happening by saying something like "these are magenta's prices...." By him saying things like "this puppy's expensive" and ending the article with "cha-ching" you are well outside the reaps of simply factual information. I personally take no issue with the arricle but clearly others do so I believe your retort to be a bit inaccurate.
  • To be fair, it IS pricey.
    Not in a "Oh my God, T-Mo isn't subsidizing my phone!" way, but rather in a
    "ATT is selling it for less, Sprint is selling it for less and, apparently, even Verizon is selling it for $30 less!" kind of way. Why is that? Maybe T-Mo just doesn't have the market penetration and therefore sales potential to be expected to move enough volume for Samsung to be feel motivated to negotiate as nice a deal with them. As PhilipC said though, it's still less expensive overall than the other carriers, so I'll probably be picking one up on the value plan with EIP in the near future.
  • Spot on. And the people at the T-Mo store tell me that you don't have to pay 20/mth, meaning you can pay down the device sooner, so I can pay that $400 off in 3/4 months and the monthly price drops. I'm ok with that. HSPA+ is still way better that Sprint 3G anyway.
  • TMo needs to start earning an actual profit. They can no longer give away the store.
  • When you assume people are on individual plans, then perhaps the T-Mobile plan are still getting a good deal. Doesn't matter to me though...Verizon for life.
  • My contract is up tomorrow...I'll just contact 611 - Customer Retentions and tell them that I am willing to stay with T-Mobile if they can match the competition prices of the phone. I'm willing to pay the $199 for the 16GB model. They have been very helpful the last 10 years I've been with them, so I'm sure they will continue that trend. Why wouldn't you price match 199 to lock me in for another 24 months...
  • Its always T-Mobile that trys to cheat its customers out of fair subsidized pricing. The SRP for the Galaxy S III 16gb model is $199.99. Sprint, AT&T and Verizon all charge 199.99 for the phone. So tell me what gives T-Mo the right to rip off its customers?
  • Guess you didn't read my comparison above... The up front price of a subsidized phone is only part of the cost - the real cost is hiding in the higher monthly charges. You make me want to start a company that give high end phones away for free including a $1000 cash "award" when signing up for a two year contract at "only" $100 extra per month. That must sound like a great deal to you? Can't wait until the 24 months are up and you don't upgrade immediately but still keeps paying the monthly subsidizing fee even though the phone has been paid off around the month 17 or so...
  • I got mine at T Mobile Germany White and Blue Quardcore Version for 1 Euro each for the 32 GB version. I mean all of Americas pricings on those phones a ridiculous but T Mobile USA really goes over the Top here.
  • Pricing is pricing I paid 300 dollars for my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon December 15th 2011. Got screwed with poor reception//cellular radio issues where Verizon new of these issues and still refused to get out a software fix till June 2012 and even with that I had to force the 4.0.4 ics update to my own handset. For me it's all about the next Galaxy Nexus come November later this year. So YES I will pay for the 32gb Metallic blue version on Tmobile and be HAPPY with the GALAXY S3 until November when the next Nexus arrives from the Google play store that's what this is all about for me. Plus great time to leave Verizon since I already have 2 lines of service that won't benefit from the new shared data plans starting June 28th adding another line for the GALAXY S3 on Verizon changes my entire plan. Plus VERIZON won't see another nexus again after this fiasco. So long Verizon Hello Tmobile.
  • Should people with a family plan look towards more of their classic or value plans?
  • Value plan is great
  • That's WAY to much money. Get a Galaxy Nexus people! :-D