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Swich wireless charger base looks for funding via Kickstarter

A company called Lutman Design is seeking funds, via a Kickstarter campaign, for Swich, a wireless charger base for smartphones that use the Qi standard. Many Android devices, such as the LG G2 sold by Verizon Wireless, have Qi charging built into their phones, while others can support it with an optional case.

Lutman claims that Swich is different than other charging stations due to the way smartphones can be used while connected to the stand. It states:

We designed a visually attractive and highly usable stand that enables you to place your phone under a viewer-friendly angle. It positions the device firmly enough for you to use all the buttons and slide over the touch screen, while your phone charges cordlessly.

The Swich will use ceramic materials for the bottom of the charger as well as the smartphone base, with the middle stand made out of American dark walnut. Microsuction tape will be used to hold the smartphone in place.

The company is looking to raise a relatively modest $25,000 to begin production of the Swich and so far they have raise well over half of that amount with 24 days to go in their Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of $140 will be enough to get one of the Swich units, and the larger reward tiers offer black, white and even gold and silver plated versions of the stand.

What do you think of the Swich and do you think it will be a solid wireless charger for your Qi compatible smartphone?

Thanks to Chis C for the tip!

Source: Swich on Kickstarter

  • Ouch kinda pricey. Ill enjoy my tylt on my vzw LG g3 thank you. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'd love to see what they respond if I ask them to justify the price gap between that and the $10 Nokia DT-910. Sometimes companies think they can sell accessories like it's Apple world...
  • Nokia one works a treat, it'd be nice if it didn't use a special barrel connector for the AC adapter tho.
  • Awh, too bad my Sprint G2 just went shopping on Amazon and got a Qi charging pad and a Universal Qi charging receiver for under $30. Posted via the LG G2 Android Central App
  • Ummm major design flaw right up front. NO way to hold the phone in the position its in, unless they add a ledge to keep the phone from sliding off. NO-ONE should offer any funding until that flaw is fixed
  • Read the article, it says microsuction tape is used to hold the phone in place. Posted via Android Central App
  • Haven't you seen those noon slide mats with the gel surface? I have one for my car dash and it can practically hold the phone vertically. Almost. And it isn't sticky.
  • Its tape. LMAO tape has a short shelf life, everyone knows that. It looses its stickiness soon after. Another company looking for cash for an item that has major flaws! FYI from the makers of microsuction tape say this "The only downside is that the tape will lose its stickiness if it gets dusty or dirty. That’s because the dust fills up the micro-suction cups, making them lose their suction." Umm ok, then you wipe it off. WRONG.. major flaw IMO
  • Ive had a nexus charger made by Google for over a year that uses microsuction tape. Still holds to a table like brand new.
    Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah, my Nexus charging orb loses its stickiness when it gets dusty, but it goes totally back to normal when I wipe it down with a baby wipe. I have to do that like once a month, if not less. It's not a big deal. The price, on the other hand, is a pretty big damn deal.
  • No. I have a dash mat with a gel surface that can hold things almost vertically. Non slip. If things slide because it gets dirty, you just wash it with water and it is like new. I've had mine for well over two years and it is fine. You sound like the type that wants to critique everything without knowing all the information.
  • Pretty, but pricey. Makes the nexus chargers look cheap.
  • I have the original Nexus wireless charger, it will eventually lose its "stickiness" over time. You can clean it and try to upkeep it but it isn't going to last forever. A small ledge, even just enough to keep it from sliding without detracting from the aesthetic (let's be real, this thing is 90% aesthetics) would be better.
  • Expensive as fuck. Pass. Posted via awesome Nexus 5
  • It's a gorgeous piece of art. That would be the main draw IMO. Way overpriced as a charger. Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App
  • Already got an Airdock via Indiegogo campaign. Got two for half the price of this. Uses the microsuction "tape" also, which works well. Just need to wipe it down ever once in a while to rejuvenate the suction. Like other commenters, I'll be passing also. Posted via Android Central App
  • Ikea meets wireless charging.
    I have three different Qi chargers. Grand total: $66.
  • Way to expensive for a charger, but just the right price for a fashionable desk accessory Posted via Android Central App
  • How is this better than a Tylt?
  • It's prettier, and made out of more expensive materials. That seems to be about it. And don't get me wrong, I'm totally willing to pay a little extra for something that looks really nice, but at $140, it's twice as expensive as the Tylt Vu charger, which is pretty overpriced itself.
  • Pretty, but WAY too expensive. I'll stick with my Tylt.
  • Over priced. Posted via Android Central App
  • Nice charger and all...reminds me of the Palm Touchstone 2.0 charger except twice the price and without the nice audio functionality. Sad that Palm had to come up with all the good bright and innovative designs. Get rid of most these companies and bring Palm back and that would solve all issues. Posted via Android Central App
  • $140 to charge my phone? Are they serious? WTF?? Posted via a beautiful Ebony backed Moto X or the amazing Nexus 10 using the totally awesome Android Central App
  • I suppose if you have more money than sense... Or you're a hedge fund mogul. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1 Posted via awesome Nexus 5
  • It is a bit pricy and idk if I want it be a use my next device might not have Qi standards. AC App via Nexus 5
  • When you look at the Tylt (at "only" $70), the LG Orb @ $39, the Nokia stand @ $50, the Nokia 901 (lots of time on sale at ATT) @ $25 (unless you grab a special sale at $5 it's hard to see where this has any kind of fit - even as a premium offering. I have both the Nokia 901s (white and black) and the Tylt and they all do the job very nicely. The only thing I would like better about the Nokias and the Tylt is a dedicated plug with their chargers rather than a USB connection.
  • I like the tylt. It is expensive... But not THAT expensive. This is absurd. Posted via Android Central App
  • What kind of mAh can this thing offer? 500? 600? I hope this technology advances to allow for rapid charging, because it's still in the "not quite there yet" stage.
  • QI maxes out at 5w, but its the coil in the device that determines how much of that gets to the device.
  • Yep, reduce the price by $100 and it will probably sell quite well. Someone point them to amazon where there are countless examples that provide the same, angled microsuction position for 1/10th the price.
  • forget this thing and get a tylt vu... seriously though we've seen suction based mounting for wireless chargers already *cough*nexus*cough* and it's proven to be a flawed mechanism
  • I think it's funny that here, a site where people talk about how important "design" and "style" are, and why the HTC phones are better than Samsung's because of their great style, almost no one seems to think style is important in the accessories you buy to go with your fashion accessory phone. All of these "too expensive" comments are probably from people who buy an HTC One, brag about how great it looks, and then stick it inside a $3.00 plastic case.