T-Mobile Confirms Android Phone Announcement Next Week

We had reported that T-Mobile was going to announce their Second Android Phone next week, but now it's officially official. The news was confirmed by T-Mobile themselves. To quote a T-Mobile company spokesperson:

"Next week, T-Mobile will share more details about its next Android-powered phone, the follow-on device to the T-Mobile G1 with Google."

This statement is really just an announcement for a planned announcement with very little detail but all signs are pointing to the release of the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G (aka HTC Magic aka Google Ion). It seems like the rest of the world has access to the Magic while us patriots only have the G1. We can't wait til T-Mobile officially (read: finally) brings the MyTouch 3G to the US!


Casey Chan
  • what style buttons is the final version going to have i wonder? i see thin rectangle buttons on this one and square buttons on the others.
  • Wish they would just announce already. Soooooooo want to sell my 8900 Curve and swap to Android. My wife lost her phone and I got her a G1. This BB is my first smart phone and honestly it can't hold a candle to Android. The way apps are handled aren't even in the same league. The BB has apps to simulate battery pulls because more often than not its the only solution to the problem. The BB is great for business and e-mail and especially when you have an IT guy to fix it for you but as a consumer phone it sucks all might, hairy balls. It can't even tell what time zone it's in. "It messes up the calendar" no it's called lazy programing. Lol.
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