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T-Mobile adds six streaming services to Music Freedom, Google Play Music support coming later this year

T-Mobile announced its first expansion to the Music Freedom program, which sees the addition of six new streaming services — AccuRadio, Black Planet, Grooveshark, Radio Paradise, Rdio and Songza. The Un-carrier also announced that support for Google Play Music will be available later this year after the streaming service topped the charts as the most requested service in T-Mobile's social voting poll.

T-Mobile stated that since the launch of the Music Freedom program, there has been an increase in the number of songs streamed on its network to the tune of 5 million per day, and that nearly seven thousand terabytes of music has been streamed thus far. The addition of the six streaming services brings the total number of services that won't count toward your data allowance to 13:

  • AccuRadio
  • Black Planet
  • Grooveshark
  • iHeartRadio
  • iTunes Radio
  • Milk Music
  • Pandora
  • Radio Paradise
  • Rdio
  • Rhapsody
  • Slacker
  • Songza
  • Spotify

T-Mobile users, are there any other streaming services would you like to see added to the list?

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab)

Harish Jonnalagadda
Harish Jonnalagadda

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • Incoming rage about google music not being added yet Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think it has to do with the fact that you can download massive amounts of music without listening to it. In betting that their engineers need time to differentiate between "save for later" traffic and streaming traffic. The fix may even be on Google's end.
  • You can do this with Spotify though.. So that reason doesn't seem valid. Posted via my T-Mobile Note 3 using the AC App.
  • I imagine it's more an issue of getting the service to sign on to it. No idea if T-Mobile is asking the streaming services to pay for this level of access. Additionally isn't Google looking to convert all access music over to it's YouTube all access services or whatever it's called . Maybe they are waiting for that roll out in October On a technical side though I wonder if T-Mobile is just making sure it's network can handle the strain of millions of people streaming music especially if they are using high quality streaming in the play music app. Posted via the Android Central App
  • From what I remember when Music Freedom came out they are NOT charging these services for the data being used ...
  • That's correct. They were pretty clear about the fact that there was no money changing hands here, and that no one could pay to be a preferred service. Posted from my Nexus 5, behind seven proxies
  • Yeah, I suspect just from having listened to both that GPAA Music streams at a significantly higher bitrate than Spotify. Can anyone confirm this?
  • Rage? At least TMO is doing something....what about the other carriers??? Calm your rage and turn it into something useful like giving to the poor or something.
  • Need to add Digitally Imported radio Posted via Android Central App
  • Wasn't google play all access the highest voted service? I've never even heard of some of these services.
  • John Legere just keeps insisting on providing better and better value.
  • Now they just need to insist on better and better service.
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • But the service is great for some.. Just like with Sprint. :) Posted via my T-Mobile Note 3 using the AC App.
  • Yep without a doubt, and that is why they should have combined to create a real competitor for ATT and VZW. /no I won't let it go
  • Nope.
  • yep
  • Hardly. At least you still have your wet dreams depicting a Sprint-corrupted T-Mobile. Just be sure to wash your underwear often.
  • Again with my sex life. What is your fascination with it? If you can seriously think that the two of the apart are better then them becoming one entity you really need to have your head examined. I am pretty sure you should anyway, but this is just another reason
  • I just didn't want tmobile to go to complete shit. If they would of combined and then kept tmobile ethics, that would of been cool Posted via the Android Central App
  • I was fine with John L taking over and keeping the uncarrier thing going. I still am. As far as coverage goes they would have been a perfect match, one making up for the others shortcomings. I still hope that down the road, after the auction, they go further with this, but it is not looking likely.
  • I know you won't let it go. But no one is going to have as much nationwide coverage as AT&T or Verizon. If you compare a Simple Mobile map (they use T-Mobile's towers exclusively, no roaming) and Boost Mobile's towers (they use sprint's towers exclusively) you will see that they have the exact same coverage. But indoor coverage is always lacking, no doubt.
  • Those maps are not real. I theoretically have great T-Mo around me, in reality it is terrible. Bigger than just coverage area is penetration. Sprint and t-mo both lack there.
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App on VZW Moto X
  • Yeah TMobile is not the best in Missouri, where I am from, but in Denver and most of CO its amazing. But then again, I am new to LTE (thanks Sprint for the delay).
  • As an ATT customer I appreciate Legere's efforts! Sorry bro but Montana is a TMo black hole. Just the way it is. (Don't live there but travel there a lot) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Amazon Music (especially now that they offer Prime Music)...
  • They're not getting my money next month for phone service. Gave them a shot for a month and while coverage was fine and data speeds where fine, calls and texts where a poor experience and customer support was poor. HOWEVER with that said, they will get my money for data on my N7. Also I'm 99% sure pocketcasts is on this service but since its not "music" they don't mention it. Because being past my LTE speed allotment music services stay full speed and pocketcasts does too. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Oh my gosh, pocketcasts would be great! Can anyone confirm or deny this? Posted via Android Central App
  • Pocketcasts would never work since they don't actually host the podcasts you download/stream.
  • Well either way download speeds within the app don't get capped like the rest of my phone (besides Spotify) when I'm passed my LTE allotment. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Pocketcasts? Really? Wow! Try Dogcatcher and see what happens.
  • I still don't feel comfortable with tmo choosing which services to add to this program. It's effectively creating tiered data treatment, not with speed but with data caps. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1
  • Well they have to pick which are gonna be streamed for free for you to get it for free Posted via HTC One M7
  • Which is in effect violating the principle of net neutrality by treating some data flowing over the network preferentially to others by having it not count towards data caps. It's not altering speed, but it is manipulating what applies towards data caps and creating a tiered system. Posted via Android Central App
  • Give a little, take a lot. Prime example here. I suppose they should go right back to measuring data for music streaming since it can't be 100% of music on the internet. Posted via Android Central App
  • You know what? Yes they should, because it's just a matter of time before services pay for not counting towards data caps, giving them an advantage over newcomers that can't afford it. Posted via Android Central App
  • It has nothing to do with Net Neutrality.
  • Posted via Android Central App
  • Um, I don't recall net neutrality having anything to do with data caps. T-Mobile is giving you a few choices here. I'm sure you can find something that will give you what you want. You can also go the unlimited data route. "Yes they should, because it's just a matter of time before services pay for not counting towards data caps, giving them an advantage over newcomers that can't afford it." I really hope you're not in law school or practice law or have anything to do with logical thinking.
  • Plus, carriers would get into trouble for offering their own Web sites and services without using cap if this were really a Net Neutrality issue.
  • I really hope you're not going to law school or working in a field with logic either because you failed to see the logic in that. Posted via Android Central App
  • The principle of Net Neutrality is flawed.
  • Yup. In effect, you're paying extra for non-compatible music services now. And that provides and edge up to existing companies. Totally unethical.
  • Exactly Posted via Android Central App
  • How is it paying extra when the amount T-Mobile asks you to pay isn't increasing? In fact, it's giving you more room to listen to currently unsupported services because those services are no longer competing for your preference in how you use your bandwidth that month. You can listen to all the Google Play Music (for example) you want up to your data cap AND still be able to listen to a supported service once you've maxed out your cap with GPM.
  • Agreed 100%. It's not nearly as nefarious as situations like when providers throttle data from specific sources, but I still don't like it. Anything that providers do to nudge users in the direction of one service over another (with the exception of temporary promotions like when AT&T customers got a free trial of Beats and things like that) is a bad idea in my book. Posted from my Nexus 5, behind seven proxies
  • Why in the world is Amazon music and Google play music not there. I've never heard of some of the ones they even have there. Smh! Posted via Android Central App
  • Aliens Posted via the Android Central App
  • Does anyone know if these can be used the with $30 Wal-Mart plan (100 minutes, unlimited text/data)?
  • Nope, this only applies to Simple Choice plans.
  • Actually it does work on the 30$ Walmart plan I stream Spotify & Pandora all the time it doesn't count towards your data
    Posted via the Android Central App
  • You're an exception then. This is a benefit of simple choice plans only. Not even T-Mobile branded prepaid gets this. Posted via Android Central App
  • No, not an exception. It works on prepaid plans. There's a Tmo support page somewhere that clearly states it works with prepaid. I'm on the $30 plan, too and Pandora never affects my data use
  • Nope. I tried this a month or two ago when I paid for a month of T-Mobile service. Streaming Pandora didn't count against my 5GB amount of data at all, but GPMAA did.
  • I don't get any breaks with my 30.00 5G data plan... no free data for music for me. Posted via Android Central App
  • pay the extra $10 and get them free. then you can use your data for other things non-music related.
  • You're already getting a lot for only $30. I think you're doing pretty good. Ha Ha! Whammy!!
  • It works with that plan also. Just fyi
    Posted via the Android Central App
  • Beats Music Posted via Android Central App
  • Mets fan, -1,000!!! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I tried... logged in and everything..kept on using my data... I lost 1G in no time flat that day... Posted via Android Central App
  • Fine example why carriers don't understand that 1GB of data really is useless!!! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Going to put on my tinfoil hat for a moment. What do you guys think the chances are that Apple paid to keep Google Play Music off of this list for a certain amount of time? That's the only reason I can think of that they wouldn't have added GPM given that it was at the top of the list of requested services. Ok, going to put my tinfoil hat away now.
  • Well it is a little fishy that they went from the initial voting poll that would show the results to "just use a hashtag on Twitter and we will tally them up." There is a reason GPM didn't get added and I wouldn't be surprised if you are right. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't think they would have done that. If iTunes Radio was the only option on the list, then maybe. But with all the other competing options available (including Samsung's Milk Music), I don't see it. My guess is it could be whatever legal mysteries that Google won't talk about that also won't let me deauthorize my devices. That's a shot in the dark with no supporting evidence, but it's the only reason I can think of.
  • Well you're no fun Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think that google play music didn't make the cut because you can upload your personal music library. Posted via Android Central App
  • iTunes Match/Radio does the same thing.
  • Still no Soundcloud?! Come on... Posted via the Android Central App
  • This. Posted via Android Central App
  • Googleplay please Posted via Android Central App
  • Well kinda a music service but youtube Posted via HTC One M7
  • +1. That would be great.
  • Did they really need to conduct a poll to know that they should add Play Music which should have been the first service added in the first place???
  • Would love to see them somehow add podcast app support along with the previously mentioned Google Play Music and Amazon Music services.
  • T-Mobile how about adding SiriusXM to your list?
  • TuneIn Radio comes to mind for me... But Kudos for adding Google Play Music.
  • I'm still not getting in the van, no matter how much candy and puppies John says he has, dude is just too creepy.
  • The day they add Google Play Music just may be the day I switch from AT&T. I'm on a family plan, so I'm only paying about $54/line right now on AT&T and we never come near our data limit. However, we are very careful about streaming music, cause that would put us over our limit. If I can switch to T-Mobile and not have to worry about that, I think I would.
  • Looks like I'm going down to 1gb of data now that Pandora is free. Posted via Android Central App
  • KCRW. I know it is an NPR site and NPR will likely never be included. I like the Eclectic24 program. For some reason it sounds very clear. I wonder if Spotify quality suffers because it is OGG. Is Beats OGG? I know most care little for the quality of the sound, but I do. That's why I never listen to SomaFM even though I like much of the program content. Also it wouldn't take much data to include LastFM. And if they ever include podcasts through Dogcast or Pocketcast then that would be a huge development.
  • What about TuneIn Radio? Posted via Android Central App
  • Black planet, that still exists damn, but I could care less I have unlimited LTE anyway Posted via Android Central App
  • How is SiriusXM not on this list?!
  • Booo! Where's TuneIn Radio!?!? Posted via Android Central App
  • What is Black planet? Have any of y'all used it before? Posted via nexus 5
  • I thought it was just a social network. I didn't know there was a media component. Posted from my Nexus 5, behind seven proxies
  • Was going to say something to the effect of "commence with the whining about which services aren't included" but like always I'm behind the times
  • If Google Music was the number one choice....why is it taking so long to add it?
  • I really think they are waiting to see what Google is doing with AA and YouTube. Rather than address it now and have to revisit it again afterwards so soon. One and done is more cost effective. Posted via Android Central App
  • Rdio sweet Posted via the Android Central App
  • TuneIn Radio
    Any streaming podcasting platform that supports adding custom urls (ShortOrange comes to mind)
  • Is the Walmart $30 plan included in music freedom?
  • Fix this statement lol. T-Mobile users, are there any other streaming services would you like to see added to the list? Posted via Android Central App
  • My guess is that this works similar to a peering setup - if T-mobile's smart. If I were running the T-mobile backbone, that's how I'd do it - just like Netflix, etc do so. Have a shared peering location where you use 10GE ports and then backhaul to your own backbone. If that's the case, then they'd be working on the peering arrangement with Google.
  • Google and Amazon is all I care about Posted via Android Central App
  • If this works on the 30.00 plan then how does it work after you sign in? I signed into slacker and it used my data playing music..... Posted via Android Central App
  • Good job T-Mobile Posted via Android Central App w/G2
  • I've been using TuneIn Radio for some time and like it a lot. Any chance T-Mobile can add it to it's free streaming sources? I pay T-Mobile extra for unlimited data primarily for streaming music service. I did this before T-Mobile started its free streaming service.
  • Amazon music please. Posted via Android Central App
  • Tune in and Amazon
  • They need to add Digitally Imported Radio.
  • TuneIn Radio
  • Ive been waiting for something like this to happend honestly.I think that all phone company's should allow free music & radio streaming on anything for free. It would make more people happyer! Im going to try it out right now.
  • Amazon Music with Prime Music