SwiftKey already works with 22 Indian languages, and the keyboard is now gaining transliteration for Hindi and Gujarati. The feature is automatically enabled for those that have Hindi or Gujarati language models installed, and SwiftKey will show predictions for words in English as well as the native language script.

For instance, if you're typing "namaste," you'll see the English word along with the Hindi translation (नमस्ते) in the prediction bar. Users can type in English, their native language script, or a combination of the two.

From SwiftKey's India Product Manager Aarti Samani:

SwiftKey's aim is to always make typing easier, particularly if you speak more than one language and want to switch seamlessly between them without changing any of your settings. We're proud to be introducing the feature in Hindi, one of the world's most spoken languages, and Gujarati, which had previously not been possible to write in a Latin script.

The update also adds five new languages: Tibetan, Swiss German, Yakut, Low German (Plattdüütsch), and Kurdish (Kurmanji). If you're interested in taking a look, download SwiftKey Keyboard from the badge above or hit up the Play Store.