The company behind popular keyboard app SwiftKey has announced a new hub for experimental software projects, dubbed SwiftKey Greenhouse. Greenhouse is designed to showcase work-in-progress ideas from the SwiftKey team, which may or may not end up seeing a wider release. The idea, the firm says, is to plant experiments here and see what they grow into — hence the "Greenhouse" metaphor.

The first SwiftKey Greenhouse project is a new type of intelligent keyboard for Android — Clarity keyboard. Building on the technology behind the regular SwiftKey app, the Clarity beta release introduces multi-word autocorrect, which takes into account the context of what you type to retroactively correct your typing. For example, "I will do this on the future," would be corrected to "I will do this in the future," even though there are spelling errors.

Autocorrections can also be quickly undone with a tap of the backspace key, and you can quickly swipe from the shift or symbols key to access caps or special characters.

SwiftKey's Clarity keyboard is available to beta test now at swiftkey.com/en/greenhouse, as the first in what could be a series of experiments. It sounds like an idea with huge potential, but bear in mind it's still in the early testing stages for the moment.