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T-Mobile adds Google Play Music, Spotify, Qello Concerts and more to BingeOn

T-Mobile has announced that it has once again added a number of new BingeOn partners. This marks the fifth expansion of the service in the six months since its release, and it holds some big name additions. While some of these previously allowed music streaming under Music Freedom, they now offer unlimited video streaming as well.

A list of new providers includes:

  • Google Play Music
  • Great Big Story
  • NBC
  • Kiswe
  • Ligonier Ministries
  • Qello Concerts
  • Radio Disney
  • Univision
  • Univision Noticias
  • Spotify
  • Toon Goggles

The carrier says that more than 377 million hours of video have been streamed without using the customers mobile data allotments and that people are watching up to twice as much content from the providers in the program. Are you a fan of T-Mobile's BingeOn, or do you have it disabled? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Finally, Google Play Music. Great addition.
  • Google Play Music is just music right? Or do they mean the music videos now don't count?
  • Nevermind, I misread the post.
  • The music streaming portion of GPM was included in Music Freedom, but this adds the video selection as well, which wasn't previously covered.
  • Why does GPM need to be part of Bingeon? It's alreadyd part of Music Freedom and videos launch from youtube, right?
  • Pretty jelly of that Google play music, is that only unlimited if you stream on low quality though? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't think so. I have my quality set to high, and I'm seeing no data usage for Google Play for my 1 hour commute. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think that only applies to video. Music should be able to stream in high quality and still be within the allowed bandwidth.
  • BingeOn is disabled for me; with QHD devices I'm not streaming SD content. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Where are all those net neutrality comments? C'mon, we're waiting.....
  • Way to go, T-Mobile! Like!
  • Wow, when I first saw this program I thought it was gimmicky, but Spotify takes up the majority of my data usage, (which is unlimited anyway, but still) this seems to be a pretty impressive service. Which side of the partnerships is bearing the cost?
  • Binge On is great, but I wish T-Mobile would implement a scaled version of Binge on. I have a 6GB plan, so being able to stream for free is a great deal. 480p looks fine on my Note 4, and even on my Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. But I was recently in the middle of watching an episode of GOT on my Roku when my router went down. So I decided to try out my binge on and connect it to my TV via MHL. As one would expect, 480p looks like ***** on a 40" TV. I'd like to see T-Mobile allow you to go higher on a scale. So 480p is free streaming, 540p is 1/4 per megabyte, 720p is 1/2 per megabyte, etc... I think I can deal with 720p on my TV. But overall the service is great.
  • Well, It's supposed to be mobile data for mobile devices. If they bumped up the quality folks would over burden the cellular network I'm sure. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Actually, it's not just for mobile devices. T-Mobile's own website states that Binge On applies to devices tethered to your T-Mobile device such as a desktop PC (i.e. a device with a large screen). And how could it over burden the network when what I proposed still uses your data allotment? I didn't say streaming at higher quality should be free like it is at 480p, but that it should use a prorated amount. So it's not like people would be using it as their primary home internet service. Their data would still be depleted pretty quickly.
  • TMobile Doesn't sell 40 Inch HDTV's :) Most desktops don't have high end graphic cards. Plus "sharing an internet connection via wi-fi or bluetooth does not provide the highest quality anyway! I'm looking at it from this standpoint: 1. I don't have unlimited data on my Verizon plan, but it is a shared plan. When I am away from wi-fi coverage I limit sharing my data to my Ipad (it was on the plan but I removed it once the contract ended why pay $10 a month)
    2. At work, the wifi is spotty, so I generally save music and movies to my device (phone or tablet) to watch "offline" not using up my data.
    3. Even with BingeOn, The terms tell you your are getting 480P correct? so even on a 24 inch desktop screen (which is allowed per your comments) 480P is the best you should expect. Using the connection on a 40 Inch TV (even at 720P) you already know they service is reducing the resolution. I have wireless throughout my house. I also have network jacks in various rooms. My game console and Apple TV are connected via Ethernet. Much better picture quality. I can share my VZW Internet connection, but its a short term/(low data usage imposed by me) temporary fix.
  • I don't know understand why you think half of what you said is relevant to the conversation. T-Mobile doesn't sell 40 in TVs? Uh....ok. Thanks for letting me know that. Most dekstops don't have high end graphics cards? Uh...thanks, I guess. You have wireless connection throughout your house? Awesome. You save music and movies to your device for offline viewing? WOW! None of those things has anything to do with my original comment or this conversation. And I'm not you. I don't have to, nor want to do things the same way you do. You have misunderstood my post as criticizing T-Mobile for limiting Binge On to 480p and demanding that they give me better streaming for free. But that's NOT what I am doing at all. All I am doing is making a SUGGESTION as to how their service could be improved. I don't understand what is so difficult for you to understand.
  • Actually, I was trying to have an adult conversation. I never criticized T Mobile for BingeOn being 480P. just pointing out that they tell you it's 480P, yet you are commenting on how crappy your use of your mobile data connection is on your 40 Inch TV. Your words not mine. It's all good I used my bullet points to keep from saying what was obvious to many,.... BingeOn is good to have, it has limitations and for all intents and purposes, not the optimal use on a HDTV. Bonus, 40 Inch TV's are really the best for 1080P or 4K content anyway!
  • If you wanted to have an adult conversation, you can start by understanding what I was saying in the first place. Have you never thought of a way to make a service more useful, or made a suggestion on how a good service could be better? You and others who are downvoting me for simply making a suggesting tells me that you don't actually know what an adult conversation entails. Yes, in it's current implementation, it is limited to 480p. Does that mean T-Mobile will never change that? Does that mean that no one is allowed to suggest any change to that? You people are so defensive, as if I am blasting T-Mobile for their Binge On service when I already said that I love the service, I just wish there were options. Stop being so sensitive.
  • It's limited to 480p for a reason and the reason is that it deters people from trying to use it to stream netflix to their tv all day long.
    because 480p does look like crap on a 40" TV :) Their is no incentive for t-mobile to offer what your asking for, because it's the type of usage they have been working to deter.
    As it causes too high of a load on their towers.
  • But, again, my suggestion was not FREE unlimited HD streaming. I have a 6GB allotment. If I streamed Netflix at 720p "all day long", even prorated at 1/2 MB, I would quickly run out of data. After their unlimited plan, the next tier is 10GB. Even if every MB of that allotment was used for streaming under my suggestion (1/2 MB prorated), you would get about 3 hours of 720p (at a conservative 750 MB per hour of video) streaming per day for about 9 days. And then you'd be screwed at 2G speeds for the remaining 21 days of your plan. So the threat of it causing a burden of their network is practically non-existent unless people are really stupid. And even if there was a burden, it wouldn't last very long.
  • I didn't suggest you were suggesting FREE HD streaming.
    My point is simply their is no point for T-mobile to offer even your discounted data plan, as it makes usage types they are trying to curtail a little easier. And only a very small number of people would ever use it, it's just not a good promotion. You can however, turn Binge-on off and stream Netflix at HD rates to your roku with your tethering allotment if you need to in a pinch. I've done it during a hotel stay.
  • While it is a nice idea it would be a nightmare to implement only count this or that with certain scale qualities. They have the servers simply knock it to 480P and that is it. Way less burden.. Nothing extra. What you're talking would take a ton of testing and things to implement it to detect what you have it set to and all sorts of things. As said above.. just turn it off and set Netflix to 720 (they have quality options now).
  • This right here!!! :)
  • People can turn BingeOn off now, and that hasn't put a burden on the network. He was using a mobile device too, it's not like he was tethering to his home computer to stream.
  • Even though I roughly get around 40mbps down and 5mbps up I'm not about to use my cellular hotspot to stream to my tv. Even if my internet goes down. I almost expect the quality to be different as compared to my home internet provider. ( Charter) Beyond the lines of things mobile data is named mobile data for a reason. Streaming on mobile devices. Not tv's.
  • As I said above, it's not just for streaming to mobile devices. T-Mobile's own website talks about the Binge On device being used to tether other devices and still being eligible for Binge On while streaming to that device. And that includes desktops which have large screens. And I don't see how your 40 Mbps service would give you worse streaming quality than your home internet. It doesn't take 40 Mbps to stream HD. Hell, I don't think you need 40 Mbps for 4K streaming. I don't have anywhere near your speeds for my home internet (I think it's 15 Mbps) and I stream 1080p video like crazy without any issue. But in any case, I only said that it should be an OPTION. I'm not trying to force anyone to use their devices in any particular way. I'd just like the option to stream at higher quality and have it prorated like Binge On.
  • Pretty much what I was getting at !
  • 40Mbps is faster than a lot of home broadband connections, so why would it be different for streaming? Streaming 1080p to your phone isn't different than plugging in an adapter to cast your phone's screen to your TV. Why are you acting like he's using it for his home internet?
  • Still don't know why only the Premium side of TuneIn is included.
  • I wonder why as well. Amazon Music isn't a subscription service, but it is included. I hope they add the free TuneIn soon.
  • Meanwhile,on Verizon,we've got go90,with garbage a twelve year old wouldn't watch.Oh well. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have BingeOn disabled. I have an unlimited data plan with T-Mobile. My wife left hers on, but netflix would stutter and drop connection. When I turned it off, problem went away. T-mobile's 2 lines with unlimited call, text and 4g data for $100. And we get the corporate discount for working at Macy's. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Congrats on the Macy's job. I work at Target, be careful in the bathrooms....
  • I have it disabled because I have unlimited data
    But I think it's a good deal for those on more teired plans.
  • Hell yes. They added quello was hoping they would. I've noticed some stores and commercials on TV they stopped calling it binge on. Guess they are again. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have unlimited data so I've turned off "bingeon" Posted via Nexus 5X