SwiftKey Beta

The popular SwiftKey virtual keyboard for Android is conducting an open beta test for its 6.0 update. It adds a number of new features, including some word prediction improvements and a revamped emoji panel. While SwiftKey has been working on better word predictions for some time, it is now introducing two word predictions, to make typing that much faster.

SwiftKey states:

For the first time, we've taken SwiftKey's mind-reading accuracy to the next level with the introduction of Double-Word Prediction. SwiftKey will now predict the next two words you're likely to type at the same time, resulting in a much faster (up to 2x) experience for you than ever before. In true SwiftKey style, the Double-Word Prediction feature will continue to capture the phrases that matter most to you to truly embody your personal writing style. The feature is a seamless new addition to the app and you won't need to do anything beyond look out for the two word display in your usual prediction bar - applicable in every single language (over 100!) we support in our library.

In addition, the emoji panel on the keyboard has been made easier to use, and faster to load, with the new ribbon that's been placed across the top of the panel. It also includes a revamp of the Settings menu and a new Carbon Light theme that matches the new emoji panel.

You can download the SwiftKey 6.0 beta right now from the Google Play Store.