Swype updates keyboard, opens beta for a limited time

Good news for those of you waiting patiently to get into the Swype keyboard beta program. Not only has the keyboard just gotten an update, they've opened the beta for a limited time. Says Swype:

  • It will be open for a limited time - probably a few days
  • In English, Spanish, and Italian - more languages to come
  • Limited Features - some key features of Swype require OEM integration
  • HVGA and WVGA Resolutions - don't worry we'll detect this automatically
  • Limited End User Support - mostly via our forum

If you recently got a notice that your previous Swype keyboard was expiring, you'll want to log in to get the new version. [Swype (opens in new tab)]

Phil Nickinson
  • Ok, I signed up and have received NO email. I love this keyboard and want to use it on my Evo.
  • Site taking FOREVER to load. Server overload?
  • Installing Now! Thanks for the heads up would have never saw this!
  • I tried it on my EVO it doesnt work, i emailed them waiting for a response
  • Does this not work with Sense or something? I'm trying to install on my Incredible and it keeps failing. EDIT: I tried it twice and it would go as far as downloading the application (the installer was already installed fine), but then said it failed. Then I tried rebooting the phone and retried installation, and it worked. I have yet to try using the actual keyboard yet, but we'll see how that goes.
  • It's... not working. See my comment below.
  • it works just fine on my incredible.. no issues installing or anything
  • This doesn't solve your problem with Swype but until you are able to get it installed you can give ShapeWriter a try. Hopefully you get Swype installed soon though.
  • I was having some issues with successfully installing Swype as well. I finally solved it though. 1) uninstall both swype installer and swype. 2) open App: Advanced Task Killer(available for free in the marketplace) and kill all running apps. **this is very important. KILL EVERYTHING 3) you should still have the swype installer downloaded and available under your downloads so go to the browser, hit menu, choose more, select downloads, find swype installer and open it. **if you need to redownload swype installer than open your email invite and do so. 4) enter username and password. 5) download Swype. 6) install Swype. 7) you should get an option saying install successful or something like that. You now have a working version of Swype on your phone. This should work for you, please give it a try and let me know. Also if you need help turning Swype on or using feel free to ask me or you can always search the forums. P.S. - My HTC EVO rocks
  • Installed it last night. It's REALLY nice.
  • Is Swype better than ShapeWriter?
  • Yes, mostly just for a lot of little things, like the editing keyboard (directional keys with ways to highlight text on a touchscreen keyboard? I love you.) and the number pad. I put in my e-mail address months ago, and got my e-mail yesterday. Had to contact them for the installer, since I couldn't download it due to their servers getting hammered. But now I don't need to wait for the next cracked version of Swype to come out of xda. I can just get it from the source.
  • my swype got expired yesterday morning, and i signed up for the beta a couple minutes after, and got an email this morning about this! Thank god....tap to type is deadly after getting used to swype! :) lol
  • wow I gave them this story yesterday. Techcrunch had it on their site at like 2-3pm yesterday afternoon. Guess they didn't believe me? Either way, Swype is waaaayyyyyy better than Shapewriter. I would suggest you get in the beta if you can now, because it's goign to be awhile before it's opened back up again.
  • works on my evo, did you get to download swype? if you downloaded and cant figure how to open swype... open up sms. go to text a message, instead of texting, hold down on the area where you plan on typing and select input method and swype. it should work...
  • Thanks! This helped!
  • I'm using an Incredible... I did everything as they said, and everything you said, but it's not working. The Swype keyboard shows up, and it traces my path, but for some reason it doesn't input any text into the field. Very frustrating. If I tap on the Swype keyboard it will enter those letters, but swiping doesn't work at all, except to trace the path...
  • Try a long press on the entry field, select "Input Method" change to Android standard or something other than swype, then do it again and go back to Swype. I thought they had fixed this in the newer version, but I still had to do this myself.
  • I tried that and it still isn't working... Hmmph. I've emailed them but haven't heard back yet.
  • Persistence works, apparently. I uninstalled Swype, the installer, rebooted my phone, reinstalled both, and now it works. Only took three tries, and I did nothing different any of the 3 times, so very strange, but at least it's working!
  • Maybe because it's beta? Beta versions can have bugs
  • Got my e-mail followed the download link and get the message "Sorry! This is not an Android phone." on my EVO. What gives?
  • Same thing happening on my HTC incredible
  • Under the browser settings, make sure you have it enabled to view the mobile versions of web pages. I got that same error but after changing the settings and reloading the page it let me download it.
  • I got the same thing on my Nexus One. Finally got it to work. Here's what I did differently. First make sure you don't JUST delete the app but also delete the installer if you've downloaded swype before (I hadn't done that). I ran the download through my stock browser (originally was doing it xscope browse) And I made sure the browser was in android mode. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  • I downloaded this this AM. Install and setup went fine but in the options sound and vibrate on keypress were checked but greyed out. Also neither are working. I dont have any sound or vibrate and cant click either to fix. Anyone have any advice?
    Droid eris, 2.1 official. Newest version of swype.
  • Found answer. I had haptic feedback and key volume off in sound and display setting hope that helps...
  • Doesn't work on EVO. Remember this is a beta so it's not going to function properly on every phone.
  • I had no problems getting to the website last night after I received the email. The application is installed and running fine on my Incredible.. still getting used to it but thus far I'm impressed!!
  • Works fine on my evo. Love it already.
  • Swype website seemed very slow to respond but I managed to sign up and download the app. Awesome of AndroidCentral to post this, have been wanting Swype for a long time. Works fine on my Nexus One. Compared to ShapeWriter:
    + takes up less screen space
    + seems more usable as a "regular" keyboard when not swiping
    - seems slower
    - word "guessing" doesn't seem as good
    - inputting words with same letter in a row is harder Going to keep at it for a bit and see how it is once I get used to it.
  • The site is crawling...fml
  • the website is backed up hard...very annoying.
  • F A I L !!!!!!! Won't download on my phone. Saying its not an Android phone. Running Froyo 2.2 on Nexus One. Thank God for XDA!
  • Under the browser settings, make sure you have it enabled to view the mobile versions of web pages. I got that same error but after changing the settings and reloading the page it let me download it.
  • Thanks yeah, I tried that but got the same result.
  • Are you also running Froyo on N1?
  • No, I have an Incredible with the standard 2.1/Sense. I just commented because I had the same problem and changing that setting worked for me, so I thought it might for you as well.
  • Oh ok, thanks boss.
  • I have N1 with 2.2 and the Swype beta is working for me. Not sure the confirmation that it can work is a good thing or a bad thing, but there you go. Installed with no problems this morning.
  • Thanks buddy, I fixed it. Needed to run it on stock browser, was using xscope. Working great now.
  • Installed it last night on my Incredible. The install was dead on with the instructions. It takes some getting used to, but once you know it, it's very good. Someone mentioned double letters. I was frusterated with the same thing. I looked it up and to type the same letter twice in a row, you circle the letter on the keyboard or move your finger back and forth, left to right, on the letter. Seemed weird at first, but it's beginning to be more natural. This is either a smart program or very forgiving, or both. It seems to know hat I intended to type, even if I didn't.
  • Works on my Evo! The first attempt at installation failed, but the second was successful.
  • I have installed the .apk that is floating around. the version of that latest one is so my question to anyone with this new reale is this newer that the one I mentioned above? what is the version? thanks.
  • I have the cliq xt and it came with swype preloaded already do i need to download this?
  • Their site is absolutely crawling for me right now (2:20PM EST)... I was able to get to the Android Beta page after a couple of min. on my computer but then I realized I had already received an e-mail from them so I'm trying to access the instructions and download from my phone but the browser's just sitting there loading/thinking, ugh. I've got one question, if I DL the beta right now and later root my phone and install a custom ROM, will I have any trouble re-installing the official beta?
  • Nope, you'll be ok. You'll just need to go back to the original e-mail, or go to the site and request that another be sent, and re-download the installer. (It might also work to find the installer file on your SD card with a file manager and re-run it from there, but I haven't tried).
  • Everybody get off the internets so I can get my download on. :^)
  • just got it working on the Incredible..downloading from site was slow..couple of retries had everything installed and registered..ran tutorial to get basics down..takes some getting used to.. I have big fingers so it makes nice difference..
  • So far NOT impressed by their site... If you are going to open a public beta, you might want a server that can handle it??
    After taking MINUTES per page to load, it tells me I already have the email registered... but under their password recovery it says it sent an email (an hour ago) that I still haven't gotten..
    SO, sat thru the long load times again, entered a different email that I know works and goes to my phone also.. but as soon as I fill out the form and hit the submit, I the reply:
    "Sorry, there was an error creating your account. Please Try again later or contact support. Been trying since early this morning... about to give up... I figure since they have it as a 'limited time' it will stay locked up like this until I leave for work, then when the site starts working again it will says it is closed again....
  • Gee this seems odd... I tried again to create a new account with the alternate email address... but this time clicked the check box to allow 'other emails from swype' (aka 'spam me' button)... and amazingly, it didnt give me the error that it was unable to currently create an account... guess the secret is to let them have permission to send you a ton a mail you dont want?
    Still waiting for the promised email with directions tho....
  • Yeah, I forgot my password (which is weird, I always use the one of the same 4) and I haven't been able to receive the e-mail to reset it either... I managed to download the installer just fine, but I can't proceed w/o my beta password, ugh. They did say it'd be open a couple of days tho...
  • What a mess, I really wanted to get it thru the official beta but I might just download it off one of the many XDA threads if their system keeps breaking... Edit: It seems they're aware of the issue w/the password reset system but haven't been able to solve it. They've also suggested logging into the site w/your password (which I was able to do) and changing it (I was also able to do that), then using the new password on the installer... Didn't work for me, sigh.
  • For those of you having trouble: Keep retrying. Reboot your phone, uninstall SwypeInstaller, and keep trying again. I had to go through about 5 cycles before I finally got it to work. I saw just about every error imaginable. Download failed, corrupt package, incorrect username/password, not configured for your phone, not authorized, etc. It claimed I had the wrong password several times even though I'm fairly confident it was correct. I suspect their servers are just overloaded.
  • Solid advice - it took me 3 tries of install/uninstall/reboot. Glad I got it working.
  • Agreed. Took 2 times for me, but then success.
  • lol I was finally able to get it to start downloading... With my OLD password (the one i had used to login to their site and CHANGE it). Go figure. If you're having issues just keep trying whatever password you think is right and/or try changing it on their site and then try either, eventually you'll get thru I guess. Don't bother w/e-mail password re-sets or registering a new account/e-mail tho because that part of their servers is getting absolutely hammered.
  • On the email they send you there's a link for trouble shooting that will help you resolve most issues. Works fine on the Evo.
  • Just downloaded ShapeWriter, I'll use that until Swype works on my Droid.
  • Is anyone one else not getting sent the email after you finally sucessfully register? I have not yet and it has been about 1 hour.
  • speak of the devil, there it is.
  • I really like the keyboard, works perfect on my EVO. My problem is, when I activate the keyboard in the settings, it says the keyboard collects information I am inputting including passwords and credit card info. Should I be concerned by this?
  • I have installed about 5-6 different keyboards on my N1 and that warning popped up for each one, so I think it is just a standard warning. I wouldn't worry about it. Edit: The warning probably refers to the dictionary that words get added to. Every time you tap in a word that is not in the dictionary that word gets added to it. I believe the dictionary is user editable.
  • Cool, Thanks for the reply. This is my first Android phone, so I guess I am not used to everything yet. I have to say, its a nice keyboard, although it does not play well with zagg invisible shield screen protector. What a waste of money that was.
  • Double post deleted.
  • After many attempts to install I kept getting a "Failed to register" notice. Finally I uninstalled both the program app and the installer app and started over back at the email link and went through the process again. This time it worked and I now have it working on my Sprint Hero. Gonna take some time to get use to it.
  • Like somebody said above, it also took me about five time before my registration went through ok. I had to uninstall and re download.
  • Like somebody said above, it also took me about five time before my registration went through ok. I had to uninstall and re download.
  • love this keyboard, hate the download process. It royally sucks almost as much as swype rocks.
  • For those new to Swype (as I am), I HIGHLY recommend running through the tutorial once or twice. It helps answer most of the questions I had about how to do certainly things. And BTW, downloaded in a flash (a few seconds) and installed on my EVO with no problems. I must have gotten lucky.
  • Works great on my hero...used it to type this comment and it worked just perfect..freakin sweet
  • yet another, i downloaded and installed, took over an hour to do the whole process. busy servers i'm guessing. and now its not working. as far as i can tell its selected as the input method. and my regular keyboard shows up. EVO.
  • have you made sure that it is selected as an option when you go into settings than open language and keyboard. Not trying to offend or anything.
  • swype is pretty nice,i got the email for it yesterday on my cliq (still waiting for the 2.1 update) easy to get the hang of.
  • swype is pretty nice,i got the email for it yesterday on my cliq (still waiting for the 2.1 update) easy to get the hang of.
  • WOW, whatever hassle I went thru installing it was WELL worth it... I'd heard plenty of gushing comments about Swype before, but I hadn't imagined it'd be anywhere this good, fast, and accurate. It just blew my mind... I gave it an hour or two and my existing password ended up working btw (stopped getting the Failed to Authenticate or whatever message after install).
  • I'm using it on an EVO btw, and it works awesome in Spanish too, haven't even gone thru the tutorial yet.
  • i got in the beta a few minutes ago, using it on my hero and LOVING IT!!!! i can do a facebook post in literally half the time that i could with touch input... get it while you can folks!
  • Just installed it and now learning the tricks. I have shape writer too so that helped
  • I'm installed and absolutely loving using Swype thus far. Are they going to be stopping the use of this on phones at some point, or once you're in the beta, you're good to go until it's released? I'm going to be really depressed if they take this away from me >_<
  • Got this a few hours ago. Love it. Takes some getting used to though. Evo
  • This keyboard is going to revolutionize mobile input. It's beyond awsome.
  • there are things that i like about swype and sometimes it just doesnt do it for me! but check out my blog mophomovementDOTcom all pictures taken with my Motorola droid
  • I had tried the SlideIT keyboard a couple months ago, but I wasn't a big fan (for reasons I can't remember). Took forever for site to load yesterday. Got repeated errors upon trying to register, but I finally got registered, downloaded, & installed on my 2.1 Hero. Works GREAT! There's definitely a learning curve, but the more I use Swype, the more I like it! :)
  • Put it on my sprint hero with eclair. I am a two finger typer, and after a few minutes of using swype, I am texting like a pro.
    Works smooth, no problems.
    I really like it.
  • Installed it on my EVO! Love it!
  • I just got the email to register it. And it told me I'm not using a android device when km doing everything thru my Evo. Somebody please help. My phone is rooted but I don't think that's a problem or is it