T-Mobile 3G Keeps Rolling Out

Since Android is now on Sprint and Verizon and both networks have expansive 3G networks, the rather adolescent 3G coverage on T-Mobile becomes even more magnified. Luckily, like they have been doing, T-Mobile is tirelessly working on rolling out and expanding their 3G network to cover more Magenta users. Here's the latest:

  • Albany, GA
  • Amarillo, TX
  • Abilene, TX

Considering we've never even heard of these cities (apologies to said cities residents), it looks like the T-Mobile 3G rollout is reaching more obscure areas of the country (relatively speaking, of course). We'd love to know which cities are still without T-Mobile 3G, so please let us know in the comments!

[via tmonews]

Casey Chan
  • aye, i stay in Albany, Ga since 2002 and been waitin for 3G since then, lol. its about damn time though, but im with Verizon now. T-Mobile your a lil bit too late.
  • Boise Idaho (all of Idaho) is still waiting for 3G....
  • I agree, we need it in Boise. This is a huge Tmobile city. C'mon folks! I'm getting an Android phone next week, thankfully it is WiFi compatible.
  • 3G is defiantly needed for t-mobile in Boise.. Google maps on my android phone compared to my friends Droid is pathetic. His maps load 5x faster :(
  • am still patiently awaiting here in Boise, ID for TMobile 3G - other carriers are looking more and more attractive
  • The coverage/data connection is horrible in Boise. Do not get T-Mobile in Boise... unless it rolls out 3G.
  • Never heard of Amarillo, TX? Really Casey? Um, wow.
  • Jackson, MS
  • Castle Rock Colorado. It's in between Denver and Colorado Springs. You would think they would have 3G working between the two biggest cities in Colorado.
  • Louisville, KY, city of 1.4 million... no T-Mobile 3G.
  • Pretty much the entire state of Michigan is without 3G coverage from T-Mobile. With the exception being downtown Detroit and I do mean Downtown.
  • Flint has it....I am in Saginaw mi and would love 3g
  • All of KY is still with out 3G, we barley even have Edge in most places. Rumors are floating that Louisville and Lexington KY are both getting 3G
  • NO 3G in Louisville - although store reps are promising 12/1
  • NO 3G in Louisville - although store reps are promising 12/1
  • Where is the 3G in Louisville???
  • Springfield Missouri. According to sales reps we aren't getting it anytime soon.
  • I talked to a tmobile rep yestesday and he said they just finish installing a tower on 21st and Lewis so we would have 3g this week
  • No 3G coverage in Tulsa, OK
  • Springfield, Ohio is without 3G coverage. It's right in between Dayton and Columbus, which are two of the biggest cities in Ohio!
  • im up in boise trick!...with no 3G... =( Boise, ID
  • Springfield, Missouri. I've had a G1 since they were released, and no 3g......
  • It is all false news...No 3G in Amarillo yet.
    I called T-Mobile customer service and they told me they don't have any plans in the near future
  • The 17 largest US cities with no TMO 3G are: Louisville, KY
    Tulsa, OK
    Cincinnati, OH
    Lexington, KY
    Anchorage, AK
    Lincoln, NE
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Madison, WI
    Boise, ID
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Mobile, AL
    Little Rock, AR
    Fayetteville, NC
    Jackson, MS
    Tallahassee, FL
    Springfield, MO
    Sioux Falls, SD
  • Cincinnati OH is showing 3G at the moment.
    I hope that it sticks, and is not simply a test.
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  • Lexington Kentucky is STILL WAITING. Come on...
  • I live n Perryton, TX same town, drove 2 hours 2 Amarillo to see my brother on Thanksgiving and T-mobile has 3G, nice. So Amarillo, TX is 3G on Thanksgiving Day :)
  • I mean Perryton, TX is a same town sorry
  • Cincinnati area is void of 3G...HELP!!
  • 3g was on breifly today in louisville i wonder if it own its way i have a t mobile touch pro 2 i saw my E go to g for about twenty minuts before swicthing back
  • That "G" is not 3G. It stands for GRPS.
    Thats the data service that is even slower than edge, when edge signal is not available. If you get a 3G signal it will actually say "3G". So yeah. Sorry to bring the bad news but that G unfortunately has nothing to do with 3G.
  • Cincinnati/Northern KY has no 3G. T-Mobile should be extremely embarrassed by this looking at some of the cities that do have coverage. If it weren't for the ETF I would be gone.
  • i'm in cincinnati and my e just turned to a 3g (:
  • So I randomly look at my phone and it magically has 3G. I push a button or two and then it disappears. I lay my phone back down how it was, look at it a few seconds later and I have 3G again..looks like Cincinnati might FINALLY HAVE IT!
  • Whoo-hoo!! 3G in Tulsa, OK as of this morning 12-16-09. Thanks T-Mobile!
  • Boise! Plzzzzzz................
  • All you people are completely confused. 4G if for network cards and not cell phones. Sprint did announce that a few phones will be available sometime in 2010 though, but only in a few select cities.
  • Its pretty pathetic, I seen a commercial for Sprint yesterday offering 4G! I live in Lexington, Ky and Tmobile doesn't even have 3G here yet! T-Mobile is going to continue losing customers if they don't get up to date and I know I will be switching when my contract is up!
  • where is 3g in boise the guys at the store said jan 1st 2010?
  • I was told the same thing about 3g being in Tallahassee by the rep. I had the phone ordered before it came out and got it the 1st day about a year and a half ago and he said it would be up by the time I got the phone. I know 3g is expensive but this is terrible and illegal for their reps to be saying things like this!!!
  • I was told when I bought my g1 that a new 3G tower was being built in Tallahassee, FL. I think he was just telling me that to get me to stay with t-mobile because I have seen nothing about it actually being built. I have always had problems with phone & data coverage here & was considering switching. Pretty shady if you ask me.
  • boise needs 3g coverage i switched from verizon to T-Mobile but the really shitty thing is that when im at work (tmobile) i get 3g coverage lol
    so wheres the love t mobile i cant live at work
  • We need more action out here in Boise show some love for all this support give up the 3g!!!
  • I think 3G is on it's way to Lexington,KY. My phone said 3G for a few seconds!
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