Swype now offers 'micro' build, says Evo users need to uninstall beta before latest OTA upgrade

We know how sensitive some of you are regarding app size. It's OK. It's nothing to be ashamed of, and you're not alone. And the fine folks at Swype fully sympathize and are now offering a "micro" version of the Swype keyboard. It's fully functional, just with fewer languages supported, so you get a 2.5MB install instead of a 10MB install. To get the micro version, just open the Swype Installer on your phone and accept the update.

Also, Swype has (finally) offered some help to you Evo 4G users who had problems this week. See, the 3.70.651.1 OS update that dropped this week included the Swype keyboard. So if you already were running the beta, things quickly stopped working. As many of you figured out, you need to uninstall the beta, then reboot, and all should be well. [Swype forums]

Phil Nickinson
  • Wish more app developers would worry about size. I'm always running out of memory space on my Droid 1. The micro build seems to work fine.
  • After no answer to my BETA ticket and Brians BS answer in the SWYPE forums I am starting to believe that, SWYPE is an awesome product build by a holes. Anyone want a good version that works on a rooted EVO pm me. I have lost any and all respect after Brians comments along with any desire to play by the rules.
  • I understand. I was getting mad until I vented on twitter about it. 3 days later, I get an e-mail for a beta. Probably a conincedence, but who knows. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. To be honest, I'm getting to that point with socialscope.
  • I was talking about this comment by Brian Resnik that AC deleted the link to on an earlier blog post.
  • Ouch. Yeah, that guy did seem like a douche. Still, it sucks waiting on these companies to actually send out invites for their products.
  • how do I PM you? I just flashed my ROM to CM6.1.1 for the first time...lost swype...wont let me redownload it because its available OTA...ive been active beta swype since the beginning and got the door shut on my face
  • So I got swype with the update but no installer? Does that mean I can't get this update?
  • Just uninstall swype from applications, go to the swype website, login to my beta, resend the email, download installer, download swype. No need to delete the installers anymore like we used to have to do.
  • Just did it but I am showing 3.78mb for the application. Still better than the 10.43mb it used and I only need it to support english language so I am happy.
  • Swype worked fine for me after the update
  • Oh happy days! My phone's memory is a little less crowded, thanks Swype. Now if only they would stop screwing around with installers and just put this on the market already...
  • I just love my Evo more n more
  • Hmm, I don't seem to get any option to update Swype. It updated the installer but after that running the installer didn't do anything other than enable it.
  • As a follow-up I had to uninstall Swype and reinstall. That updated it.
  • So a little off topic but I did the official update basically just to get swype. Its not even as good as ultra only had my evo a month and had a hero with cm. decided to root my evo today with unrevoked and it won't flash. I can only assume this is because of the update. Does anyone know a root method that still works with the new update?
  • .................................................................
    Pretend the above was my long rant of curse words. Two weeks ago I received a Samsung Intercept to replace my Moment. After being pissed/relieved, I decided it was time to put Swype back on my phone. Downloaded installer...logged in...SURPRISE!!!!My screen resolution is not supported :( I have been kicked out of the Moment & Swype clubs.
  • The moment is the worst android phone made and there are a couple swipe style keyboards in the market just as good or better. (ultra)
  • The Moment might have been bad, but worst? There's about 9 Motorola phones more worthy of that honor.
  • As an Evo user, I am happy to have Swype now. Thank you HTC/Sprint! Have been using Shapewriter for a loooong time now. Not sure I like Swype better than Shapewriter, but it has one thing that I have been DYING to have that Shapewriter lacks- the voice recog key. HTC/Sprint have been doing an excellent job with the Evo- keeping it updated and working well. I really love the phone/platform. My only complaint is the forced Sprint "junkware" or "bloatware". Would be nice if we could opt out. Or at least prevent the stupid stuff from loading/showing (Looking at you, SprintZone/footprints/Football/Nascar/SprintTV... and now Nova)
  • If you install Launcher Pro, you can hide apps in your app drawer.
  • There are non root apps that will hide them but not delete
  • Is this only for EVO? It doesn't seem to work on the Desire...
  • Is anyone else noticing that the bug that was in the dinc version is not there anymore?
  • Personally, I'm sick of Swype. They have too many versions. They are smartasses. Instead of putting it in the market, they want to have you download an installer to install the beta, just to have to repeat the process over and over. Then they decide to send out a standard version for the Evo, without emailing people in the beta to have them delete it. I knew to delete it first, but not everybody thought to. I don't want to deal with them anymore. The Gingerbread Keyboard http://db.tt/dKNwN8u is better anyway.
  • Thanks, I was looking for this link for this keyboard since I heard about it a few days ago. I love the look, the layout, and all of the options for it as well. I just hope that they will implement different color themes, cause I am one of the few who have successfully skinned the middle of my EVO to show the RED. Its beautiful.
  • Built in will be nice once Swype isn't beta and they fix a few things. It's not on the market because it is closed beta. They certainly could put the installer on the market to ease it a bit. Unfortunately my biggest issue is the typos adding to the dictionary as well as the hidden word dialog box. From reading their forum this will require a decent rewrite of part of the core to fix. Hopefully they fix this soon.
  • I received the email notification for the update on Dec. 7. I did notice the huge size difference, and was happy about it as I'm running out of phone storage. I still moved it to the sd card though.
  • I love my Nascar app, listening to Denny Hamlin let the title slip from his fingers, was Awesome. Tracking the cars as they progress around the track and keeping up with live action and getting a better in-depth experience beyond the TV is what make Smartphones so smart.
    The user experience to get inside scoop on my Favorite NFL team and the matchups again just solidifies the whole experience of sports, cause when I am stuck at work, or on the go. I can still enjoy these loves of mine.
  • Are you affiliated with Sprint?
  • Really. Football and NASCAR.... barf! ;)